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Chapter 16: So it's the same people

Inside the Clear Moon Villa, it was already crowded with people, this was a big party for the high society, I don't know how many people chipped their heads to get inside.

The whole hall is divided into two levels, from the arrangement of the hall, this second level is where the real big shots stay.

Qin Tian and the three women became the focus of everyone as soon as they appeared in the hall, there is no way, who let the three women's appearance is too stunning, especially a purple dress dress Mu Zixin, but also give people a sense of astonishment.

Qin Tian immediately headache, before and Chu Yunyan alone together he almost became a man public enemy, this time surrounded by three beautiful women, he was already about to be surrounded by the eyes gorgeous seconds.

"Little Tianzi, don't you feel twice as dignified, look at those men's eyes going straight."

Ye Qianqian face with a bewitching smile, the body intentionally or unintentionally leaned towards Qin Tian.

This little demon!

Qin Tian's forehead sprouted a few black lines, this little devil is simply helping him attract more hate ah, as expected, Ye Qian Qian's body to Qin Tian's side a lean, many people's eyes can not move.

Look at your paralyzed oh!

Qin Tian grinned, almost did not resist the urge to curse, and at this time, a young man came over, about twenty-five or sixty years old, looks imposing, and invisibly emits a stern aura.

"Zixin, it's been a long time, I thought you wouldn't come to the ball today." The young man walked up to Mu Zi Xin's side and stopped, then elegantly extended his right hand.

"Whether I come or not, it doesn't seem to have much to do with you, right?" Mu Zi Xin stood quietly and did not have the intention to shake hands with the young man.

"Oh, you seem to be very unwilling to see me." The young man looked very embarrassed, but that smile remained unabated.

"I wonder how this brother should be addressed?" Looking at Mu Zi Xin who did not want to pay attention to him, the young man focused his attention on Qin Tian, only that look looked very much like a provocation.

"Qin Tian, Zixin's full-time bodyguard." Qin Tian helplessly shrugged his shoulders, his grandmother, and somehow was taken as a love rival.

"What full-time bodyguard, Xiao Tianzi is Sister Zi Xin's flower protector." Qin Tian's words just fell, Ye Qian Qian added in fear of the world, hearing Ye Qian Qian open his mouth, including Chu Yunyan, several people's eyes changed slightly.

"Oh, nice to meet you, I am also a suitor of Zi Xin, counting we are still the same way."

The young man once again extended his right hand, Qin Tian did not as high and cold as Goddess Mu, except that just as their hands were shaking together, Qin Tian felt a strong force coming from his palm.

The next horse power? Qin Tian laughed, his hand was fierce, the smile on the young man's face froze in a flash, and even his expression became somewhat distorted.

"Meng Yifan, that's enough!" Mu Zixin from that angle simply can not see the young man's face, but she knows that Meng Yifan is a special forces origin, if the two secretly fight, Qin Tian is afraid that he will suffer a loss.

I also want to let go, but also have to do ah! Meng Yifan's face was so ugly that if he hadn't held back the pain, I'm afraid he would have screamed out by now.

"Brother Meng, you don't have that tendency, do you? It takes so long to shake a hand." Qin Tian naturally let go of his hand and spoke to the blue-faced Meng Yifan.

"Brother is really joking, I have no interest in men." Meng Yifan's right arm had completely stiffened, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, and he suddenly wanted to curse someone.

"Zi Xin, you go ahead and get busy, I'll go do something else." Seeing the curvature of Qin Tian's mouth raised, Meng Yifan shivered, he now just wanted to stay away from this place of right and wrong, special forces originated from him knows no better, two of him may not be Qin Tian's opponent.

"Are you okay." After Meng Yifan slinked away, Mu Zixin spoke again, but compared to the coldness just now, Goddess Mu's voice was much softer.

"Nothing, it's just that people are too enthusiastic and I can't not give them face." Qin Tian's smile was harmless, but in the eyes of Meng Yifan, who was not far away, it caused a chill to rise from his back.

"Are you sure?" Mu Zi Xin did not think that Meng Yifan was a good person, in her opinion Qin Tian must be pretending.

"Of course I'm sure." Qin Tian was able to tell from Goddess Mu's expression that that Meng Yifan was definitely not some ordinary dude, and if he guessed correctly, the latter should be of military origin.

"Little Tianzi, are you really just a security guard? I heard Sister Zi Xin say that this Meng Yifan is from the special forces, and you shook hands with him and were fine."

Ye Qian Qian's beautiful eyes flooded with a hint of color, looking like a nymphomaniac girl, but Qin Tian knew that this little devil girl definitely did not have any good intentions.

"Do not worship brother too much, in addition, if you dare to call out a little son of heaven again, believe it or not I will open your ass to flowers." Qin Tian dawned on him, no wonder this Meng Yifan is so confident, it turns out that he is still a special soldier.

"Pervert!" Qin Tian's words have not finished, Mu Zi Xin's face cold down, Qin Tian froze, fiercely glared at Ye Qian Qian.

Meng Yifan walked to a corner, and instantly several dudes surrounded him, and each one had a very flattering expression on his face.

"Meng young, did you get our future sister-in-law done, the brothers are still waiting for a good thing to come."

"Fix your face, get out of the way." Meng Yifan was already upset, saw a person leaning up directly kicked over.

"Meng, did that kid piss you off, do you want the brothers to go over and screw him, a small bodyguard only, and even follow our future sister-in-law's side."

"Fuck, what else do you animals know but to move your hands and feet all day?" Meng Yifan rolled his eyes, even he didn't have the certainty to handle Qin Tian, let alone these guys.

"You also know how to pick up girls!" I don't know who said at this time noisily.

"Get as far away as you can, no good." Meng Yifan scolded.

"Meng young man's temper is quite big, just as well, I also look at that Qin Tian is not smooth, how about we first join forces to make him get out of this Clear Moon Villa, how about it?" Just when Meng Yifan was very upset, a voice came from behind him.

"Not interested, what I hate most is when people make small moves behind the scenes, if you can, you Zhao Lin will do it here."

Seeing the visitor, Meng Yifan face emerged a few disdainful smile, even if he sees Qin Tian displeased, but also unremittingly behind the back to make what means.

The young man called Zhao Lin by Meng Yifan frowned, he had just been paying attention to Qin Tian and his group, and only after seeing Meng Yifan defeated, he did not expect Meng Yifan did not seem to have the intention to make a move against Qin Tian.

"In this Dongyang city, who doesn't know that Meng is the suitor of Mu Zixin, that Qin Tian doesn't even give you face, don't you want to give him a lesson?"

Zhao Lin did not give up just because of Meng Yifan's words, from those information that Lin Ao told him, this Qin Tian was definitely not an ordinary person, he still wanted to pull Meng Yifan to test Qin Tian.

"You're so full of nonsense, don't try to pull Laozi down!" Meng Yifan was already uncomfortable with the second youngest of the Zhao family, not to mention the need to give him any good looks.

Zhao Lin touched a nose, his face suddenly became ugly, he did not have any idea about Mu Zixin, but Chu Yunyan he must get, if not Lin Ao told him, he still did not know that Chu Yunyan has an additional man by his side.

The three women were busy with their own things, and Qin Tian was sitting alone and very bored.

Feng Feng saw Qin Tian sitting alone and wanted to come over and talk to him, but was stopped by a look from Qin Tian, who did not want to become the center of attention again, after all, many people present would know this mayor of Dongyang City.

"To be able to hold such a big party, I'm afraid the energy of the Clear Moon Villa is more terrifying than imagined." Qin Tian thought secretly, but in his heart, he still remembered the words the old man had given him.

The situation in Dongyang City is not as simple as it seems, whether it is the infiltration of the forces in the north and south or the Clear Moon Villa, this time the old man Huangfu Yuan really gave him a problem.

But Qin Tian also can not ignore, because the Purple Xin Group is in a very sensitive situation, there are likely to be many accidents, like the last big gun assassination, Qin Tian does not want that kind of thing to happen a second time.

"Yo, handsome, alone." Just when Qin Tian was contemplating, the strong smell of perfume wafted into his nostrils, slightly looking up, Qin Tian saw a woman dressed very demurely walking towards him.

"Isn't a beautiful woman also a person?" Qin Tian looked at the bewitching woman, there was not much expression on his face, this kind of woman with a face full of white powder still looks like a zombie face, can not hook him half.

"Giggle, then can I sit down?" The demon woman giggled, chest straight up and down, looking at the Qin Tian a thrill, this woman looks ugly is ugly a little, but the chest is not small.

"You are bad, how to look at others there." Qin Tian's sight naturally did not escape the attention of the bewitching woman, and then the woman naturally leaned toward Qin Tian's side.

Not far away there was a pair of eyes staring closely at Qin Tian, if Qin Tian saw it he would be able to recognize that the owner of these eyes was none other than Song Hai who he had taught once.

"As the saying goes, men are not bad, women do not love, and grow so big is not for people to see?" Qin Tian did not take his eyes back, instead, he smiled very lightly.

"Then do you want to do something else with me?" The demonic woman was confident in her looks, and looking at Qin Tian's lecherous look, her heart was slightly pleased, as long as Qin Tian took the bait, then her purpose was achieved.

"Other things? Are you very horny?" Being rubbed around by the other party's chest did make people a bit horny, but this demure woman still underestimated Qin Tian's determination.

"I am thirsty, aren't you thirsty?" The sultry woman gave a charming smile and deliberately pulled her clothes down a bit.

"Since you are thirsty, then this glass of red wine will be for you!" Qin Tian was still full of smiles, but the next second the glass of red wine in his hand had already flown out.

In a flash, the sultry woman's screams rang out, followed by several ill-faced people who gathered around almost simultaneously.