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Chapter 15 - The Maid

"Elder brother Qin, are you here to attend the ball too? Why have you been standing outside the door?"

Feng Feng greeted him with a smile, the two had only just separated in the morning and did not expect to meet again so soon.

"I heard that you need an invitation to enter the villa, like me, a small security guard with no money and no power, can only stand outside the door, this is not see old brother Feng in, so I want to take your ride in!"


Hearing Qin Tian's complaint, Feng Feng's face became very odd, although he did not know Qin Tian's identity, but also very clear that Qin Tian is definitely not an ordinary person, ordinary people can be so familiar with the director of China's National Security Bureau?

"Elder brother Qin, the owner of the Clear Moon Villa and the owner of the Luan Moon Club are the same person, don't you have the gold card of the Luan Moon Club on you? That thing is much more useful than an invitation."

Feng Feng swept a glance at Lin Ao and quickly understood what had happened, how dare he stop Qin Tian, I really don't know if this guy is in over his head.

"So that gold card is so useful, if I had known, I wouldn't have had to go to such trouble." Qin Tian looked at Feng Feng's eyes, and suddenly smiled knowingly, it seems that Mayor Feng's heart is also deep enough.

Seeing Qin Tian take out the gold card, Lin Ao's face completely darkened, if it was just a coincidence that Qin Tian could know Mayor Feng, then what does this gold card say? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

When he thought of his high-minded appearance just now, Lin Ao felt a cold air come out of his back, he has a bit of status and position in Dongyang City, but also very self-aware, some people he can't afford to mess with!

"Now can I go in?" From Feng Feng's expression before Qin Tian could see that this gold card is very significant, but he has a few doubts until now, that the owner of the Luan Yue Club for no reason why to send such a big gift.

"Yes, yes, young Qin, please!" Lin Ao has always belonged to the kind of people who are arrogant to the bone, but he is indeed a bit afraid this time, even his voice has become trembling, others are not clear what this gold card means, he is more than clear.

"Lin Shao just said, security guards are not qualified to enter this Qing Yue Villa, this ball I suddenly do not want to participate, Yun Yan, let's go."

Qin Tian comfortably stretched a lazy waist, smoothly took Chu Yunyan's jade hand, gestures want to leave.

And Chu Yunyan has not yet completely back to consciousness, let the jade hand was held by Qin Tian, simply did not have any intention to break free.

"Young Qin, it's my dog's eye, it's all my fault, I, I apologize to you." Lin Ao was a bit flustered, if Qin Tian really left, he was afraid that his fate would be miserable.

"Elder brother Qin, since people are here, then stay for now, this kind of big scene is not common in Dongyang City, there will not be a next time if you miss it." Feng Feng spoke at this time.

Lin Ao's heart was happy and he looked at Feng Feng with great gratitude, but Feng Feng did not even look at him.

"Since Elder Brother Feng has opened his mouth, then I'll go in and play around, I'm here to be a flower protector this time anyway."

Qin Tian looked at the slightly quiet Chu beauty beside him, slightly lost in thought, and did not pay any more attention to Lin Ao, and the three of them walked directly into the mountain villa.

When Qin Tian left, Lin Ao's stiff face only slowly relaxed, and the corners of his eyes flashed up with a hint of coldness.

Entering the mountain villa, Feng Feng and Qin Tian two people parted ways, people young people talk about love, he stayed together seems a little inappropriate.

"Have you touched enough?"

Sending Feng Feng away, only Qin Tian and Chu Yunyan were left, the atmosphere became ambiguous for a while, but before Qin Tian could think about it, Chu Yunyan's cold voice had already sounded from his ears.

"No." Qin Tian answered almost subconsciously, and his hand also squeezed on Chu Yunyan's jade hand unfaithfully.

"You're really an asshole!" Chu Yunyan face covered with a layer of faint red, three parts thin anger and seven parts delicate shyness.

"How can you be considered a bastard when you move your hands and feet on your own woman." Qin Tian groaned comfortably, along with his expression became very enjoyable.

"Get lost, I have not admitted to being your woman." Chu Yunyan's pair of beautiful eyes stared at Qin Tian closely, as if she was digesting what happened today, was this bastard really as ordinary as he seemed on the surface?

"When we were outside just now, someone seemed to agree with what I said, right? Since I'm here to be a flower protector cum shield, we naturally have to act like it."

Qin Tian cheekily said, and his hands were also very unfaithfully placed on Chu Yunyan's slender waist.

"How do you know Mayor Feng? And how come you have the gold card of Luan Yue Club?" Chu Yunyan struggled for a while and found that quite a few pairs of eyes around were looking at them, and only then did she give up.

Anyway, this bastard has done everything, it's not as bad as this little bargain.

"This ah, I went to the Luan Yue Club at noon to eat, just when I ran into Mayor Feng, we two can be said to have met at first sight, so we met, as for this Luan Yue Club gold card is also a gift to me, probably because I am handsome."

"Bastard, do you think I am a three-year-old child?" Chu Yunyan angry teeth itch, this bastard clearly does not want to tell the truth.

"Actually, I don't know what kind of wind the people at Luan Yue Club are smoking, but since they gave you something, it's a waste not to take it." Qin Tian said with a smile.

Meanwhile, inside a luxurious villa inside the Clear Moon Villa, a woman in red sneezed two times one after another, and then the corners of her mouth slightly raised a seductive arc.

"Miss Yi, young Qin is here, but he was stopped by Lin Ao outside the gate of the mountain villa just now."

A middle-aged man walked into the villa and nodded respectfully towards the red-clothed woman, then told what happened outside the door of the mountain villa.

"Suspend the cooperation between all the industries under the Clear Moon Villa and the Lin family, after three days I don't want the Lin family to still stay in Dongyang City properly."

The woman in red's voice revealed a hint of coolness, one sentence had already sentenced the entire Lin family to death.

"Then do you need me to make a separate arrangement for young Qin?" The middle-aged man did not ask more questions, in his eyes, the red-clothed woman's words were orders, he just pitied the Lin family now, to have produced a Lin Ao to cause such a big disaster for the whole Lin family.

"No need, he doesn't want me to interfere with his affairs." The woman in red smiled, the icy coldness on her pretty face was quickly replaced by gentleness.

"Then I'll go ahead and arrange for the ball tonight, Miss just call me if there's anything." The middle-aged man was slightly stunned, in all the time he had been at the Clear Moon Villa, he had rarely seen the young lady smile so happily.

"Go ahead, tonight's ball is definitely a mixed bag of fish and dragons, have your men pay more attention, if anyone dares to cause trouble, let them stay here completely."

"Don't worry Miss, there is no one who has the courage to cause trouble in the Clear Moon Villa."

The middle-aged man turned around and walked out, not to mention that no one dares to cause trouble in Qing Shui Villa, even if someone wants to cause trouble, he has to see if he has that ability to bear the consequences.

"Little bastard, everything here can be run by sister for you, don't be surprised when the time comes oh." The whispered soft murmur soon broke the brief silence in the room, the woman in red lightly bit the corner of her lips, that smile charming bush.

Besides, Qin Tian, being stared at closely by the big beautiful woman Chu, the sweat hairs all over his body were going up, fortunately at this time, he saw two familiar figures walking towards his direction.

"Little Son of Heaven, why are you here too?"

At the same time Qin Tian looked at those two figures, the two had also noticed him, and after that, the voice of that little devil girl Ye Qian Qian came over.

"Holy shit!" With this sound of Little Tenshi, Qin Tian saw dozens of eyes instantly gathered on his body, and he couldn't help but burst out a foul mouth, this little devil girl was really harmful to people.

"Chief Mu, you're here too." Seeing Mu Zi Xin walking, Chu Yun Yan's expression became extremely unnatural, she knew that the scene just now must have been seen by Mu Zi Xin.

"I came over to take a look, and by the way, I talked to some partners about cooperation." Mu Zi Xin's eyes swept directly past Qin Tian to move to Chu Yunyan's body, as if treating Qin Tian as air.

"I also want to come to expand the company's business, anyway, received the invitation, then come to join the fun." Chu Yunyan glanced at Qin Tian and Mu Zixin with some consternation, wanting to see a hint of foul play in the two men's expressions, but she soon became disappointed.

The two women a hot, Qin Tian was left on the side, but this time he better not interfere, in case to provoke which one is enough to his headache.

"Little Son of Heaven, how did you get out? Quickly tell me, how in the end did you do it? Is it hard to say that you made a big fuss about the police station?"

While Mu Zi Xin and Chu Yun Yan were talking, Ye Qian Qian was leaning over to Qin Tian's side, but these words came out of this little devil girl's mouth, how he had a feeling of egg on his face.

"I said, I just went to the police station to drink a tea, I remember someone seems to have said, if I can get out of the police station, then listen to me on everything."

Qin Tian's eyes moved recklessly on Ye Qian Qian's delicate body, like a hungry wolf looking at a soft and weak lamb.

"Did I say that? Those are all your words, right!" Ye Qianqian skimmed her lips and said.

"Are you going to renege? I'm sorry, I still trust you so much, if I lose I will not renege, big deal, let you cut it!" Qin Tian pounded his chest and said.

"This girl is not going to renege, besides this girl is not interested in cutting you."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"Since you won't renege, then you have to be good and obedient in the future." The corners of Qin Tian's mouth raised, that smile grew thicker and thicker, having such a beautiful maid sounds great!