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Chapter 11: I just have no quality

"Old man, as soon as you pout I know what kind of shit you are taking, don't sell yourself short, say it, what exactly do you want to do when you find me?"

It was not the first time Qin Tian dealt with Huangfu Yuan, and he was naturally familiar with this old man's routine.


Huangfu Yuan just sip a mouthful of tea, heard Qin Tian open all of a sudden spewed out, this kid really do not give him any face.

"Yu Qing, Mayor Feng, you guys first evade, I have something to talk to this kid alone." Huangfu Yuan smiled helplessly, then gestured to Nangong Yuqing and the two soldiers around him.

Feng Feng froze and stood up without the slightest hesitation, he also knew that even if he was the mayor of Dongyang City, some things were not for him to interfere.

On the contrary, Nangong Yuqing and the other two did not move, but looked at Qin Tian with some caution.

"Girl, if Qin Tian wants to disadvantage me, not to mention the three of you, even a few more people will be useless, go out first."

Huangfu Yuan knew what Nangong Yuqing was worried about, not to mention that Qin Tian wouldn't be adverse to him at all, even if this kid really wanted to make a move against him, a few people alone wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Old man, in case you guys get into a fight later, I can pretend I didn't hear anything, if you're missing an arm or a leg, I won't serve you." Nangong Yuqing pouted, turned around and walked out with Feng Feng.

"This girl, she is about to be spoiled by me." Huangfu Yuan's smile was not half reproachful, but full of doting.

"Kid, now that there are no outsiders in the house, can't we talk properly."

"Old man, I wanted to have a good talk with you at the beginning, but you kept on gossiping." Qin Tian changed to a very comfortable position and sat down, but in his heart, he was already calculating how to deal with the 'business' that Huangfu Yuan was going to say next!

"Why don't you stay in the Middle East, why did you run back to China without saying a word, do you want to cause me any trouble in China?" Huangfu Yuan's eyes were tightly fixed on Qin Tian, as if he wanted to see through Qin Tian's mind.

"Old man, there are only two of us now, aren't you tired of pretending so much? Don't tell me that you don't know why I'm back?"

Qin Tian rolled his eyes, his information in the National Security Bureau I'm afraid has been piled up into a small floor, Huangfu Yuan does not know that he came back is strange.

"I admit it, I knew from the day you came back." Huangfu Yuan knew he couldn't bluff Qin Tian, after dealing with him so many times, he hadn't taken advantage of anything.

"Since you knew as soon as I came back, then you should also know that I have been honest for a while, right?"

"Yes!" Huangfu Yuan did not believe that this fierce beast would turn into a little sheep all the time so quickly, but for such a long time, Qin Tian had indeed not done anything.

"That's not the end of it, I didn't commit anything, and you National Security Bureau is not full, then I'm leaving."

Qin Tian stood up and was about to go out, Huangfu Yuan then slowly came back to his senses, this kid again not according to common sense.

"Wait, you kid give me honestly sit down, I have not finished talking!" Huangfu Yuan cried and laughed, how he increasingly feel this kid like an old fox.

"Old man, I used to think you were quite a pain in the ass, how come you are now doing things in a dull manner." Qin Tian muttered with dissatisfaction, not many dare to speak to Huangfu Yuan like this, he counts as one.

"This time to find you, there is indeed a matter want to ask for your help." After a moment of silence, Huangfu Yuan continued.

Here we go! Qin Tian raised his eyebrows, he didn't need to think about it to know that it must not be something good.

"Old man, you should know my rules, I will never do anything without payment."

"Don't worry, if you're willing to help, there will definitely be less benefits for you." Huangfu Yuan didn't bother with such trivial matters, he also understood Qin Tian's rules.

"It's the first time I've seen you so painful, say it, what is it?"

"That big gun appeared in Dongyang City, you should also be able to see, Dongyang City is not simple, in the important location of the north-south border, no polite way to say, Dongyang City's importance even compared to Yanjing is not much worse."

"It is because the location of Dongyang City is very special, so both the southern forces or the northern forces want to fight on this piece of land, I can tell you is that the southern and northern underground forces have all infiltrated Dongyang City, now Dongyang City is like a dynamite barrel, there are many unstable factors, so I want you to help stabilize the situation! "

Huangfu Yuan finished all the words in one breath, then lowered his head and took a sip of tea, quietly waiting for Qin Tian's response.

"Old man, you can't be kidding, this kind of thing can be handled by your National Security Bureau with a single finger, why bother."

Qin Tian did not want to be used as a gun, since Huangfu Yuan knew that Dongyang City was like a powder keg right now, this was not a clear attempt to pit him.

"Kid, if people from the National Security Bureau intervene, they can certainly stabilize the situation, but it will also affect the economic development of Dongyang City, because many enterprises in Dongyang City are actually controlled by these underground forces now, and when they break the pot, it will definitely make the whole Dongyang City become frightened."

Huangfu Yuan said very sincere, but Qin Tian always felt that this old man did not hold back any good farts.

"This kind of thing, old man, you should hire another high level, I am just a small security guard now, which can turn up any big waves."

Qin Tian did not want to get involved, this has nothing to do with any great righteousness, he just did not want to be sold and count the money for others.

"Kid, I know that the reason you went back to China is to protect that little girl from the Mu family, don't you think about her? You may not be aware that the other two major enterprises in Dongyang City are already under the control of the underground forces in the north and south, what do you think they will do next?"

Huangfu Yuan did not show any dissatisfaction because of Qin Tian's retort, instead, he smilingly continued, as if he had pinpointed Qin Tian's seven inches.


Qin Tian frowned and suddenly had an impulse to curse.

"Kid, pay attention to the quality, no matter how you say you are also a dignified person, how can you casually burst foul language."

"I just have no quality, you bite me ah!" Seeing the smile on Huangfu Yuan's face, Qin Tian had a chest tightness, feelings after saying so much, Huangfu Yuan had already dug a hole waiting for him.

"Do not be so angry, this thing is done, for you is also a hundred benefits without harm, with such a great merit, even if you want to do something, the top will also turn a blind eye."

Huangfu Yuan guided Qin Tian step by step, but Qin Tian did not listen to a word, if not because of Mu Zi Xin, he would not trip this trip, but now it seems that this favor must be helped.

"Old man, this is what you asked me to help, you better not regret it when the time comes." Ruthlessly glancing at Huangfu Yuan, Qin Tian already had a plan in his heart.

"I have never regretted doing something, but you kid better not mess around, if something really happens, I can't protect you."

"Even if something really happens, I'll just run back, just then the mess will have to be cleaned up by you." Qin Tian shrugged his shoulders and said casually.

"Kid, count on you to be ruthless!" Huangfu Yuan opened his mouth, hard not to think of any words to refute Qin Tian.

"Today you have met with Mayor Feng, he can provide you with some necessary help if there is anything in the future."

"You're not afraid that I'll cause you some big mess, and then you won't be able to keep your position as the director of the National Security Bureau." Qin Tian also did not expect that the old man would help him to match with the mayor of Dongyang City, then in the future, would he not be able to walk across the street in this Dongyang City.

"I believe in your kid's ability."

"Don't, you don't trust me." Qin Tian grinned, but did not continue to theorize with Huangfu Yuan, although this old man was a bit odious, but he was still quite nice to him.


Just when neither of them said anything else, a sharp sound suddenly came from the next compartment, followed by the sound of a woman crying.

"Go check it out?" Qin Tian looked at Huangfu Yuan and found that the latter's expression was also slightly surprised, before speaking.

"You kid is holding a belly of fire nowhere to vent it, since you want to go to vent the fire, then let's go, anyway, also ate enough."

Huangfu Yuan nodded, and then the two of them walked out of the box.

"Damn, I just touched this woman's hand, she threw boiling water on me, if you don't give me a statement today, no one will be able to live."

Just walked out, Qin Tian heard the arrogant voice of a man in the next box, and a branch manager of the Luan Yue Club had also rushed over.

"Mr. Huang, take it easy, this is the fault of our Luan Yue Club, we apologize to you, how about this, the cost of your meal today is waived for you."

The branch manager is very respectful, but it is clear that the so-called Huang Shao is not very cold, Luan Yue Club belongs to the high-end club, every day there are not a few people with status here, so they have seen a lot of this kind of playboy.

"Does this young master look like a person who lacks money? Unless this bitch gives me an apology and stays with me for one night, otherwise, it's useless even if the king of heaven comes."

Inside the box, Huang Zhiyuan lustfully stared at the beautiful woman who was panicking not far away, full of lustful smile, just now when this woman appeared he was already lustful, only he did not expect this woman to be so intense, just touching his hand and splashed his face, but the more he did, the more he was tickled.

"Oh, don't be so angry, anger hurts the body, and Huang Shao has a mistake in the first place, how can still be so unreasonable."

Qin Tian stood outside the box and took in together as much as he could, a dude was so arrogant, and really stupid.

"What the fuck are you? I'm very angry, I advise you better not meddle!" Huang Zhiyuan's face became a little ugly when he saw a stranger walk in.

"Oh! Just in time, I'm also holding my fire, why don't you play with me?" Qin Tian had a smile on his face, but Huang Fu Yuan who saw this scene could not help but shake his head, he knew that Qin Tian in this state was more dangerous than when he was calm.

"You seek death, fuck him for me!" Huang Zhiyuan's face was cold as he roared at a few people around him, and immediately two of them pounced towards Qin Tian.

"Pathetic!" Qin Tian sneered, and with a fierce wave of his arm, the two people who crashed up flew straight backwards.

Before Huang Zhiyuan could regain his senses, he saw a slap come over, and then a hot and spicy sensation made his face twisted.

"It seems that smacking someone is the easiest way to vent your anger, this is much more comfortable." Qin Tian shrugged off his hand and nodded with great satisfaction.