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Chapter 56 has long fallen into the trap

The man in the suit took half a day to return from the corridor, his face purple and red, as if he had been scolded, which was not unexpected.

"How was it?" Wu Fei held back his laughter and asked, "My side is going to increase the price, it's given to 50 million."

"Ah?" The man in the suit was stunned again, and then said with an embarrassed face, "We have discussed it, but the price is too high, and I would like to ask you to discuss it, can you sell it to us for 30 million?"

The man in the suit must have just been scolded, and after he came back, he was blocked by Wu Fei's words and wanted to bargain, but now he was embarrassed.

"How dare you say that?" Wu Fei held back a laugh and said with a taut face: "That side is my friend, I pushed the price up, but not because the baby is yours, if you do, then do not talk, sorry ah!"

Wu Fei said the words and stood up, took out the phone to call out again.

"Mr. Wu, you wait!" The man in the suit really helpless, encountered such a difficult master, also blame themselves just angry, did not bargain early, at this time also can not say: "You wait a moment, we will go to get the money, a moment to send you, this baby we must be redeemed to buy back!"

Next to a person also helplessly stood up, quickly ran out.

Jiang Man at this time is also to hold back a laugh, and Wu Fei lying on the table waiting, thinking in his heart, this kid looks loyal and honest, so simple look, but in fact is not a thing.

It should not be far away, the man soon came back, took a card and handed it to Wu Fei, said with a huff: "Mr. Wu, you check, this is 23 million. Together with the 15 million in the front, it is exactly 38 million."

Wu Fei also examined it, and only then said with a smile: "Well, I'll return the diamond to you, but you watch it, go down and appraise it for you, don't say we cheated you again."

Several people also nodded in exasperation and agreed to follow Wu Fei and Jiang Man went downstairs and found the diamond for Xing Xing Dao to identify it, and it was indeed real, and only then gave it to the three people.

The three people got the diamond changed color, the man in the suit looked and Wu Fei said: "Kid, you are too fucking ruthless? The next hand got us twenty-three million, is not human ah?"

"You guys talk to me with some sense." Wu Fei also said coldly: "I gave you the diamonds for your pity's sake, I didn't send you in is my plenty, how dare you say this to me?"

"Humph!" The man in the suit also said sinisterly: "This matter is not finished, you wait for me, go!"

"No!" Wu Fei also said coldly: "Originally I wanted to pity you, but I didn't expect this attitude, don't come to beg me later, hum!"

The three people also left with their mouths agape.

"Kid, you've earned a lot!" Xing Xing Dao is also laughing: "Yesterday almost did not scare me heart attack, there you go!"

"Master Xing, all this money is treated as liquid money." Wu Fei put the 450,000 card in his pocket and gave the other two to Master Xing and said with a smile, "I may still have the money coming in tomorrow, they will come back to me later."

"Master Xing, I don't even know who is a liar!" Jiang Man are laughing so hard: "Or the first time to see the people who cheated the liar!"

"This is not cheating them, this is a sale." Wu Fei said with a cheeky smile, "Xiao Man, let's also go upstairs. Master Xing, let them come upstairs to me if they come back later."

"Oh!" Xing Xing Dao slapped his head and couldn't help but laugh again, "Okay!"

"Wu Fei, what do you mean?" Jiang Man couldn't help but ask, "They'll come looking for trouble later, huh? And how do you know?"

"I can also tell fortunes." Wu Fei laughed and took Jiang Man's little hand and said, "If you don't believe me, just watch."

Jiang Man half-heartedly followed Wu Fei to the office where no one was just now, did not wait for a while, the corridor really sounded footsteps, it is the three people came back.

The man in the suit pushed the door and said angrily: "Kid, why didn't you give us the storage fee? We bought it back, not redeemed it! Give it to us!"

"Can't you speak more politely?" Wu Fei also said coldly: "Just now you were unclean-mouthed, I didn't do the same with you, and now you still have this attitude, who saw your custody fee?"

"You cheat?" The man in the suit immediately tensed up, originally cheated money, has lost so much, just now also forgot this card, also half a million, and quickly said: "You do not blame us to sue you!"

"If you say so, then go ahead and sue me." Wu Fei said with a taut face: "I will not give you, let you sue, we will go to court to say things clearly."

Now three people are dumb, also did not expect Wu Fei so difficult, a few people are not afraid to go to court ah!

Besides, if the whole thing is pursued, Wu Fei is not a problem at all, and is not afraid to go anywhere, initially pawned a sum of money to a few people, after a few people do not redeem, but also in front of the face.

And then later is to buy back, and pawn has nothing to do with it, although this is a cheat, is to eat a few people ah!

"Mr. Wu, we are much offended." The man in the suit is also helpless, had to once again accompanied by a smile and said: "You see we also lost a lot of money inside and outside, the money is not within the deal, that is, we forgot, you do not and we."

"You have to leave room for things, you can't do that!" Wu Fei then lectured: "What about the scolding just now?"

"Sorry, sorry!" The man in the suit is really helpless, the smile is worse than crying: "I am mouth, should not curse, you do not take offense, just give it back to us!"

"Ugh!" Wu Fei sighed: "You are also instructed, it's not easy, I'll give it to you, take it!"

The man in the suit was about to explode in anger, took the card and turned around and left, this time he also knew Wu Fei's power, no longer dared to curse, and left the pawnshop in a flash.

"You kid still have such a hand!" Jiang Man was laughing at this time: "These crooks were cheated by you like this, and as a result, they still have to pay you an apology, there is really no reason to talk."

"This is what they deserve." Wu Fei said with a heated smile: "People do not offend me, I do not offend, came to the door, then we can not spare them. Go, go over and see the two old people, let's eat."

Jiang Man is also giggling and followed over, the two old people are also laughing and chatting at this time, the time is almost, still do not know Wu Fei earned so much money, also followed Wu Fei to eat a meal, this is the ancient language to come, this old people see the wine can not move a step.

Today is the day Wu Fei and Han De Wang agreed to gamble on stones, also came early to the treasure appreciation building quadrangle, it is a coincidence that today is still Saturday, a lot of people come to buy jade and jewelry, accessories, of course, there are also a lot of turn around and watch the hustle and bustle.

Probably a little early, the big courtyard did not see the faces of Li Min and Niu Jiachang, Ma Dongsheng and others, also came to the left suite in the middlemost store.

Jiang Man has long been here, is turning around the room with his hands behind his back, still dressed so sharp, a pair of long boots set off the body more wonderful, coupled with a short hair and delicate features, which is to let Wu Fei some fascination.

"You brat, come and not say anything." Jiang Man turned around and saw Wu Fei at the door, also pulled in a hand: "What are you looking at?"

"Look at you!" Wu Fei did not lie: "You are so beautiful, I was dumbfounded."

"Don't say such useless things!" Jiang Man's pretty face slightly red, small mouth also grinned a little, seems to want to laugh, not good enough to laugh: "That Han De Wang is very powerful, I am not not lending you money, but you must not make it so big, you are not their opponent, it is not by luck."

"Xiao Man, we have known each other for a short time." Wu Fei deliberately said seriously: "You still do not know me ah? You don't trust me?"

"I trust you what ah?" Jiang Man really couldn't help but giggle: "You yourself are the biggest fake, do you think I know you?"

Wu Fei himself could not help but laugh, in the eyes of Jiang Man, the big beauty, his first two wins were wins, but it was really by luck, his eyes were accurate, but the reasoning could not be said, no wonder people did not believe it.

"This is fifty million." Jiang Man stuffed a card to Wu Fei: "You do not lose all ah, there just opened, but also slowly make money! Listen to my sister, yes."

Wu Fei also agreed, his heart is really very touched, Jiang Man knew he was not guaranteed, but still willing to lend such a large amount of money to himself, very rare.

The two of them were very happy to see the door.

Two people out of the time is to see the door came in a few people, the forefront is clearly Li Xingrong, this guy does not seem to have much to do, is to buy a tomb raider baby, perhaps push that do not know, which came out.

In the back of Li Xingrong followed by four people, including Li Min and Ma Dongsheng, Niu Jiachang, another person looked two people almost did not cry out in shock, it is the middle-aged man who ate in the hotel yesterday!

That is, the command of the three liars with the sky box to cheat people, and later let the ancient language to tell the fortune of the middle-aged man, this is not Han De Wang?

Jiang Man looked at Wu Fei, Wu Fei is also looking at Jiang Man, the two people instantly understood a lot of things.

The pawnshop across the street is Han De Chong open, that is, Han De Wang's brother, this guy is to go to that pawnshop yesterday to take a look at the results of the ancient language to the faint, also did not go.

Then the crooks are also his orders, it seems to have long been on Wu Fei, probably from the first time Ma Dongsheng called out Wu Fei master, this guy has been playing Wu Fei's idea, only Wu Fei does not know yet.

"Wu Fei, so it's him!" Jiang Man also felt as if he had fallen into a conspiracy: "Be extra careful today, don't be too big in the lottery, they all hate you."

"It's okay!" Wu Fei thought of these after also more not afraid, have all made enemies, then come well: "Xiao Man, I can not borrow your money for nothing."