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Chapter 55 people increased the price

Listen to the ancient language so, the middle-aged man is even more unhappy, also said in a deep voice: "You just say a good, I ask is the fortune, is good or bad always have to have a result, I am also not a bad debt, how to give you money ah?"

"That's not what I'm going to say, huh?" The ancient language asked: "If I say, you give or not give money does not matter, but do not blame me."

"Don't blame you!" The middle-aged man immediately said, "Even if it's broken, it's not a problem, the grandfather has plenty of money."

"It is most difficult to ascend the ladder of heaven, and there is no hope for spider webs to fight fish. Spring planting and autumn harvesting is a waste of effort, and it is difficult to find a foot in the fate of the ten feet!" The ancient language also squinted and said: "You are a bad year, to break the big money ah!"

Now everyone laughed, not that people broke their fortune gloating, but this old man said interesting, a set of no good words ah!

"The spider web is hopeless!" Jiang Man are laughing too much, turned back with a small hand in Wu Fei's face pinch, more giggling, heart is also hate this liar, did not expect to be the ancient language to clean up some.

Wu Fei also followed the laugh, this time the attention is in Jiang Man's body it, this big beauty is rarely so intimate with himself, also squeezed the time to have this opportunity, she will not care.

"You do give me a careful explanation." The middle-aged man is also angry, cold uttered a question: "The big money is also roughly a number, right?"

"This is also you asked me to say ah!" The ancient language said with a laugh: "three six for water, four nine for gold, money scattered hard to gather, the water splashed out always difficult to collect. You ah, these days it is inevitable that the number of four or nine broken!"

"The number of four or nine?" The middle-aged man seemed to be frozen for a moment: "How much is that? Four thousand nine? Forty-nine thousand? Forty-nine thousand?"

Gu Zhiyi just slightly closed his eyes and shook his head, and did not say anything.

The middle-aged man got a little dizzy and then asked, "Is it four hundred and ninety thousand?"

The language of Gu Zhiyi still shook his head and did not speak.

Everyone laughed, this is really big money, four million nine hundred thousand is still not?

"So it's forty-nine million?" The middle-aged man looked at Gu Zhiyin somewhat incredulously and asked, "This is almost right?"

"Ugh!" Gu Zhiyi nodded this time, "This is what you said, not what I said, I only said you're going to break the bank, go ahead, I don't want your money either."

"Humph!" Middle-aged man sneered and stood up: "I knew you could not count, here nonsense, I'm going to be rich tomorrow, you want money instead, I have to give you to do!"

"I told you not to forget it, you still do not listen." The ancient language is also a cold utterance said: "Good for you!"

This middle-aged man is also angry cold uttered, turned around and left, indeed did not give money.

Everyone is also a lot of discussion, so rich people, telling fortunes and not pay, this old man is easy?

Wu Fei and Jiang Man also saw this person, eyes not small, nose not big, mouth is not small, huffing and puffing on the car.

"Kid, girl!" Gu Zhiyue saw this person leave, also saw Wu Fei and Jiang Man, immediately smiled: "You two why here ah? Watching me tell fortunes?"

"Seeing that you're busy, I didn't bother." Wu Fei still wanted to follow, it is not good to leave immediately, turned around and said with a smile: "After you are busy, go to our place and have a seat, buy you a drink in the evening."

"Yes! I'm on my way!" The ancient language also does not count, as if hearing wine can not walk: "Today does not count, this is the end, tomorrow continue ah! Thank you all!"

This crowd is really someone to continue to count, see Gu Zhiyue met acquaintances to go, this just forget, and soon scattered.

"Grandpa Gu, is your calculation accurate?" Jiang Man while pinching Wu Fei a hand in the arms to break free while asking: "That person is not a good person, and trying to cheat Wu Fei, he really want to break the money?"

"Then of course!" Gu Zhiyue also laughed and teased: "Girl, you think I'm cheating ah? This guy has a bad year, he has already broken his fortune today, I counted for tomorrow, and will break his fortune, how did he cheat the kid?"

Wu Fei was moved in his heart, it is indeed today to break the fortune it, also said what happened today, the two people is to follow this liar to see the old man.

This ancient language also laughed, followed by two people went upstairs.

"You old thing in ah?" Gu Zhiyue laughed out loud when he saw the sixth master Qin: "That's the best, I like to chat with you."

"You like chatting with me?" Master Qin also laughed out loud: "Are you an old liar here to earn me? I have to be careful and watch out!"

Wu Fei and Jiang Man looked at each other, also followed the laugh, these two angry people together is also interesting, also are not outside, also joked.

At this time someone knocked at the door, Wu Fei opened the door and almost did not laugh, it is the morning pawn those three people, each honest, the man in a suit said with a smile: "Mr. Wu, we want to discuss something with you, do you have time?"

"Let's talk next door." Wu Fei knew that the master would not be involved in these matters, and it was not good to know, so he led several people to the next office.

Jiang Man watched in the morning, at this time also followed with a smile, not yet good to sit with these people, more bad to grab Wu Fei's position, in front of outsiders, Wu Fei is the old boss it, can only be in Wu Fei's side lying on the table and listened.

"Several people, if I remember correctly, you are the one who came in the morning, right?" Wu Fei deliberately said, "What else have you come to find me for? Chasing us for cheating?"

"No, no!" The man in the suit said with a smile: "It's our fault, we remembered that the diamond is real, and want to redeem it, we brought the pawned money and the storage fee for the past few days, do you think you can return the diamond to us?"

This person said and put both cards on Wu Fei's desk.

"Aiya! Why didn't you guys say so earlier?" Wu Fei also said with a deliberate exclamation, "In the morning, you guys said you wouldn't redeem it, so I promised to sell it to a friend and came to pick it up later, sorry, sorry ah!"

"Ah?" Several people were immediately confused, and the man in the suit also changed his face and said in an exasperated manner, "How can you sell our things to others?"

"If you say so, then it's not right." Wu Fei also changed his face and said coldly: "How is it your stuff? In the beginning, it was yours, we had a contract, but in the morning you said you would not redeem it, I sold it, since the stuff is yours, where is the pawn ticket?"

A few people are even more confused, staring at each other with wide eyes, where is the pawn ticket ah? The boy tore up the morning, their own are no longer, now it is said to be the pawn shop!

Jiang Man look at a few people silly look just want to laugh, by Wu Fei to all miserable, is also lowered his head snickering up.

"Mr. Wu, you do me a favor!" This person helplessly accompanied by a smile and said: "Our treasure is naturally very like, or to redeem it, you sell to whoever is the same, and we redeem what difference ah?"

"That's not the same." Wu Fei immediately shook his head and said, "You are not going to redeem it now, you are going to buy my diamond, this must be said clearly, you did not pawn the ticket, but also tore it in front of everyone, right ah?"

"Yes, yes!" This person is also immediately agreed: "You are right, we will buy back well, you have a point, we are not redeemed."

"Ugh! Look at you guys are also pitiful enough." Wu Fei deliberately sighed and said, "Then I can call my friends, don't come to pick up the diamonds."

Several people revealed smiles and nodded their heads in agreement.

Only then did Wu Fei take out the phone and call out, put it to his ear and listened.

Jiang Man is lying on the side, see clearly, this kid did not press the button at all, is there to pretend it, can not help but laugh again.

"Mr. Yang, you don't come, sorry!" Wu Fei stood up to the window himself said: "Those few people came back again, and said some good things, I also had to sell them, no, indeed, no!"

The three people on this side of the face look happy, staring closely at Wu Fei.

"Mr. Yang, you don't get angry!" Wu Fei even said to the air: "I know I'm wrong, but people are back, it's not a matter of money, not to mention you give 38 million, or you give 50 million, I always have to talk about credibility, next time, next time ah! There are good treasures must be kept for you."

This time Jiang Man really can't hold back, looking at the three people stunned look, can't help but fall on the table.

"You guys have brought money, right?" Wu Fei then asked, "I'm not an impolite person, the same price, I'm naturally going to sell it to you, thirty-eight million deal."

"Ah? Thirty-eight million?" The man in the suit is dizzy, he has already been scolded, but also took back four hundred and fifty thousand, is not this nonsense? He also said: "Why do you want 38 million in the blink of an eye?"

"This diamond is mine!" Wu Fei also raised his eyes and said, "You are not teasing me, right? The price you gave yourselves, this thing is worth more than thirty million, I pushed my friend's side, but you guys are bargaining with me, making me feel bad about myself, that's not okay!"

Wu Fei pretended to exasperate look stood up, and picked up the phone and walked to the window to make a gesture to call out.

"You wait!" The man in the suit really can't carry the torture, if really sold to others, then how to go back to deliver ah? Also said in a hurry: "I also make a phone call to discuss, see if you can borrow money, if not, you then let your friends come."

"Ugh!" Wu Fei deliberately pretended to sit in a very angry look and waved his hand: "Quickly call, there are still waiting, up the price of anything!"

That person also hurriedly ran to the corridor to call out the phone and whispered.

As the corridor is still very quiet, there is an echo, despite the sound is very small, still vaguely audible, that is, Wu Fei changed his face, has been sold to others, redemption is impossible, when the ticket are gone, can only be bought back, people also increased the price.

Jiang Man heard the willow shoulders tremble one after another, small hand reached under the table pinched Wu Fei's leg a hand.

Wu Fei was pinched almost did not laugh out, and quickly whispered: "Xiao Man, you do not make a scene ah! I still have to pretend to be angry, don't get exposed."

So said even more Jiang Man amused, lying on the table and laughed, that a few people do not know what is going on with this big beauty, are frozen looking.