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Chapter 3,459 - Counterflow

When the Goddess of Light saw that purple light streams were also appearing on Ziwei's body, it was obvious that his power was also being lost, so she hurriedly said, "My Lord, quickly activate the Genetic Divine Hall and restart the Great Universe. www.uu234.netwww.uu234.net"

The entire Genetic God Temple was vibrating, as if it was being peeled out of the void.

The gods all knew that it was not peeling off from the void, but the Gene God Temple was peeling off from the rules of the Grand Universe and losing control of the Grand Universe.

Apparently because the Gene Tablet was so powerful, it had begun to become a new cosmic management tool and was taking the place of the Gene Temple.

"My Lord, if we don't make a last ditch effort, I'm afraid it will be too late ...... If we wait any longer, I'm afraid we won't even have a chance to make a last ditch effort ......" Goddess Shakti also advised.

Purple Wei glanced at the genetic pantheon being stripped with the core rules of the universe, and then looked at the wall of evolution, looking grave, but never said a word.

Purple torrents converged everywhere in the universe, and the power of the weaker beings soon lost almost all of their power, and then they found that they began to produce bizarre changes in themselves.

Those dying beings, after losing their power, instead began to rejuvenate.

At first they were excited, but soon they realized that this was only the beginning of the great terror.

The two universes seem to be turning back the clock, they are experiencing the past backwards, while experiencing those past, they suddenly found the same, they seem to be missing something.

When they wanted to think about what they had forgotten, they found that they couldn't even remember why they were thinking about it.

The weak ones naturally won't know that the karma associated with them is being erased as the time and space reverses on them.

This is just the beginning, the powerful creatures are still able to resist those forces, but when they see the creatures around them degenerate one by one, being erased the karmic fate that has already happened, the shock in their hearts is unimaginable.

"Damn ...... Qin Xiu what the hell does he want?" There was also a roar of fear within the Divine Chaos Society, as they too felt the changes within their bodies.

As powerful as they were, although they were not so powerful as to be reversed in time, but they were all horrified to find that a part of their memories were gradually disappearing.

With their degree of evolution, even if they are even more distant and small things, they can remember clearly, absolutely impossible to forget, they can not remember, then there is only one possibility, that is, the causal link associated with it was erased, they can not remember those things.

The more powerful the creature, the more panic at this time, they know how difficult it is to evolve, such a reversal of time and space, for them, is simply a disaster.

What is even more frightening is that no one knows how far Qin Xiu is going to reverse the space-time, if the reversed space-time is restored to before they were born, then they will be able to come out in the future as they are now and go this far, which no one can predict.

"Damn, Qin Xiu isn't reversing space-time at all, he's trying to erase this section of space-time and force the Great Universe to return to before his sister gave him her bloodline." The Moon God said with an ugly face.

Taiyi looked at the power that was emanating from his body and said indifferently, "You are right, space-time is originally irreversible, except that all one can do is to destroy and erase a section of space-time, and naturally be able to start again."

"But if space-time is really erased, can the previous space-time continue to continue?" The Moon God said.

"No one knows, because no one has ever done so, even the gods can only chase the traces of space-time and go back to the visions of the past, not be able to truly reverse space-time, Qin Xiu is the first person in the universe who dares to think so and dares to do so, at least he believes that it is possible." Taiyi said.

"What's the use of him believing? Do we all have to pay him to lose our lives? No, he must be stopped." The Moon God gritted her teeth and said.

It was so hard for her to find Taiyi, so easy to finally be with Taiyi, it was not easy for her to go through that past again, even if Qin Xiu could succeed, she did not want to go back to the past.

"It's too late, there is no one who can stop Qin Xiu now." Taiyi said.

"Even if you and Ziwei join forces, won't it work?" Moon God asked.

Taiyi shook his head, "No, if it was possible before Ziwei defeated Bao'er, or before he fully activated Bao'er's potential, but now, no one can stop him. Qin Xiu's own power is already equal to the same universe, not to mention that he has mastered the Genetic Tablet, and the Genetic Tablet is now the manager of the Great Universe and can draw on the power of all things in the Great Universe, plus another equal to the universe, Bao'er, there is no longer any power of any living being in this universe that can compete with him, and he can only accompany him to gamble."

As Taiyi was speaking, there were already many terrifying beings breaking through the air and rushing towards Qin Xiu, trying to stop him from reversing space-time.

The Divine Chaos Society, the gods, the boundary-breaking powerhouses of the two great universes, and the many humans in the Sky Garden, whether they were enemies or friends before, now all left their prejudices behind and one by one broke through the air to kill Qin Xiu.

All the powerful people of the two universes became Qin Xiu's enemies, and no one was willing to be erased from this world.

The terrifying power rampaged across the universe, seemingly capable of destroying everything, but Qin Xiu, holding Wan'er, sitting on top of the genetic monument's pedestal, just looked at Wan'er with a gentle face, oblivious to the countless terrifying power and the overwhelming power, or should I say he didn't even look up to see.

No matter how powerful the creatures were, the closer they were to Qin Xiu and the genetic tablet, the faster the power flowed from their bodies, and when their power blasted at Qin Xiu, the corona emanating from the genetic tablet absorbed all the power without shedding any trace.

The genetic monument that absorbed their power became even more powerful and terrifying, and the speed of devouring their power became even faster.

For a time, the entire universe seemed to have experienced a great horror, many of the terrifying creatures on one side of the masters were trembling, looking at Qin Xiu with eyes of anger and hatred and fear and terror.

Even though there are those who are not willing to give up, time and again desperately bombard the genetic monument, but the result is everything, their power has become the genetic monument tonic, so that the speed of space-time reversal has become faster.

Seeing friends, relatives, and even enemies around them degenerate and even disappear, the earth, rivers and mountains change, the heavens and stars shift backwards, the sea and the sky reverse, despair spread throughout the universe.

"Where is God, save us, right?" The sky was filled with violet light, everything was going backwards, and countless creatures were crying and praying.

But the gods they prayed to are now unable to protect themselves, and some of them have already begun to dissipate, and the idols in the temples have also disappeared due to the reversal of space and time, degenerating to an ancient era when no gods had ever appeared.