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Chapter 58-1 - Treasures (Fifth Shift)

As his body became stronger and stronger, he could feel that the energy flowing between his tendons and flesh and bones was also becoming stronger and stronger, almost overflowing out of his body.

His body was bulging, and every piece of tendon and flesh had a full bulging feeling under the rush of external energy.

Vaguely, the external energy even has the tendency to spread to the internal organs and viscera.

A faint sensation of needling was always transmitted to his nerves from the place where the internal organs and flesh and bones met.

"Is this the beginning of the external force exercising the internal organs, but the external force forging the internal organs is dangerous, I don't know how many boxing masters died in this level, need to be careful."

About half an hour, Zhuang Wuming's will fully recovered.

Looking at the passage, which is about a hundred meters long, Zhuang Wuming did not enter the shadow shuttle, lifting the Devil's Blade in his hand.

One step, two steps, three steps

Slowly advancing, his body slightly bent down.


Air-breaking sound, Zhuang Wuming both sides suddenly opened countless tiny pits.

One chopstick-thin sharp arrow ejected.

The arrows rained like locusts, enveloping all directions.

The air-breaking sound like a firecracker instantly exploded, Zhuang Wuming sweat hair exploded.

Without any hesitation, the light of the sword rose, turning into a sword shadow enveloping the four directions.

At the same time the body moved into an illusory figure.

Faced with this kind of attack, ghost body vanish is necessary.

Dang Dang Dang

In a short period of time, Zhuang Wuming's saber light collided hundreds of times.

Countless sharp arrows were smashed away, but many of them also passed through his body.

The ghost body vanity showed great survivability, and the illusory body was partially immune to physical attacks itself.

The power of the arrow rain also weakened by 20 at the same time, and the damage that could really work on him would be very limited.

The rain of arrows lasted for a full minute, and Zhuang Wuming was like a precise machine, blocking thousands of arrows lost.

Only when the arrow losses stopped did he collect his sword and return.

Looking at the one-third of the passage in the long corridor, a foot thick pile of arrows lost, his face was frozen.

"What an exaggerated organ."

Looked at his attribute version, above because of the arrow loss through, except for the will, all attributes all down a point, just now hit a lot of arrows.

Release the ghost body deficiency, Zhuang Wuming began to recover physical strength.

00 ahead there are two-thirds of the journey, do not know what other dangers.

A few minutes later, physical strength returned, continue to carry the knife forward, dangerous places, at all times to maintain peak condition.

The biggest advantage of the ghost body deficiency is that there will be no fatal injuries.

Like the game character in the game data, as long as there is enough replenishment, you can quickly recover.

Across a ground of lost arrows Zhuang Wuming arrived at the flat corridor.

One step gently stepped out.


A stone slab sunken under his foot.


The dome of the corridor overhead suddenly appeared countless hollows, and a bit of cold light flashed from inside.

Pupils shrink, Zhuang Wuming directly into the ghost body of the void, countless cold light shot to.

An arm-thick steel needles, steel needles Shanghai covered with barbs, the above turned up a faint blue color, apparently there is also poison.

Once stabbed, there is almost no possibility of being spared.

The spacing of each steel needle is only ten centimeters, there is no space to hide.

Within a breath, one third of the corridor became a jungle of steel needles, and Zhuang Wuming's whole body was pierced.

If he wasn't in a state of ghostly deformation, he would have died.

At this time, the steel needles were withdrawn, all shrunk back, and before Zhuang Wuming could breathe a sigh of relief, the steel needles stabbed down again!

Needless to say he knew what the mechanism was all about.

The next time the steel needle draws back, a step on the ground, a leap is ten meters.

The moment the steel needles fell again, he had already rushed out of the range of this steel needle envelope.

Looking at his attributes, all of them directly fell down 15, worse than the first level.

"Ghost body deficiency, there are advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is no fatal injuries, the disadvantage is too low defense."

"As long as a foreign object enters the body, it will continue to lose blood, unless it is really completely deflated, physical attacks can be immune."

Shaking his head, the usual routine, replenishing food and returning attributes.

Ten minutes later, Zhuang Wuming began to step into the third section of the corridor.

Looked at the ground, "only thirty meters, the old man with a jump, only landed three times, it will not work will also step on the organ."

Eyes narrowed, deep breath, external energy flowing in the body, all surging towards the feet.

Green tendons emerge, legs burst out with great force, Zhuang Wuming as a cannonball rushed out.

A leap is a distance of ten meters, mid-air, looking at the imminent landing.

Zhuang Wuming's legs closed, half-air crouch-like.


A muffled sound, the ground shook for a moment under the huge impact.

The calf again erupted with tremendous force and flew up, towards the end of the passage

At this point the entire top of the corridor shook, and the entirety of the huge dome collapsed.

The object fell in free fall and instantly reached the top of Zhuang Wuming's head.

"Unlucky, it's actually the Dragon Breaker Stone."

In mid-air, Zhuang Wuming had already unleashed Shadow Shuttle.

Directly the moment the Dragon Break Stone smashed above his head, he rushed into the shadows.

A huge sense of oppression came from all around, the interference became even worse, and he was almost unable to enter the shadow space.

With one step, he had arrived behind the gate at the end of the passage and crossed the blockage of the stone gate through the shadow space.

"Huffing and puffing."

Wearing a ragged breath, Zhuang Wuming looked at the attribute version, and his will dropped directly by 1 point, only for a short time of 1 second.

"This consumption is also too horrible."

Slightly discolored, shadow shuttle is his killer feature, being restricted so severely, he couldn't help but feel a sudden surge in his heart.

The eyes swept around, after the second stone door of the tomb is actually a hall, eight stone platforms stand here.

On the stone platform were eight guards with swords in their hands, but the strange thing was that they were completely naked and had no gender characteristics.

What can be seen is that their whole body is black metallic color, not carved in stone.

Eight stone platform arching the center, there is a larger altar, the altar is an ancient sarcophagus.

In front of the sarcophagus is a long table with a wooden tray.

A large red brocade sheet obscured the wooden tray, not knowing what was contained inside.

Without asking, Zhuang Wuming knew that there was something wrong with these eight guards, and with a flash of his gaze, the attribute version appeared.

Item: Black Gold Samurai

Grade: boutique

Function: 1 Made of black gold, invulnerable to swords and spears, infinitely powerful, comparable to the peak of the Sin level transcendent.

2 Immune to any supernatural attack below the Kill level, only physical attacks can defeat it.

"This attribute, it's impossible to fight, swords and spears are invulnerable, and also immune to supernatural attacks, my curse skill is mostly useless."

The eyes fell on top of the brocade silk, and the attribute version flashed by.

Item: golden wisp of jade clothing

Function: Weaken 30 negative skill suppression.

Grade: Fine

Item: old wine gourd

Function: Any liquor into it, can become old wine, one day is equal to one year.

Ten years old wine, once temporarily full attributes to improve 01 points.

Hundred years old wine, once can temporarily full attribute boost 1 point.

Thousand-year old wine, full attributes permanently boosted by 1 point (limited to three times, effective at the killing level)

Grade: Fine