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Chapter 57-2 - Underground Catacombs (4th shift)

Eyes flickering, "There is actually a tomb gallery under this big tomb, it doesn't look ordinary."

"Maybe there are treasures, we can try to explore it."

At this time, he suddenly thought that just now the shadow shuttle could not be used, his gaze was fixed, and he immediately launched the skill.

With a frozen face, he stood in a dead end where the light could not shine, a distortion surfaced around him, and an inexplicable power seemed to affect his ability to blend into the shadows.

"Weird, this place can actually affect the ability of shadow shuttle."

For this tomb, he immediately became alert, the shadow shuttle had saved his life several times, once it was blocked, his survival rate in the Dream Realm would rapidly decrease.

There was some hesitation in Zhuang Wuming's heart about whether to enter the depths of this tomb.

Looking at the attribute version, "It's best to explore after upgrading the skills, who knows what monsters are inside."

"Let's upgrade the three major curse skills first."

Standing in the shadows, Zhuang Wuming began to level up his skills.

With a thought, the skill points quickly disappeared and the three major curse skills began to change rapidly.

After all three major skills were upgraded from Introductory to Mastery, Zhuang Wuming's evolution points disappeared by 1200 points.

"Beginner to proficient, consuming 400 evolution points."

"Then continue."

With a movement of his mind, the skills changed again and the levels of the three major curse skills quickly entered the Perfection realm.

He could feel three different powers appear within his body.

The power of Evil Gaze flowed through his eyes, the power of Evil Aura existed in his heart, and the power of Spirit Shock converged in his brain, the three powers did not interfere with each other.

Zhuang Wuming vaguely perceived that the power of Evil Gaze and Spiritual Impact seemed to have an obvious connection with his own will, and the consumption of his will and these two powers were one and the same.

The Evil Aura, on the other hand, is a completely independent kind of energy, and it is this power that is consumed every time it is performed, and is not connected to his own physical qualities.

"Are the skills divided into two kinds: those that are related to physical qualities and those that are not?"

The eyes fell on the attribute class, the evolution point disappeared 3000 points.

"Adept to perfection, consuming 1000 evolutionary points."

"Now 4200 points have been consumed, 450 evolution points remaining."

Looking at the attribute version, the three skills on it, Cooking, Magic Sense, Shadow Shuttle and Ghost Body Void, were all entry level, and he could still choose one to upgrade to proficiency.

"It's better to upgrade Shadow Shuttle, this skill seems to be disturbed by the sky at the moment, maybe it's because the level is too low."

With a movement of his mind, the Shadow Shuttle skill quickly changed and was upgraded to the proficient level.

Completing the skill upgrade, Zhuang Wuming's skill column changed dramatically.

Culinary Arts (Introductory)

Ghostly Void Body (Initiation: Partially invalidate physical attacks and weaken physical attacks by 20.)

Evil Aura (Complete: Diminish physical strength and stamina by 4 points)

Spiritual shock (consummation: will attenuate 4 points, consume 04 will)

Evil Gaze (Perfect: Gaze at the enemy, make the enemy stiffen for 4 seconds, will weaken 4 points, consume 04 will)

Shadow shuttle (proficient: consume will, shuttle two places through shadow, 01 will = 500)

Magic Sense (Introductory: Will to scan around, 01 Will = 200.)

Skills substantially improved, especially curse skills, three kinds of perfection, once cast endless power.

Evil Gaze and Spiritual Shock's eight points of will abatement are enough to put any creature with less than eight points of will directly into a coma.

"Awesome, the skill's boost to combat power is just too terrifying," the eyes revealed a look of satisfaction.

Zhuang Wuming had no family power to support him, the only thing he could rely on was this mysterious attribute version of his talent.

Others who wanted to improve their skills had to do so through diligent study, constant use, or fusion of the same skill cards.

But he can do it by just consuming evolution points, countless times faster.

By using battle to feed the battle, the increase in battle power naturally exceeded that of other Fantasy Realm adventurers.

As his skills improved, Zhuang Wuming's confidence grew even stronger, "One day, I'll control my own destiny."

The eyes looked around, a dead silence.

Shadow shuttle activated, Zhuang Wuming's body slowly merged into the gloom, this time the surrounding interference did not prevent him from entering the shadow world.

Standing in the shadow space, Zhuang Wuming frowned slightly, "The will consumption is huge, doubled."

Quickly lifting the shadow shuttle and standing in the corridor, he swept his gaze ahead, where the direction to the depths was.

With the skills in place, there was more than enough to protect himself.

Advancing along the corridor, the long light on both sides emitting a faint glow, Zhuang Wuming was careful with every step.

In the catacombs, traps may appear at any time, especially the catacombs in the Dream Realm, which are even more mysterious and unpredictable.

After walking a hundred meters, Zhuang Wuming's face suddenly changed, he felt a faint vibration sound suddenly coming from under his feet.



A loud muffled sound, a heavy object fell behind him.

Turning around to look, his face changed, it was actually a huge dragon breaking stone, directly closing the way he came.

Looking at the Dragon Breaker Stone, Zhuang Wuming's fist squeezed and blasted away with one punch.


There was a huge muffled sound, and a deep crater appeared in the Dragon Breaker Stone, but other than that it was useless.

"It's thick, it's not easy to smash through."

Clap, clap, clap

A trickling sound suddenly rang out in this silent passage, and Zhuang Wuming's face changed.

The eyes looked behind him, the empty passage, the two walls actually began to spew out countless black water.

The river water fell to the ground, a faint white smoke, the feeling of danger as the alarm sounded.

Without much thought, Zhuang Wuming knew he was in big trouble this time, and the attribute version flashed by.

Item: Poison of black mercury

Level: Normal

Function: Integrates into flesh and blood, destroys vitality.

Just eight words, Zhuang Wuming sweat hair erect.

The eyes quickly swept around, this place is completely closed, there is no exit, this is to intruders to death, never give any chance of life.

The power to interfere with the shadow shuttle, can not help but have a cold heart, "good means, blocking space skills, this is to kill."

Looking at the ground was rapidly accumulating black water, Zhuang Wuming does not want to be drowned by the poison of these black mercury.

One foot stepped out and entered the shadows.

In the shadow space, Zhuang Wuming's eyes flickered and saw the end of this passage, where there was a stone door, and behind the door was another passage.

With a movement of his body, he directly entered the path behind the stone slab from the shadow space, perfectly avoiding the Black Mercury Poison passage.

Appearing in the second passage, Zhuang Wuming's face was gloomy, as soon as he entered here, he felt that the shadow shuttle was disturbed even more.

"The consumption has increased again, the will has dropped to 4 points."

"It seems to take a break, the will can't drop too low."

"Otherwise there will be a substantial drop in control of itself."

Standing in place, not advancing, slowly swinging down the seed pile method, feeling the flow of external energy in the body.