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Chapter 57-1 - The Calculation Becomes a Success (Third Shift)

The knife light splits on it, transmitting a hard feeling.

A cold smile flashed, his whole body's essence flesh shook, green tendons emerged, plucked up an inch, and turned into a green giant.

External strength erupted, raising his power to its peak, and the blade light burst, rising three more.


A sharp metal fracture sounded, and the blade light flashed.

The red copper zombie's whole body stiffened and its arms broke, while its body also cracked open at the same time, falling to the sides.

Three moves and five strokes killed two red copper zombies, and the arid domain instantly collapsed.

Zhuang Wuming felt the suppression and heart fire he was under quickly fade.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and his body disappeared into the shadows with a lunge.

Next to the red copper zombie leader was entangled by the mountain spirit ghost leader, too late to rescue.

After the death of two red bronze zombies, the disappearance of the arid domain made its advantage over the mountain spirit ghost leader quickly weakened.

But the death of its tribe members was so furious that it directly exploded with its full power.

Heart Fire Burning, Red Bronze Body, and Berserker Power erupted simultaneously.

It completely ignored the attacks from the mountain spirit ghosts, and the red copper metallic color of its body made it fearless of the attacks of the mountain spirit ghosts.

"Dang dang dang" the sound of metal impact.

Its claws like a dragon, grabbing the mountain spirit ghost leader, the violent power from the arms, the mountain spirit ghost directly tore in half.

Showered in blood, the red copper zombie leader burst out with boundless rage and roared madly.

"Roar, roar, roar."

Zhuang Wuming flickered in the shadows, and every time he flickered a Red Bronze Zombie must have been decapitated.

The sin level transcendent could not withstand his attacks at all, and in just four breaths, all the remaining red copper zombie minions were killed.

At this time, the mountain spirit ghost group also because of the death of the leader, all fled, not a hair left.

Before the tomb, only the red copper zombie leader and Zhuang Wuming were left.

Zhuang Wuming no longer hid, facing a kill-level regular monster, he need not be afraid.

Eyes flashed over the attributes of the zombie in front of him, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth

Race: Red copper zombie

Level: Kill level conventional

Attributes: strength 75, physique 74, speed 51, stamina 6, will 6

Skills: berserk power, heart fire burning, red copper body

Title: Tribal Chief (Function: All attributes increase by 1 point, duration 3 minutes)

Seeing this row of data, Zhuang Wuming felt that he had done the right thing.

This zombie's ordinary attributes were far beyond his own, and there was a mysterious title.

The skill of adding one to all attributes is not trivial, a very dangerous creature.

Taking a deep breath, Zhuang Wuming's eyes narrowed, "Then let's begin."

Without saying a word, his body bent, his spine like a big dragon, his feet powered up already in front of the zombie leader.


Anger has long filled the zombie leader's hands, booming towards him to grab.

A slight movement of the body, avoiding the grasp, a flash of knife light towards its ankle.


A crisp sound, Zhuang Wuming raised his eyebrows, the body of red bronze body of red bronze, the defense power increased to astonishing.

A knife misses, Zhuang Wuming does not care, this is a test, body a brick to the zombie leader's back, three skills at the same time burst.

The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of a fight.

Three skills glow enveloped the zombie leader, its will fell directly into 2 points, physical and stamina also fell two points, down to 54 and 4 points.

Zhuang Wuming opened the "Demon Body" skill, which increased all attributes and skill power by 20.

Green tendons emerged, the outer strength ran at full force, the knife light rose again towards the zombie leader's ankle.


This time along with the lowered physique, the zombie leader's red copper body also weakened and was split open by Zhuang Wuming's slash.

The zombie leader's body was already stiffened under the envelope of the Evil Gaze and could not be stopped at all.

One leg was injured and the body instinctively tilted down toward the ground as the angry zombie erupted in a circle of crimson glow.

Zhuang Wuming was enveloped by the red light, a piece of heart fire rose from his mind, making his eyes red and falling into a frenzy.

Frantically waving out the light of the sword in his hand, paving the way towards the zombie leader who had declined to the ground.

Although the zombie leader fell to his knees at this time, but his arms were intact, and even broke free from the evil gaze of the stiffness, the power of berserk erupted.

The stormy claws came towards Zhuang Wuming, the sword light fell bitterly, the two forces collided hundreds of times in a short period of time.

Tons of huge force exploded at the feet of the two.

With a muffled sound, Zhuang Wuming and the red bronze zombie leader felt their feet loosen at the same time and fell towards the bottom.


Zhuang Wuming felt as if a huge hollow under his feet suddenly collapsed, and he was in the air and had difficulty catching the force.

And at that moment, the red copper zombie leader on the opposite side lunged towards him frantically.

One hand held him, crazy huge force gushed out, about to squeeze him to pieces.

The terrifying mouth came towards Zhuang Wuming's neck, a two-pronged attack that would kill Zhuang Wuming.

Zhuang Wuming's face changed, he found that his shadow shuttle could not be used, crisis descended, his scalp numbed.

In the moment of being caught, Zhuang Wuming took a deep breath.

The next moment the whole body tendons and flesh emerged, the terrifying power exploded from the front and red copper zombie contact place.

The outer strength vibrated among the sinew and flesh bones, erupting ten times in a second, the sinew contracted and expanded to the limit, generating tremendous strength.

The core essence of the Eight Extremes Fist, Sticky Mountain Lean exploded.

Crackling and Popping

A dense burst of sound exploded between the red copper zombie leader and Zhuang Wuming.

The front of the red copper zombie leader was dented as if it had been repeatedly hit by a heavy truck ten times.


Body shaking, Zhuang Wuming and red copper zombie fell to the ground at the same time.

The two fell ten meters, and the huge recoil force made Zhuang Wuming almost vomit blood.

It was only after half a second that Zhuang Wuming regained his breath.

Suddenly pushing away the huge zombie leader, Zhuang Wuming climbed up.

It was too dangerous just now, the slightest mistake and he would be squeezed into pieces by the huge force of the zombie leader.

At this time, he looked at the zombie leader on the side, which was three meters tall, and its entire chest to the neck was sunken down, exactly in the shape of a man.

All of its internal organs were crushed by Zhuang Wuming's sudden outburst just now.

Zhuang Wuming was not doing well at this time either, with countless blood marks appearing on the upper half of his body, his skin cracking and secretion of countless blood colors.

Looking at the zombie leader who opened his mouth and was still biting out of thin air, he shook his head, "What a terrifying life force."

Carrying the Devil's Blade, he walked towards the zombie leader and stabbed it in the head with a strong effort.


The head was penetrated, the body twitched a few times, the zombie leader finally did not move.

A warm stream flowed into his eyebrow, Zhuang Wuming looked at the attribute page, the evolution points on it had accumulated to 4650 points.

"More than four thousand points, should be enough to upgrade the three major curse system skills."

The eyes swept over the surroundings, it was a tomb promenade, and there were two long-lasting lamps every few meters on both sides of the wall.

Under the light, everything in the long corridor was clearly visible.