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Chapter 56-2 - Kite Flying (Second Shift)

Bang Bang Bang.

A group of Red Copper Zombies led by the leader of the Red Copper Zombies began to charge towards the mists, seemingly not intending to stay here anymore.

Zhuang Wuming followed with a flash of his body, he would not let go of this group of good prey.

Followed closely behind the red copper zombie, hanging tail, not the slightest intention to approach.

Time passed, Zhuang Wuming did not find the opportunity to strike.

At this time the red copper zombie in front came roaring, eyes lit up, Zhuang Wuming stepped into the shadows.

In the darkness he saw what was happening, but a dozen ghosts encountered a group of red copper zombies.

These ghosts were no match at all, as soon as they rushed into the red copper zombie swarm, they were suppressed under the arid domain.

Even the ghost body defusion skill was affected and became very unstable.

Coupled with the lack of basic body attributes, they were all resolved in just a few minutes in the face of the Red Bronze Zombie siege.

With the loss of the Ghost Void skill, their corpses quickly became food for the red bronze zombies.

The beautifully satiated Red Bronze Zombie group lost their guard.

A black shadow appeared behind one of the outermost Red Bronze zombies, and the knife light swept in with a harshness.

With a single slash, heads flew.

A move to win, Zhuang Wuming does not retreat but advances, a step to the second red bronze zombie behind.

At this time, the red copper zombie leader let out an angry roar, jumped three feet and rushed towards Zhuang Wuming.


The knife light was gorgeous, and the second red bronze zombie fell to the ground with a sound.

The red bronze zombie leader rushed to Zhuang Wuming, and two sharp claws had already reached his forehead.

But in the next instant, Zhuang Wuming was already enveloped by its own shadow and disappeared in a flash.

The two claws swung empty, and having lost Zhuang Wuming's figure, the angry red copper zombie leader, let out a boundless roar.

"Roar roar roar roar."

The red-red eyes were filled with killing intent, but it was helpless.

At this time, Zhuang Wuming had already appeared in a shadow thirty meters away.

In just a few seconds, his will directly dropped by 15, the effect of the drought domain was truly terrifying.

Walking in the middle of the domain, the consumption was five times the usual.

"There are still eight heads, first return to consumption, then continue hunting."

For this bizarre group, Zhuang Wuming could only hunt them little by little.

The angry red copper zombie group roared ahead, but to no avail.

They could not lock on to Zhuang Wuming at all and could only do nothing.

Zhuang Wuming searched along the surrounding area with the Red Copper Zombie Swarm as the center and began to look for monsters that could be harvested.

A few ordinary elite monsters fell into his line of sight, don't he quickly harvested them and restored his willpower to its peak.

At this point, the members of the Red Bronze Zombie colony were close to each other, with the Red Bronze Zombie leader standing in the center of them.

Any Red Copper Zombie under attack, it could quickly support.

Obviously they had some intelligence, or fighting instincts.

Zhuang Wuming frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

"Good guys, the blockade is tight and the range of the arid domain has shrunk to a five meter range."

"It seems that the power has increased a lot, can not easily break in."

Quickly judging the danger in, Zhuang Wuming silently waited aside for them to reveal their breakage.

In the blink of an eye was a few hours, he was very calm, not anxious at all.

On the contrary, the group of red copper zombies began to get annoyed, several red copper zombies were very impatient, jumping and trying to leave the group.

The red bronze zombie at the head immediately let out a roar, which suppressed the restlessness of those few red bronze zombies.

"It's starting to get annoying, these red bronze zombies seem to need a blood meal every few hours."

"This red copper zombie leader suppressed once, twice, but it is impossible to suppress all the time."

"Let's see how long you can hold out."

But half disappeared, all the red bronze zombies began to stir.

Even the chief red bronze zombie became a little annoyed, and along with a roar, they began to move towards the distance.

"Here it comes."

The Red Copper Zombies searched for monsters along the way to obtain blood food, with Zhuang Wuming following closely behind.

However, in half an hour, the Red Copper Zombies arrived before a large tomb.

The tomb covered an area of dozens of square meters, where dozens of mountain spirit ghosts were gathered.

These mountain spirit ghosts were covered with hair and resembled monkeys, but had a human face and no eye pupils, looking very strange.

Eight red copper zombies intruded into their territory, immediately arousing their vigilance.

Most of the dozens of mountain spirit ghosts are elite level, and a small number are transcendent level.

And the leader was apparently also a kill-level regular mountain ghost.

Noticing the intruder, it let out a roar of rage and sent a dangerous roar to the group of red copper zombies.

The red copper zombie leader did not think anything of it, and in a wild roar, lunged at the mountain spirit ghost leader.

Still in mid-air, the sizzling breath of the body has risen.

A faint circle of red light spread in all directions, covering a three-meter radius.

Skill - heart fire burning.

Any creature will be triggered heart fire, affecting the will and judgment, a very bizarre attack skill.

The mountain essence ghost leader saw the red copper zombie leader attack and let out a roar.

All the mountain spirit ghosts attacked at the red bronze zombies.

The battle raged on, and the mountain spirit ghosts relied on numbers and a few strong leaders to surround each of the red bronze zombies.

Dang Dang Dang

The sound of metal clashing sounded continuously, the sharp claws of the mountain spirit ghosts were sharp.

But could not tear the body of these red bronze zombies, the hard body is simply like fine iron.

And under the faint arid field, the skill attributes of these mountain spirit ghosts have dropped.

Together with the heart fire beating, they soon became a scattered sand.

Losing their organization, they only attacked by instinct.

A Mountain Elf Ghost jumped behind the Red Copper Zombie, and five sharp claws that shone with sharp light grabbed at the back of its head.

Zizi zizi zizi

Ear-piercing sharp sound, its attack only in the red bronze zombie back of the head scraped out a few traces, not the slightest effect.

And then the red bronze zombie turned around and swung both arms, sharp nails with a hint of air-breaking sound.

Straight into the back of the mountain spirit ghost's neck.


The sharp nails pierced into it, and with a violent yank of both hands, it tore the whole thing apart.

Blood spurts, the red copper zombie can't wait to stick its head over, gulping and allowing the blood to be sucked.

Just when this red copper zombie was excited to feast, a knife light appeared behind it without a sound.


A sharp cutting sound rang out, the hard flesh and bones of the red bronze zombie could not stop this knife, and was easily cut off the head.

In the midst of the confusion, Zhuang Wuming's foot stepped on the ground and his body ambled to the second red bronze zombie next to him.

A knife from the bottom to the top, knife light like a snake, harsh incomparable.

The attacked red bronze zombie roared in anger, and his hands turned into countless claw shadows and lunged at Zhuang Wuming.

Dang Dang Dang

Zhuang Wuming raised his eyebrows, the arms of this red copper zombie actually glowed with the color of red copper, as if it was real metal.