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Chapter 56-1 - Waiting for the ambush (First shift)

With his hands like the scythe of death, he came behind a ghost creature and poked out a claw, pointing directly at the back of the ghost's head.


A light sound, the back of the ghost's head exploded, a bright red brain was grabbed out.

Body a flash, avoiding a machete behind, arm a hitch to grab the ghosts arm.

Tear and pull

Like picking bone, the flesh of this hand tore off the skin, between the power gulp, splitting the flesh and bone.

"Ah ah ah ah"

The ghost creature hissed in terror, a hand knife flashed, sharp energy then tore the head of this lost arm ghost creature.

Eyes full of panic, screaming incessantly, a dozen ghost creatures were decimated within a few minutes.

In just a few minutes, Zhuang Wuming will unarmed combat killing moves to the fullest, like a god like a devil, slaughtering ghosts and gods.

Unreal things, only unreal bodies can affect each other.

Zhuang Wuming transformed into a ghost body, and these ghosts were no longer mysterious.

After some killing and harvesting 650 evolution points, he had accumulated 1370 evolution points.

Dispersing the Ghost Body Void skill, Zhuang Wuming looked at his attribute version.

"It's dropping fast, need to replenish it soon."

A dozen ghosts did not have any skill classes dropped, Zhuang Wuming shook his head regretfully and could only move on.

This mass grave is very large, it took a whole day to sweep around, a total of 3070 evolution points were harvested.

Looking at this data, Zhuang Wuming's face was gloomy.

"It's not good, that Hei Wu En is a kill level elite."

"There are at least three skills with more than 8 points."

"And he definitely has skills on him that are immune to negative curse abilities."

"I'm afraid that the Underworld King's Blessing isn't just on Meditation Tianyao, he must have it on him as well."

The biggest advantage that Zhuang Wuming had in being able to fight against the Killing level was his three curse system skills.

These days he was not a waste, for skills he had learned in detail.

There were advanced knowledge books in the Copper Dignity Society that specialized in explaining skills - "The Complete Book of Skills", and he had spent a lot of money.

The last time he brought out various harvests from the Fantasy Realm all exchanged into funds before he purchased it.

Cursed skills are very rare things, and all known cursed skills are currently generated from a few specific eroded spaces.

These skill cards are all firmly in the hands of several organizations.

According to the Skill Book rating, all skills are divided into several types.

Curse Department, Strong Attack Department, Defense Department, Support Department, Special Department, and other aspects.

Among them, the curse system skills are the most bizarre and almost impossible to resist as long as there is no targeted support system skills.

Any Dream World adventurer who has mastered the curse system skills is among the most dangerous existences in the Dream World.

Imagine an evenly matched opponent who suddenly gives you a curse.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

So Zhuang Wuming is very satisfied with his ability to obtain three curse system skills.

This was also the winning strategy that enabled him to repeatedly defeat strong enemies.

"It seems that it's not realistic to boost attributes in a short period of time and the effect is weak."

"Need to invest all the evolution points into the skills to raise them to the top and boost the power of the skills."

Determining the path to improve battle power in the short term, Zhuang Wuming's eyes road out a hint of battle intent.

The mass grave at night became more and more dangerous, and the number of ghost fires skyrocketed nearly twice.

Zhuang Wuming had to cast a shadow shuttle almost every few minutes.

After harvesting a few small monsters along the way, he raised his eyebrows in the shadows.

A crimson glow appeared in front of him, affecting the shadow space, it was the group of red copper zombies that he encountered last time.

A cold glint of light came out of the road in his eyes, "Red copper zombies, each of them is of transcendent level."

"If we can take it down, the evolution points will be almost there."

Quietly appeared behind a grave, twenty meters away from the group of red copper zombies in the distance.

"Their arid domain is very powerful and can affect the shadow shuttle, we must find a way to separate them to do so."

Zhuang Wuming looked around for a full hour, hiding behind a grave without moving, when suddenly his eyes lit up.

After observation, Zhuang Wuming found that these red copper zombies were not always gathered together, but every few moments, one or two of them would leave and enter the dense fog.

When they came back, they would be covered in blood, obviously going to feed.

Walking gently into the darkness, he lurked in the direction where a red copper zombie had departed.

In the world of shadows, Zhuang Wuming's sight was undisturbed and directly locked onto the prey a hundred meters away.

With a flash of his figure, he arrived behind the red copper zombie and a blade light flashed silently.


The entire body of the Great Scripture surfaced, and struck with all his might, killing with a single blow.


Red copper zombie simply too late to react, under the knife light head flying up.

A red copper zombie died, Zhuang Wuming flashed and returned to where the tomb was just now.

The red bronze zombies that went out did not return and did not attract the attention of the red bronze zombie group.

Only the leader of the red copper zombie group jumped back left anxiously, his eyes fierce light flashing.

At this time there were two more red copper zombies jumping and heading towards the mist, the time to forage for food had come.

Stepping into the shadows, he appeared behind a red bronze zombie, a knife flash, red bronze zombie head broken body dead.

Another flash, to the second red bronze zombie behind, still a knife result.

The sin level transcendent red bronze zombie, itself is not very difficult for him.

The only thing that is really difficult for them to deal with is the field formed by the group.

Returning to the same place and continuing to wait for the rabbits, Zhuang Wuming quietly watched the movement of the Red Copper zombie colony.

An hour later, three red copper zombies were missing, and the red copper zombie leader became more and more agitated.

The fierce eyes swept around, and the other nine red copper zombies seemed to have sensed the problem and swept their eyes around.

Zhuang Wuming looked at their anxious appearance, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Under his gaze, he could see that the arid domain shrouded by this group of red copper zombies had weakened quite a bit.

The full attribute that could have suppressed 10 had now dropped to 8.

"It seems that this group domain is powerful in relation to the number."

For the domain, Zhuang Wuming was very interested in it.

Now he had an idea in his mind, his own Demonic Body skill, which could increase attributes.

If in the future, he could build a cursed domain with his own three cursed skills to weaken the enemy's attributes.

Between one increase and one decrease, the difference in strength is immediately a world of difference.

For the field, he intends to learn more and collect information to prepare for the future.

Ten bronze red copper zombies in front of him began to jump around, and the red copper zombie at the head was emitting a hot aura.

It was the only kill-level regular red bronze zombie in this group of red bronze zombies.

Its presence made Zhuang Wuming not dare to rush into their domain.

Looking at the anxious prey, he did not move, as a good hunter, quietly waiting for the prey to reveal the breakage is to stand to.