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Chapter 55-1 - Chaos (4th shift)

Wan Zeming and Wang Yuanhai each left with their own thoughts, and Zhuang Wuming looked at the sky outside through the floor-to-ceiling window.

The winter sky was a gloomy chaos, and these things in the main world were nothing but uninteresting farces.

The Dream World was where he really needed to worry.

The day was not destined to be peaceful, and a flurry of protests rang out outside.

Protests against the Black Mountain Security Company's forced demolition of residential houses, and countless water armies on the internet, with an overwhelming offensive coming towards Zhuang Wuming.

"Despicable murderer."

"Cowards who don't dare to fight."

"A representative of the rich class who eats people."

Everything that could be used to throw dirty water came at Zhuang Wuming, and Black Mountain's share price fell into a low point as a result of this.

Zhuang Wuming knew that there was a mastermind behind all this, and the purpose was just to force himself to fight in the life and death ring.

The Martial Arts Association has mediation for martial artist disputes, but not everyone has to accept

Generally, only when both parties want to solve all problems at once, they will go through the martial arts association to solve.

In the martial arts world, there are too many grudges and feuds, and once a dispute occurs it can turn into a life and death struggle, or even end up in a massive melee.

This situation is absolutely not allowed to happen in modern society.

Once a party submits a dispute to the Martial Arts Association, it means the matter has been brought to the attention of the Martial Arts Association.

The fight between the two sides must be limited to a degree, once exceeded immediately there will be people from the Martial Arts Association to stop.

Although Zhuang Wuming did not accept this life and death ring, he knew that this was a tactic of Hei Wuyi to prevent Copper Zun from suddenly intervening.

He would be like a poisonous snake hiding in the shadows, slowly firing.

Little by little, he would nibble away at his own space of activity and wipe out his own sociality.

Finally let yourself can't stand it, accept the challenge, and then strike out to kill yourself in name only.

At that time, even if the Copper Zun Hui is in the way for various reasons, they cannot deal with Hei Wu En, and the other party can retreat from the situation.

The power of public opinion is very powerful in any era.

Under thousands of water armies, Black Mountain Security Company has completely become a place full of evil in the land of China.

Zhuang Wuming, on the other hand, was the source of all the evils.

On this day he defeated many martial artists who were provoked and came to kick the museum.

Showed a strong strength, so that people outside know that Black Mountain Security Company is strong.

There was no shortage of experts from all walks of life, and even newborn powerhouses who had killed Dream Realm monsters and gained an essential boost.

At first Zhuang Wuming did not lay a heavy hand, some of the people who walked under him three moves or two is thus famous.

Became a lot of money maker, the spokesman of many products.

Over time, those who were able to return intact from challenging Zhuang Wuming, the great demon king, each became a hero and achieved fame.

Seeing this situation, more and more challengers came to kick the pavilion, wanting to step on Zhuang Wuming and Black Mountain Security Company to the top.

However, after knowing this situation, Zhuang Wuming also stopped holding back his hand, beating almost all the guys who came to challenge into serious injuries, or crippled, and his fierce reputation was so great that countless people were deterred.

Relying on the ferocious means to stop the endless challenges, the means arranged by Zhuang Wuming finally began to appear to work.

A video began to circulate rapidly on the Internet.

But it was Mediocre's videos, which contained all kinds of sinful things about him, killing people, forcibly exploding young girls and so on.

These videos broke out, and at the same time a new wave of water army began to appear, madly commenting on these videos.

Finally, a new wave was set off.

All kinds of posts were spreading on the internet.

"Hei Wuji is a beast?"

"The Hades Group cleared his name, and Black Mountain Security was the one who suffered the frame-up."

"How can people who burn and kill get away with it?"

"Zhuang Wuming did justice for Heaven, should Hades Wuji be killed?"

In an instant, the situation of Zhuang Wuming and Black Mountain Security Company was instantly reversed, and Hei Wuji was pushed to the limelight.

All kinds of rumors were spreading, and all the remarks became a chaos.

Looking at the chaos on the internet, the corners of Zhuang Wuming's mouth turned up in a smile.

"You guys use public opinion, I also use public opinion, just stir up the water? Which is of no use."

"You want to force me, which is so easy, this time into the Fantasy Realm I will quickly level up and then come back to trouble you."

The eyes flashed a killing machine, the other party came to the door, he never wanted to escape.

Just head-on hard resistance, he is still power is not yet reached, need time to grow.

Today is the third day, Zhuang Wuming shuttle shadows, disappeared in the Black Mountain Security Company building, no one knows where he went.

He has long prepared supplies, returned to the safe house, Wang Lu family rental house, he does not intend to go over.

Trouble stalking, the past just expose themselves to danger, in and out of the fantasy world is the most dangerous time.

At exactly five o'clock, along with illusion and darkness, Zhuang Wuming disappeared into the safe house.


The sky of the Fantasy Realm was dim, and the hurricane wind that whistled past was non-stop for a moment, when the monster rage period had completely passed.

But the bad and weird weather that came with it made the Fantasy Realm even more dangerous.

Zhuang Wuming came to the street, the visibility around would not exceed 10 meters.

A dense fog covered the street, the sky was dim, and the wind was blowing furiously.

Carrying the Devil's Blade, he looked at the map in his hand and walked in the direction of the abandoned industrial area in the eastern suburbs.

There was a mass grave with countless powerful monsters.

Sin level elites were everywhere, and there were no regular level monsters.

When he was a sin level transcendent, monsters of the same level could only provide him with 50 evolution points, elite level only 2 or 3 points, and regular even dropped to below 01 points.

And it takes 1,000 evolution points to raise 01 point attributes, and 50,000 evolution points to raise 1 point attributes across the board, which requires killing too many monsters.

To kill so many monsters, time would be unbearable for Zhuang Wuming, so he had to look for high level monsters.

Walking through the dimly lit streets, danger followed him like a shadow.

A sharp bone spike suddenly rose up from the ground and stabbed towards Zhuang Wuming's lower body.

The bone spikes came fast, but Zhuang Wuming was faster, his body lurched and avoided the spike.

A stretch to grab the bone spike, a fierce pull, a stretch of crisp click, the bone spike directly from the ground was ripped out.


An eerie hissing sound rang out, a scorpion demon rushed out from the supermarket next to the street.

The elite-level scorpion demon had three bone spines growing on its back, but now only one was left.

Its eyes were bloodshot as it madly charged towards Zhuang Wuming, its two large pincers waving in mid-air and smashing down heavily.


A splendid blade light flashed, the two big pincers fell from mid-air, the scorpion devil's head directly broke off, countless blood spurted out and spilled all over the ground.

After a glance at the fallen and unconscious Scorpion Devil, Zhuang Wuming turned around and left.