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Chapter 54-2 - Conspiracy Attack (Third Shift)

Not knowing what Zhuang Wuming was up to, but from Zhuang Wuming's tactics just now, he knew that the current Zhuang Wuming was not something they could mess with.

At this time, Wan Zeming and Wang Yuanhai both walked over, Wang Yuanhai had an ugly face and a low tone.

"Chairman, this time the trouble is not small, the company has lost a lot of money."

Looking at him, he knew he was blaming himself for attracting all this trouble and dragging them down with him.

"I am the chairman of Black Mountain Security, if I want, shut it down also nothing, you know."

Faint words, Wang Yuanhai face reddened, could not say a word.

Zhuang Wuming wants to do, he really has little right to oppose.

Looking at Wan Zeming, Zhuang Wuming faintly said, "Put the video just now out, think the negative impact will wear off to a minimum."

Wan Zeming's face was gloomy and he nodded his head.

This time, being blocked the door, Black Mountain Security Company lost all its face, and he knew that he was still weak after all.

In the face of the truly strong, reason and power were of no use.

Now that Zhuang Wuming has defeated the person who blocked the door, this is to win back the face of Black Mountain Security Company, and he has nothing to say, only the strong have the right to speak.

"I will stay here for the next two days to solve all the troubles, and you will solve the other things yourselves."

Looking at Wang Hu, who was transported away by Xing Tian Yu, a puzzled look flashed in Zhuang Wuming's eyes.

He did not save this Wang Hu out of kindness.

The other party was able to enter the third level, so he naturally had a secret technique for the third level.

Although it can not be used now, the future is not certain.

If you save him, there is a chance that you can get the secret of the third level of boxing.

From this man's words and actions, he could see that this man was committed to the Li family for the sake of cultivation.

If he could give him something that the Li family did not have, he would naturally defect to himself, all but benefits.

Li Xihuan and a group of companions left the Black Mountain Security Company and returned to the Bosha Hotel.

In the presidential suite, Li Xihuan's face was ugly.

"This Zhuang Wuming is powerful, Wang Hu was stranded, it is impossible to collapse him in a short time."

"To give Jing Jing out, it will be difficult, you guys say, what is the solution."

He is not a fool, as soon as he saw Zhuang Wuming's reach he knew that he could not do it the hard way and moved other brains.

Li Xihuan, a group of gentry who all grew up together, heard this and all started to turn their brains.

At this time there was a knock at the door, Li Xihuan was already in a fit of anger, heard the voice and burst into a rage.

"That lifeless one, looking for death."

A faint voice sounded, "Li Xihuan, the fire is not so big."

Li Xihuan looked at the man who pushed the door in, his expression a beat.

The face was happy, "So it's Hei Wu En, just now in the heat, don't take offense, tonight I'll be the host, punish myself three cups."

"Hahahaha, we haven't seen each other for a long time, I heard that you are looking for trouble with Zhuang Wuming, I specially came to take a look."

Li Xihuan's face was gloomy for a moment when he heard that.

"This Zhuang Wuming is a character, I'm afraid you've come over to avenge your brother, Brother Mediocre."

"That's natural, my brother's death is related to him, then he must pay for his life," the corner of his mouth emerged a cold smile.

"So, I came to ask Brother Li to do me a favor."

Li Xihuan's eyes lit up, "Good point, good point, since the purpose is the same, it is the right time to make a good deal."

Li Xihuan and Hei Wu En smiled at each other, and intrigue began to surge.

The next day, the major network headlines began to brush the screen.

"Black Mountain Security Company forcibly demolished the land to build the headquarters company."

"Is it true that the chairman of Black Mountain Security Company, secretly planned the murder?"

"The chairman of Heiwa Group Company, Heiwa Invincible, declared to the public that Zhuang Wuming was suspected of murdering his own brother."

In an instant, countless things about Zhuang Wuming and Black Mountain Security Company were pushed to the front page headlines.

Led by Hades Group, many powerful companies and online platforms were attacking Zhuang Wuming, some with a clear attitude duty Zhuang Wuming as a murderer.

Some said that Zhuang Wuming had erased his murderous act by virtue of his wealth and power.

The overwhelming propaganda, various posting bars and forums have appeared a large number of topics discussing Zhuang Wuming, Black Mountain Security Company, overnight he became the headlines on the front page of China.

Early the next morning, looking at the overwhelming propaganda on the internet, Zhuang Wuming looked strange.

"Oh, this is really a big deal, and I've become a net star."

"Chairman, it's not good," Wang Yuanhai pushed the door with a somewhat white face.

Zhuang Wuming looked at his anxious face, "What's wrong?"

"There are many ordinary people coming outside, all residents of the original site when the former Black Mountain Security Company came here."

"What, you still really have the forced demolition thing?"

Wang Yuanhai's face turned white and he hurriedly shook his head.

"No, absolutely not, we are, after all, under the jurisdiction of the Copper Dignity Society, how dare we do such a thing."

Just as the two were talking, Wan Zeming walked in with a gloomy face.

"Chairman, Hades Group's Hades Wu Enemy has placed a life and death ring battle invitation to you through the Martial Arts Association."

Zhuang Wuming raised his eyebrows at his words and looked at a white name invitation handed to him by Wan Zeming.

When he opened it, there was a blood-red word for war written inside.

After looking at the various messages on the webpage, and then looking at this war invitation, Zhuang Wuming already understood that this was all a means to an end.

"Want to press me to accept the challenge and then kill me openly and honestly."

"Copper Zunhui is here, Hei Wu En does not dare to force his hand, otherwise he will not be able to walk out of Rongcheng, so he intends to take this path."

"Martial Artists Association, the largest martial arts organization in this world, unfathomable."

"As long as the problem can't be solved between martial artists, it can be regulated through the martial artist association organization."

"If it cannot be reconciled, it will enter the final procedure, the ring challenge, where the winner is the king and the loser is the knave."

"The challenge between the two is protected by the Martial Arts Association, and once there is a result, within ten years, the relatives, friends and forces of both sides must not have any form of conflict."

"Otherwise you will have to face the sanctions of the Martial Dao Association, Hei Wu En is a good calculation."

"You are the peak of the killing level elite, challenging me is really a great advantage, how could I possibly do what you want."

"Back off, just say that I refused."

Hearing this, Wan Zeming froze, "Return it, but no one has ever returned a battle invitation."

"Once you return it, I'm afraid everyone will despise you."

Looking at Wan Zeming, Zhuang Wuming shook his head, "First, I am not a boxing martial artist."

"Second, I won't participate in a challenge that will lead to certain death, and third, why should I follow someone else's routine?"

Looking at Zhuang Wuming, whose eyes were as clear as water, Wan Zeming's heart jumped.

He reacquainted himself with the person in front of him, a complete egoist who would not be bound by any fame or fortune.

Daoist heart is like iron.

How many people in the world were dazzled by fame and fortune in the mundane world and ended up falling on the road of martial path forward.