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Chapter 54-1 - True Strength (Second Shift)

"Come on, let me see how much power you so-called adventurers really have, boxing is the foundation, I'll teach you to understand this."

Saying that, he had already set up his stance, his legs were spread out, and his horse stance was bowed.

The momentum of the Vedanta Torch Heaven, a great pressure towards Zhuang Wuming paved the way to the sky.

Weituo subdues the devil, vajra a rage.

This stance had arrived at the divine essence of "Weida Divine Fist", an invisible qi that came towards Zhuang Wuming's spiritual suppression.

Feeling this unique spiritual pressure, Zhuang Wuming pondered.

"Is this the boxing aura that is born from the cultivation of boxing to the bone? Interesting.

Walking like a Vedic, a hidden aura made Zhuang Wuming's will keep flashing an image.

The Wang Hu in front of him seemed to have become a true God and Buddha.


In a trance, a fist arrived in front of him.

The heavens opened up and the God Buddha was enraged.

With a slight movement, Zhuang Wuming dodged the fist to the left, and his left hand had rested on Wang Hu's arm at some point.


A huge force blossomed from Wang Hu's arm, and a force rushed directly along Zhuang Wuming's arm and into his body.


The body trembled, the tendons and bones shook, and the energy running through the tendons and bones in his body exploded and rushed towards this external force.


With a muffled sound, Zhuang Wuming's body strength shook and was almost shaken apart by this force.

But fortunately, his strength is huge, this external force is much weaker.

This external force was odd, with femininity in its fierceness, as if it was a grinding wheel that could wear away his power.

He completely relied on the powerful amount of external force to wear down this force.

At this time, Wang Hu's body bent and arrived in front of Zhuang Wuming, and his left fist bombarded Zhuang Wuming's Dantian vital point.

Zhuang Wuming didn't think about that divine energy just now, raised his foot and knee blasted towards this fist.


The two collided again, Zhuang Wuming had a defense, as soon as the opponent's external force entered his body, it was dissipated by the power flowing in the flesh and bones.

Although the opponent's power is bizarre, but can not stop his powerful qi majestic was forcibly suppressed and broken up.

You go back and forth, just a dozen breaths, the two exchanged dozens of times, Zhuang Wuming heart slightly surprised.

His data of this person in front of him is clear.

Race: Human

Name: Wang Hu

Level: sin level transcendent

Attributes: Strength 35, Physique 27, Speed 32, Stamina 25, Will 35

Inherent skill: "Vedic Divine Fist

The first level of flesh and bone external phase: vajra forging body, fist strength increase (peak)

The second level of internal organs: the internal phase of the viewer breathing, increase physical fitness (peak)

The third level of internal and external homogeneity: internal and external integration, the power of vajra (peak)

The third light of the martial path, Zhuang Wuming had only seen it in Tang Lingyu, and this Wang Hu in front of him had also reached this point.

"Inner and outer are one, the power of Vajra, this refers to the unification of inner and outer energy into true energy."

"Is that force that rushed into my body the true force of the third level martial artist?"

"It was indeed powerful, sharp and strong, and I was able to suppress it only by the huge external force generated by my body quality that surpasses that of ordinary people."

"But having just entered the Transcendent level, he was actually able to fight with me, although I only exerted seven percent of my strength, his overall battle power has increased by at least twenty percent."

After a fierce battle, Zhuang Wuming had already figured out Wang Hu's limits.

The punching technique was pure and almost instinctive, and he himself relied entirely on his strong physical qualities to take it, otherwise he would have been defeated long ago.

The two figures were like phantom shadows constantly flickering in the field.

"But that's it, under absolute power, techniques have their limits."

The body shook, the sinew and flesh bones soared, a green tendon surfaced all over the body, looking like a green giant.

The feet shook, eight steps to catch the cicada.

A fist blasted out, tearing the sky and splitting the earth.

Wang Hu's heart jumped, and his fist had already arrived in front of him.

Zhuang Wuming's speed had reached a point where he could not react.

When danger struck, Wang Hu did not frown, his body shook both inside and outside, and his hands grabbed towards Zhuang Wuming's fist.

As soon as the two hands hit Zhuang Wuming's arm, Wang Hu's true energy trembled.

A huge force came up like a truck, directly shattering the true energy of his hands.

Once the true energy was dispersed, Wang Hu's face changed dramatically, his feet stepped on the ground and retreated violently.

Zhuang Wuming came faster than he did, his feet exploded, and the concrete ground was all cracked.

The green fist reached Wang Hu's chest in the blink of an eye, and his icy eyes carried a bone-chilling killing intent.


A huge muffled sound, Wang Hu whole fly out.

Like a cannonball, it crashed into a sports car behind.


Wang Meng's body was blown into the sports car, the windshield directly shattered.

The entire sports car even bounced up under the huge impact.

Clang, clang, clang

In the chaos, those gentry were all looking at Zhuang Wuming in horror.

Li Xihuan was also crotch trembling, brushed up and looked at Zhuang Wuming in horror.

A few other martial artists on the side saw Zhuang Wuming's terrifying appearance and also their faces trembled.

The whole body of the great meridian emerged, as if a giant, this is the outer door kung fu practice to the absolute top.

This kind of power, they rarely heard of, even if there are true jin martial artists among them, they may not be able to penetrate this great scripture defense.

What's more, Zhuang Wuming's punch just now, the sky collapsed, surpassing the limits of their imagination, not human power at all anymore.

These martial artists have also recently reaped great rewards, killing countless monsters and undergoing an evolution beyond the limits of the human body.

But compared to Zhuang Wuming, it is also a small witch, like a great enemy blocked in front of that group of gentry.

Wang Hu slowly climbed out of the smashed sports car.

His face was pale, a huge dent in his chest, his sternum was collapsed, and a huge fist print was imprinted on his chest.

He staggered to Zhuang Wuming, gasping for air, spitting out blood from his mouth, and looked at him, "You are the legendary Dream Realm adventurer?"

Looking at Wang Hu, not knowing why he asked, "Not bad."

Wang Hu's face darkened and his face showed self-deprecation, "Oh, indeed, the Fantasy Realm is really something to aspire to."

"One can keep climbing the limits of the human body."

"What a pity, why can't I enter the Fantasy Realm."

Complaining of regret, Wang Hu's eyes were lax and his whole body collapsed towards the ground with a weakness.

At this time, Li Xihuan behind him had an ugly face and looked at Zhuang Wuming viciously.

"Well, well, the tactics are not weak."

"But don't think that's it," he said, turning around and leaving.

A group of gentry quickly drove away, Zhuang Wuming did not stop.

These people have a deep background, it is enough to defeat them yourself, making a mess can not simply be solved.

At least until it is not strong enough, the time to hold back, or to hold back.

Unless it's a guy like Hei Wuji who insists on killing himself to death, he doesn't begrudge killing.

Looking at Wang Hu who was still here by them, Zhuang Wuming looked for a beckoning hand to Xing Tianyu.

Xing Tianyu walked over and Zhuang Wuming pointed at Wang Hu, "Take him to treatment and treat him well."