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Chapter 53-2 - Trouble Comes to the Door (First Shift)

Hearing that it was Housekeeper Fang's voice, Zhuang Wuming frowned, "What has happened to Black Mountain Security Company?"

"Someone challenged at Black Mountain Security Company, the three major instructors have all been defeated in battle and are in a very bad way."

"Now the internet is overwhelmed with publicity about this matter."

"Black Mountain Security's share price has plummeted, and many companies that have signed security employment contracts with Black Mountain Security have broken their contracts."

"The whole company is burnt out, Wan Zeming and Wang Yuanhai are looking for you."

"I heard them say that these challengers are all coming for you."

Zhuang Wuming's heart pondered, "Thank you, Steward Fang, for informing me."

"But what exactly is the situation, does housekeeper Fang have any news."

"Miss has explained long ago that she wanted me to help Mr. Zhuang, so I have looked up the cause at the first time."

"These challengers seem to have come because of Bai Jingjing, the eldest Miss of the Bai family."

"A day ago, Bai Jingjing returned to the Bai family and held a banquet."

"A lot of young handsome people were invited to the banquet, and many of them were gentry with deep backgrounds."

"It seems that she said at the banquet above that she had killed the cause of meditation Wuji, her heart was unsettled, etc."

"These gentry seem to come to take out their anger, the challenge are their recruited underlings."

"There is no shortage of great martial arts masters among them, and there are even some who have recently come to prominence."

"These are all people who have killed monsters in the main world, and they have gained evolution and boosted their power."

"Stacked with martial cultivation, they are barely inferior to the average expert in the Fantasy Realm."

"There have even been sin level transcendent masters, Mr. Zhuang needs to be careful if he wants to step in."

"Hearing this, Zhuang Wuming also raised his eyebrows, he didn't expect that people in the main world would also gain evolution by killing monsters, and by the looks of it, there are already quite a few people who have gained tremendous benefits."

"No wonder I wasn't even approached to go to the crisis response team in the past few days."

"I'm afraid that the people at the top have discovered something and are cultivating their own forces."

Throughout the ages, any means that can grow power is closely blocked.

Now it seems that the crisis response team should also notice the option of evolution, and he, a supernumerary, would be dispensable.

But he didn't care, it saved him the trouble, there were plenty of monsters to hunt in the Dream World, he didn't need to run around in the main world as well.

"Thanks to Housekeeper Fang for informing me, I know about this matter."

Hanging up the phone, Zhuang Wuming thought about it.

"It seems that I still have to go there, after all, it is the property allocated to me by the Copper Zun Association."

"If it goes bankrupt or is closed down because of me, it won't look good there for the Copper Respect Society."

"And bullies come to the door, my face is that good to step on."

The corners of his mouth smiled coldly, Zhuang Wuming's eyes flashed a trace of coldness, "Just in time to try, my current means."

Early the next morning, he took a cab and arrived in front of the main gate of Black Mountain Security Company.

This is only the morning, the front gate is very busy.

Four or five luxury sports cars and a dozen black nanny cars blocked the place.

The open space in the middle of the sports car also moved tables, chairs, umbrellas, a resort set up.

Four or five gentry are there farting, drinking and having fun, there are some beautiful women on the side for company.

Seven or eight people with stern breath lined up at the gate of Black Mountain Security Company.

The eyes teasingly looked at the two people who were fighting in front of the gate.

Zhuang Wuming could see at a glance that the person who made the move was none other than Xing Tianyu.

Just see his fists like a dragon, with a monstrous momentum, like a river torrent unstoppable.

Opposite him was a lean man, dry and thin like a dry corpse, but the body's sinews bulged, the body shape is strange, every move has a harsh killing aura.

The five fingers are like hooks, and every move is sly and deceitful.

The two have been exchanging dozens of moves, and the grim man seems to be teasing Xing Tianyu.

A few times can get, but just do not defeat Xing Tianyu, but only in his body hook a few blood marks.

Little by little, sapping his will and strength, striking his confidence.

Xing Tianyu face Zhang Hong, the skin of the whole body is red, the power has been operating to the limit, soon to be gas dispersed and deflated.

At this time pretend nameless from the cab to step down, slowly towards the black mountain security company gate.

The leisurely steps, the steps are very slow, but in fact very fast, the blink of an eye is more than ten meters.

Several boxing experts blocking the entrance of Black Mountain Security Company had a blur before their eyes.

A man appeared in front of Xing Tianyu and the dry and thin man.

Only to see Zhuang Wuming casually raised his hand, a slap towards the dry and thin man.

This slap came too fast, bringing up a phantom shadow, it was difficult to resist.

The thin man felt a blackness in front of his eyes, and a huge force came to his face.

Like being hit by a truck, the whole thing flew up, and half of his teeth fell out of his mouth in mid-air.

Mouth spitting blood fell in front of the gate, the whole scene is a cold.

A few of the gentry who were watching the fight with impunity had their faces changed, and one of them was the most arrogant.

He was the man who was the first to ask a question at the White Jing Jing ball.

The Li family of the capital - Li Huanxi.

Looking at Zhuang Wuming who suddenly appeared in the middle of the room, he immediately recognized him, and obviously had also seen Zhuang Wuming's photo.

A cold smile surfaced on his face, "The rightful owner has finally appeared."

"Wang Hu, give me on, abolish him."

The company has been blocked in front of the gate of Black Mountain Security Company, a 180 cm tall man looked at Zhuang Wuming, a brilliant light in his eyes.

Xing Tianyu looked at the appearance of Zhuang Wuming, the face of the road out of the complex color, this time the Black Mountain Security Company is planted, the reputation of the loss of everything.

Although the man in front of the trouble, but they lost is lost, he only hope that the man in front of him can save a few face.

At this time, Wang Hu came towards Zhuang Wuming, exuding a refined aura.

A kind of domineering, murderous uncountable aura enveloped Zhuang Wuming.

A dangerous feeling came, Xing Tianyu on the side whispered, "This is the number one ranked killer tiger of the Southwest Four Tigers."

"Legend has it that he worked as a mercenary in Africa, and his martial arts skills are the result of fighting and killing."

"More than a thousand human lives on his hands, under the tutelage of the number one boxing master in the southwest - Fang Tailong, boxing art "Vedic Divine Fist", the pinnacle of the third level."

Zhuang Wuming nodded at his words, and his gaze fell on Wang Hu.

"You have a heavy fury, you should be very strong-minded, how could you be the lackey of such a gentry."

"Really don't understand, but your boxing skills come to an end."

Wang Hu smiled with disdain on his face, "Learned into the arts of literature and martial arts, sold with the emperor's family."

"The way of cultivation, the Taoist wealth couple can not be missing, I entered the Li family natural offerings a lot, a variety of boxing skills have everything."

"When I refine the hundred families, breakthrough boxing is just around the corner, you but the internal phase is not achieved, relying on external forces to have this power, know what boxing."