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Chapter 53-1 - Life Leap (Fifth Shift)

Zhuang Wuming's whole body was like soft mud, losing its support.

Cracks began to appear on the skin, and drops of black dried blood flowed out from it.

In just a few minutes, the ground had been dyed black and red.

Until the black drops of blood turned bright red and some bone scraps were squeezed out from inside the body.

There was a thunderous sound coming from his stomach and his whole body was convulsing.

At this moment, he only had a weak consciousness and felt endless severe pain rolling through his body.

A huge force surged through his body, seeming to tear him apart internally.

There was still a trace of clarity in his mind, and Zhuang Wuming was caught in a hellish torment.

Time passed slowly as he lay on the ground, his body already covered in pitch-black, dry blood and flesh bones.


With a crisp sound, the dried blood and flesh and bones began to crack, and a complete human form burst out from within.


A bursting sound of bones and tendons, the dried blood and flesh and bones instantly shattered and all turned into a pile of dust, falling to the ground.

Zhuang Wuming stood naked in the room, the clothes on his body had long since been turned into powder in the violent evolution just now.

An unprecedented weakness rose up from his body.

Zhuang Wuming looked at his arms, which were a pair of skin covered bones.

The skin became white, emitting a warm luster, a layer of greenish great meridian and sinew under the skin, and the arms shrunk by nearly a turn.

Walking to the toilet and looking at himself in the mirror, Zhuang Wuming could not believe that it was his body.

Deep sunken eye sockets, as if starved for half a month.

Skin and bones, even he could see the ribs, the wind would blow and fall like.

A hunger rushed to his heart, making him feel dry-mouthed, hunger drove him, he seemed to be able to swallow a cow.

Returning to the room, he immediately opened the spatial cloth bag, took out the food made inside, and ate and drank.

As he ate, Zhuang Wuming felt the changes in his body.

As soon as the food entered his stomach, it was digested by the powerful gastric juice, and a stream of nutrition entered his intestines and flowed along his blood to his whole body.

He felt his whole body burn slightly as the nutrients flowed into the sinews and bones.

The body rapidly absorbs them and divides new cells.

The division of cells inevitably released a lot of heat, making his skin red.

He had to rush to the faucet and gulp down at the tap water.

But this was not enough, the heat kept rushing out of his body like lava, he could only turn on the sprinkler and lower his body temperature in the cold water.

Time passed for an unknown period of time, and the heat emanating from Zhuang Wuming's whole body slowly decreased.

His body also became plump and well-proportioned, no longer skin and bones.

In just less than a day's instant, the lost flesh and blood in his body had grown back completely.

He felt his body was stronger than ever before, not from boxing or as a result of his physical attributes, but a leap in the essence of life.

A vitality that transcended the past brewed in his body, making him feel like he was no longer human in terms of energy.

Stretching a lazy back and carefully feeling the changes in his body, standing in the room, he began to cultivate the Seed Pile Method.

Mixing and chaos, he saw his whole body organs, blood flowing, and an invisible air flow filling his body.

It was invisible and untraceable, but it was real, nourishing every inch of Zhuang Wuming's body and seemed to be the source of his life.

"Is this the life force?"

Pondering, Zhuang Wuming took a deep breath and began to exercise the Whale Swallowing Technique.

With the sound of breathing, he completed a set of breathing techniques smoothly and incomparably.

He felt that his internal organs were warm, as if he was immersed in a hot spring.

"The internal phase of the internal organs has finally improved."

After finishing the cultivation and mastering all the power, Zhuang Wuming's current physical attributes appeared in his eyes.

Race: Human

Name: Zhuang Wuming

Level: kill level regular

Attributes: Strength 51, Physique 51, Speed 51, Stamina 51, Will 51

Inherent skill: "Eight Extremes Fist" first level of flesh and bone external phase: sinew and bone strength manipulation 100% (peak)

Wind Spirit Fist" first level of flesh and bone external phase: body coordination enhancement (peak)

The second level of "Whale Swallowing" internal phase of the internal organs: growth of endurance (introduction)

Special skills: "Magic Body" full attributes and skills increase 20 power, duration 3 minutes.

Active skills: cooking (introduction)

Ghostly Void Body (Introductory: physical attacks partially ineffective, weaken physical attacks by 20.)

Evil aura (Introductory: weakening system, endurance 2 points)

Spiritual shock (introduction: will weakening 2 points)

Evil Gaze (Introductory: by gazing at the enemy, make the enemy's body stiffen for 2 seconds, will weaken 2 points)

Shadow shuttle (Introductory: consume will, shuttle two places through the shadow, 01 will = 20)

Magic sense (Beginner: sense information around, 01 will = 100.)

Special item: Devil's Blade (kill monsters, absorb the life energy of monsters, replenish will consumption.)

Space cloth bag (level: ordinary function: 13 space)

The Fantasy Realm Basic Book

Yellow Springs of the egg (Take all life in a hundred meters around the detonator.)

Queen Mary (1 penetration 2 grant bullet psychic energy.)

Evolution point: 0

With another evolution completed, Zhuang Wuming's power gained significant progress and finally entered the Kill Level.

"Kill level, according to the basic book, has completely left the ranks of rookies and good fighters and entered the elite level."

"But the next improvement will be very difficult, 1000 evolution points, can only improve 01 point attributes."

"This kind of evolution is really too difficult."

"Now I'm afraid that killing a sin level transcendent monster will provide me with 50 evolution points at most."

"To raise one point of attribute, you need tens of thousands of evolution points to kill more than 200 Transcendent level monsters."

"The Fantasy Realm is not a playground, to do such a thing, one must necessarily look for monsters everywhere."

"A bad encounter with powerful monsters, no wonder the mortality rate in the past Fantasy Realm was so high."

"But whenever you want to level up, the only way to get enough energy to evolve is to challenge more powerful monsters, otherwise you can only stand still."

"Having tasted the taste of power, which is something more terrible than drug addiction, how many people can give up?"

"Just like most men's dream is to have a gun, it's a symbol of force."

"The inner phase of the internal organs also has gains, finally arriving at the entry level, and proficiency, perfection, and pinnacle, it's not easy."

Converted all the harvest into power, opened the window, outside it was already the first light into the night.

"Did this evolution actually take a daytime, it was really long."

At this time Zhuang Wuming's satellite phone rang, looked at the phone, an unfamiliar number.

"Hello, who is this."

An old and familiar voice rang out, "Mr. Zhuang, there is something going on at Black Mountain Security, you may need to make an appearance."