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Chapter 52-2 - Driving the wolf away from the tiger (4th shift)

"Since harming Duke Hei, in the middle of the night Jing Jing would always dream of Duke Hei."

"Thinking about the previous scenes with Duke Hei, feeling sad."

Bai Jingjing, with a sad face, described what happened to her, looking very weak, as if she had suffered a great deal of grievances.

It made several men couldn't help but be jealous of the dead Hei Wuji, getting such thoughts from the beauty.

Only to hear the man who just vocalized couldn't help but, righteous.

"A good murderer criminal, Miss Bai do not grieve, I will help you out of this anger."

At this time, a few gentry on the side also have arrogant faces, "Good, dare to make Miss Bai sad, definitely will not let him feel good."

These people had deep backgrounds and were no strangers to the Fantasy Realm.

Although they themselves weren't from the Fantasy Realm, they weren't too intimidated and were ready to go back and have someone find trouble with Zhuang Wuming.

Bai Jingjing hastily waved her hand at this time, "A few of you must not do that."

"Jing Jing has already killed Hei Wuji Gongzi, do not want to let all of you also injured because of themselves."

"Otherwise I can really sleep and eat in peace."

A slight redness in his eyes, looking at Bai Jingjing regulating to stop himself and others.

These gentry instantly hit like chicken blood, each mouth yelling to give her out and show their male charm.

After the ball ended, Bai Jingjing looked at the gentry and gentleman celebrities who left one after another, a trace of coldness appeared in her eyes.

"Zhuang Wuming, you spoiled my business, I'll find a big trouble for you too."

"I'm a person who returns the favor, you spoiled my business, I'll make things difficult for you once, good luck you get through it safely, bad luck you just admit your own bad luck."

"After this time, I will not find you trouble again, the world is big, maybe we will see each other again."

Under the moonlight, Bai Jingjing was as cold as a picture, without the slightest mortal breath.

At this time a figure appeared behind Bai Jingjing.

"Jingjing, this time you failed in your quest to obtain the Great Light Divine Incantation, you only have to cultivate the family heritage."

Bai Jingjing turned her head to look at the person behind her, but it was a fluttering gentleman with five points of resemblance to her eyebrows.

Dressed in a Chinese tunic, his posture is outstanding, the most beautiful son.

"Brother, you should know that since the old ancestor entered the Fantasy Realm, obtained the blood of the white dragon and created the "Heavenly Dao Divine Dragon Sutra"."

"Although we, the descendants, can break through according to the path, we also become inhuman because of this dragon blood."

"The higher the cultivation level, the more serious the dragon transformation."

"Look at the old ancestor has been completely half-dragon personified, will not even come out of the retreat place on weekdays, almost isolated from the world."

"Although there is power, but lost freedom."

"Walk out only will be treated as a monster, I do not want to become like this."

"The reason I've been specializing in ice skills is to open up my own path."

"Cleanse the bloodline with the help of the domain or other inheritance and carve your own path."

"Originally, the Great Light Divine Incantation was the most suitable, evolving the Great Light Buddha Body."

"Then incorporate my ice skills, and combine with the Great Light divine Fire of the Divine Incantation itself to forge my body, it may weed out my bloodline."

"Now that the divine incantation inheritance has been taken away by Hong Ling, I only have one path to take the domain."

"To reshape the bloodline with the pure ice domain, and integrate the dragon blood into the domain to get rid of the bloodline bondage."

"The Fantasy Realm currently has three major systems, the dominant body stream, the domain stream, and the mysterious system, each with its own characteristics."

"There are always paths to walk, I'm not willing to become a half human accompanied by a dragon monster."

Said a lot in one breath, Bai Jingjing seemed to pour out all the depression in his heart, which calmed down.

Face cold, "so big brother need not persuade me, my mind has been decided."

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Bai Jingjing's elder brother, Bai Jingling, could only accept his sister's determination.

"You have a great talent, cultivation of boxing martial arts has long since reached the peak of the second level."

"If not for not wanting the bloodline to be pure and trigger the transformation of the dragon, would have been a master of the third level."

"With the family resources, it's only a matter of time before you step into the destruction level."

"Father will be disappointed when he hears about it."

Bai Jingjing shook her head coldly, "Father and I have our own points."

White Essence Soul sighed, "So be it, I can't persuade you anymore, let's hope you really come out of a new path."

The night was deep and time was like water.

In the Dream Realm, Zhuang Wuming stood on the street, a group of monster corpses piled up under his feet, but there was no smile on his face.

"It's really too few, most of the monsters are of low rank, and the evolution points obtained are pitifully small."

"I've killed already a thousand monsters, and only accumulated 5200 evolution points, no wonder Redding only killed level in three years."

"Now I full attributes stepped 5 points, the following is to break through the sin to step into the killing level."

"This time it's a level breakthrough, I don't know what will happen."

Looking at his watch, "It's about time, there's still an hour to leave the Fantasy Realm."

"This time when we go out, the people from the Underworld Family should have already arrived."

Returning to the ground floor of the mall for everyone, while waiting, Zhuang Wuming returned to reality.

Coming to the room where the safe house was located, Zhuang Wuming closed the door.

Quickly organizing his harvest, he began to slowly wait for the time to come.

An hour passed, and Zhuang Wuming woke up from the darkness as he returned to the safe house in the main world.

After cleaning his body, he fell straight into bed to rest.

Every trip to the Fantasy Realm, he tensed his nerves, one accident and he might be dead.

Early the next morning, Zhuang Wuming got up and stretched, fished out the roast meat he had made from the spatial cloth bag, and ate a lot before he was satisfied.

Ever since he entered the peak of Transcendence, the amount of food he ate every day began to increase dramatically.

At least one Fantasy Realm monster had to be eaten every day to make it.

This led him to bring a large amount of barbecue sauce with him every time he went to the Fantasy Realm.

Considering the time it took to make the food, grilled meat was the fastest thing.

And every time he grilled meat would also attract a group of monsters that he would kill to collect evolution points.

Harvesting and cooking both.

After resting for half an hour and the food in his stomach was basically digested, Zhuang Wuming looked at his attribute version.

"So let's begin, what exactly happens when you break through from Sin level to Kill level."

The intention fell on the evolution point, and the number began to fall rapidly.

A warm stream flowed toward the five attributes, and a faint feeling surfaced in his heart.

I don't know what happened, there was no sharp pain.

Until the warm streams all disappeared, Zhuang Wuming's body didn't change much.

"What's going on, nothing has changed?"


A boom suddenly came to his head, like a ten magnitude earthquake.

A mountain of severe pain surged out from his whole body, and Zhuang Wuming fell straight to the ground as his eyes went black.

Then his body began to tremble violently, and countless tendons and flesh pulsated under his skin, as if countless worms were burrowing in it.

The bones emitted a faint muffled sound, that was the sound of bones breaking.