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Chapter 52-1 - Looking for Trouble (Third Shift)

"Hei Wuji has died, the competition is counted as a win for me, and our deal is over."

Looking at Hong Ling, he then remembered that he and Hong Ling still had a deal.

At this time, Hong Ling's face was solemn, "This time you killed Hei Wuji will cause many chain reactions."

"The meditation family retaliation is just one of them, there is also Bai Jingjing you have to be careful."

"She herself is the first lady of the Bai family, the Heavenly Dao Earth, the young princess of the Bai family of the Heavenly Dao Pavilion in the Zhen Jail Ming King."

"She joined the Copper Daoist Association originally to obtain the legacy of the vice president, but now that everything has come to nothing, she is afraid that she will retaliate against you,."

"But with her character, she will not directly retaliate against you, at most she will drive the guy under her pomegranate skirt to find you in trouble."

"This is the information I prepared, contains the information of several dream world adventurers of the Underworld family, if they want to deal with you, it should be a few of them."

A cardboard bag with a stack of information was placed in Zhuang Wuming's hand.

Receiving the information, Zhuang Wuming opened it and looked at it, his face sank.

"Very useful, the strength of the Underworld Family, very strong."

Hong Ling gave Zhuang Wuming a white glance, "A hundred year old power, how could it not be strong, be careful yourself."

"I'm going to close for a breakthrough, once completed in addition to that level of experts of the Underworld Family's oldest ancestor, no one can helpless me."

"When the time comes to help me will be able to help you clear the obstacles."

"This is caused by me, I will do my best to help you get rid of it, give me some time," Hong Ling was very serious.

Zhuang Wuming glanced at Hongling, "That's natural."

Ten minutes later, Zhuang Wuming looked at the Seven Kill Palace behind him, a trace of determination appeared in his eyes.

"The next step is to upgrade with full power, all the fetters have been freed."

Green City, the study of the family head of the Hei family mansion was filled with the fragrance of medicine, and the elaborate furniture was arranged in a grand atmosphere.

Hei Tianlun sat on a wooden chair, his eyes were gloomy, and his arms were bruised.

A faint white light turned up among the iron blue face.

"A good copper zunhui, white frost, your "great light divine incantation" is really powerful, actually able to break through my meditation king true body."

It turned out that after Hades Tianlun learned that it was a person named Zhuang Wuming who did it, he went to Rongcheng at the first opportunity.

He wanted to personally take down Zhuang Wuming and make a blood sacrifice to Hei Tianlun, but halfway there, he was intercepted by the vice president of the Copper Dignity Society, Bai Bai Frost.

In the exchange of blows, he lost a chip and was badly injured. If not for the divine movement talisman on his body, Bai Bai Frost would have definitely beaten him until he was crippled.

And back home, he also received a notice from the Copper Dignity Association.

It said that the Hei family if the big bullying the small Copper Zunhui will not allow, the younger generation of things, the younger generation to solve.

Meditian Lun angry almost spit blood, looking at a letter in front of him, the face more and more gloomy.

At this time a gloomy voice sounded outside the door, "Father."

"Come in," Hei Tianlun's face was only slightly better at this point.


The door of the room opened and a fluttering male walked in.

He was wearing an exquisite suit, combed with oiled hair, and had a handsome and feminine face.

He looked just about 20, the type that any young girl would squeal at the sight of him, I'm afraid.

The grand duke of the Hei family - Hei Wuyi.

Hei Tianlun looked at Hei Wu En, his voice serious, "Your third brother and seventh uncle were killed by people from the Copper Dignity Society."

"I went to seek justice this time, and I was even disliked back."

"The Copper Zun Association is unfathomable in strength, and the old ancestor does not want to open a great war, but the revenge of your third brother and seventh uncle cannot go unanswered."

"The old ancestor has tried to pressure the Copper Zun Association, your young generation will solve the matter by yourselves, now give you a task."

"Kill Zhuang Wuming and bring back his head to offer sacrifice to your brother and seventh uncle."

"You start to officially manage the family's external affairs."

Hearing these words, Hei Wu En who had a calm face was all warm in his heart.

Managing external affairs, this is officially delegating power to himself.

Originally, he and the old third fight, Hei Tianlun in the eyes, has not decided who will inherit the position of Hei family family head.

Now that the old third is dead, only he can take up the main line of the Hei family.

Now the power is released, this is to own full performance, produce results, let the houses convinced.

The Hei family is very powerful, the business around the world, the influence of various classes in China, is simply a giant.

Managing external affairs is the same as about to take over these industries and relationships, and from then on really become a real power figure.

But all of this will only be officially available after he takes down Zhuang Wuming.

A faint smile, "Father, please rest assured, a mere mole, I can destroy with my backhand."

Meditian Lun's eyes narrowed at his words and stared at him.

"Be careful yourself, this Zhuang Wuming is not simple, entered the Fantasy Realm less than two months."

With confidence, exiting Meditian Lun's room, Meditian Wu En was full of smiles, he had waited for this day for a long time.

That night, Meditation Invincible took a plane to Rongcheng, with a huge lineup accompanying him.

Representatives of several large companies of the Hei family joined together and declared to the public that the Hei family would invest in Rongcheng and establish a new industrial park.

All of a sudden, the wind rose, and the major newspapers scrambled to report that Rongcheng was about to receive huge investment and development.

The White Family in the capital, on the outskirts of Jade Lotus Mountain.

The scattered detached Qing Dynasty buildings and the environment of birdsong and flowers all show the heritage of the Bai family.

Can be in the outskirts of the capital, the entire mountain is allocated to the name of the White Family.

This is not something that money can do, without enough power, it is simply impossible.

At night on Jade Lotus Mountain, a building with brilliant lights is the return of the Bai family's young princess Bai Jingjing, holding a ball.

The capital's famous wealthy merchants, the world's gentry brothers are all present, the famous ladies, all the forces gathered.

A Bai Jingjing naturally does not have so much energy, but she is the young princess of the Bai family, she has the qualification.

Bai Jingjing is dressed tonight as a lotus flower out of the water, the empty valley orchid.

A light blue dress, white skin, so she looks like a fairy in the clouds.

Several girlfriends gathered around her, chattering, asking what she had been doing out this year.

These girlfriends, each is not simple, deep background, gossip are purposeful.

Bai Jingjing's face with a trace of melancholy, "This year is a waste of time."

Looking at the melancholy on Bai Jingjing's face, a man not far away could not help but come over long ago.

"Miss Jing Jing why is full of sorrow, may as well say to hear, we help you out."

Bai Jingjing smiled haughtily, "Actually, I'm not afraid of laughing, I was planning to go to the Copper Dignity Society to learn a heritage."

"But the vice president of the Copper Dignity Society has put forward a condition."

"Let me pick a person to compete with his other successor alternatively picked."

"Based on the result, it will be determined whether or not to give pass on my inheritance."

"In order to ensure victory, I have invited the three grandsons of the Underworld Family."

"But Jing Jing also miscalculated, I did not expect that the person picked by the other heir was really fierce, and actually gave away the life of the Duke of Hei."