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Chapter 51-2 - Mass Entry (First Shift)

"Not good, I'm affected, this fire qi is too terrifyingly powerful."

He had already exerted his full strength with the slash just now.

A dozen zombies surrounded, if sober is okay, if you lose your mind, I'm afraid the result is to be surrounded and beaten to death.

A flash of his body, stepping into the shadow of a nearby grave.

In the twinkling of an eye, he disappeared into the arid realm filled with a faint red light, not daring to stay any longer.

In the shadow space, Zhuang Wuming's eyes flashed with a trace of shock.

The shadow space within the arid realm was affected, a faint crimson glow was distorting the shadow space, and he felt his will was consumed tremendously.

If it is normally 01 points, he is now 03 or even 04 points of consumption rate.

No longer daring to stay, he instantly reached 200 meters away and ran towards the distance without looking back.

He has confirmed that this group of red copper zombies can't handle themselves for the time being, and need to design beforehand to win.

The rapid advance, encountering any threat he relied on the shadow shuttle sweeping by, simply do not stop.

This bizarre graveyard is very dangerous, he just wants to leave safely now and come back to explore next time he has the chance.

About ten minutes, in the shadow shuttle at full power, Zhuang Wuming finally broke out of this mass grave-like graveyard.

Turning his head to look at the mass grave shrouded in gloomy aura, full of ghostly fire floating, his heart palpitating.

"Really don't like this kind of ghost place."

Walking out of the cemetery, it took another half hour to get close to the third ring road, when he saw a huge complex of buildings.

Walking over to take a look, his eyes lit up, "This is Bashu University."

Bashu University, one of the top 20 universities in the country, brings together the talented students of the Bashu region.

It could even be said that most of the future elites of the Bashu region came from here.

Walking in quickly, Zhuang Wuming had already determined his location.

"The Seven Killings Palace is in the east, the new campus of Bashu University is in the south, the direction is known."

Just as he was determining the direction, a voice came.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang."

"Hurry up, block it."

"Everyone hold on, don't let these monsters in."

Noisy voices came out from the empty Basho University, attracting Zhuang Wuming's attention.

"What's going on? There are people, and quite a few of them."

A leap over the fence of Ba Shu University, into the eyes was a student dormitory, at this time one of the dormitories was very lively.

Hundreds of fish-headed monsters were besieging the place, and the dormitory stairway was blocked by countless miscellaneous objects.

Vaguely visible behind the debris, many shadows are flashing past.

They were holding weapons like sticks in their hands and were attacking the fish monsters that were trying to rush in.

In the corridor of the dormitory, many rooms were scouted with heads, both male and female.

They looked down with frightened faces at the fish-headed monsters that were besieging the dormitory.

"So many people, what's going on," said Zhuang Wuming, taken aback.

"Didn't they say that less than a hundred people can enter the Fantasy Realm every year."

"How come there is a dormitory of students this instant?"

Huge doubts flashed through his heart, and Zhuang Wuming suddenly thought of something that had happened in the past.

"Could it be that a massive descent into the Fantasy Realm is about to happen?"

Zhuang Wuming immediately felt afraid that something big was about to happen, that all order was being broken and that the world was changing.

After thinking about it, Zhuang Wuming walked over with the Devil's Blade in his hand.

Just now he consumed a lot of will to travel through the cemetery, because in a hurry he did not go to harvest monsters to restore will.

The fish-headed monster in front of him was just right for harvesting.

He came from a side of the playground, immediately attracted the attention of many people upstairs.

There was a girl with an innocent face who saw Zhuang Wuming and immediately shrieked.

She was seen calling out to Zhuang Wuming, "Don't come over, don't come over, there are monsters here."

In the empty university, the sound could carry far, and this young girl's call was immediately heard by Zhuang Wuming.

At this time there were also people who saw Zhuang Wuming, and one of the boys yelled.

"Do not go in front, come to the back, we pull you up."

Looking at the anxious appearance of these students, Zhuang Wuming smiled faintly.

"At a time like this, still think of rescuing strangers, you guys are also considered good-hearted."

"University, hey, it's a pity I don't have the opportunity, the life of the ivory tower, maybe it will be very youthful."

With some emotion, a group of fish-headed monsters saw Zhuang Wuming.

Like a chicken blood, split into a dozen heads to Zhuang Wuming pounced.

The fish-headed monsters had big mouths with sharp teeth inside, and their eyes were full of excitement, which was a yearning for flesh and blood.

Many girls on the dormitory blushed, one turned their heads, or eyes, they seemed to see Zhuang Wuming's downfall.

Some boys with tense faces roared wildly, "Run, they eat people."

For these college students roar, Zhuang Wuming does not care, the complex in the eyes flickered away, turned into ice cold.

The body moved, a step of several meters, like running thunder rushed towards these dozens of fish-headed monsters.

Brush brush brush

The light of the knife is like a poisonous snake, the butcher flashes through.

A fish head flying up, just two or three breaths, behind has left a ground corpse.

His speed did not decrease a bit, rushing toward the fish-headed monster in front of the dormitory.

The fish-headed monsters let out an angry howl when they saw that Zhuang Wuming had actually solved their companions so quickly.

Raising their harpoons, hundreds of cold light flashes, throwing towards Zhuang Wuming.

Faced with the harpoon that covered the sky, Zhuang Wuming did not care.

Now it is close to night, the sky is dark only a little afterglow, everywhere is shadow.

Stepping into the shadows, he disappeared in the same place and reappeared directly to the center of the fish monster.

The knife light bloomed like a black lotus flower, demonic and beautiful, and it set off boundless death.

Poof, poof, poof.

Knife light into the flesh, a head of fish monsters were killed.

They were either severed, or cut off at the waist, or cut open and split down the middle.

The brutal killings stained the ground with blood in a few minutes.

Like a demon god, Zhuang Wuming stood among the corpses of hundreds of fish monsters, showering under the blood, which could be considered horrible.

Looking at what was happening below, all the students in the dormitory had horror on their faces.

Originally they were worried that the man in front of them was killed by the fish monsters, but the next moment he turned into a horrible butcher, this contrast made it difficult for them to adapt.



Some girls looked at the bloody scene below, and the smell of blood spreading over, could no longer stand it, and vomited directly.

Among them was the innocent girl, the first one who alerted for Zhuang Wuming.

Looking at the appearance of these students, Zhuang Wuming secretly shook his head.

"The delicate flowers of the hothouse, it's your luck to have survived until now."

Walking directly to the dormitory gate, he looked at the nervous group of boys inside through the countless miscellaneous items.

They held up the weapons in their hands, as if they could bring some courage to themselves.

"Who is the leader here, come out one of you."

Hearing Zhuang Wuming's culture, the group looked left and right and finally landed on a middle-aged man.