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Chapter 482: Step by Step to the Sky (Up)

Continuing upward, it was still smooth as it went all the way up to an altitude of 5,000 meters. Although Shenzi Peak is high, it is not steep, at least so far.

And by the time he got here, the air was already filled with icy cold, and walking Ling Chen was walking with a slab of stone pressed against his chest, making his breath sink. To five thousand five hundred meters, grass and trees have been completely extinct, underfoot, is a spread to the boundless sky of the white snow-capped.

The temperature, from this height, dropped to below zero.

Further up, the cold wind stinging.

At this point, it has reached the right mountainside position of the God's Son Peak, which means that the height, has reached half of the God's Son Peak, taking two days. But the real challenge also starts here.

The snow beneath the feet was getting thicker and thicker, and there was a "boo-boo" sound when I stepped on it. Although cold, but this level is not unacceptable, Ling Chen's body also did not appear life loss due to the cold, but more than this, what makes him care, is increasingly heavy breathing.

The higher the altitude, the thinner the air is, and the more difficult it is to breathe. In the game world, players don't suffocate to death, but, this in no way means that the sudden drop in air pressure has no effect on the player at all. The heaviness in the chest is becoming more and more obvious, and the occasional dizziness in the brain makes Ling Chen frown. He simultaneously accelerated his steps and continued upward without stopping.

By the time he reached the height of 7,000 meters, the air was already icy cold and bone chilling. Ling Chen's body already had an additional fox fur coat prepared in advance, wrapping him almost completely from head to toe. Although it was cold, it did not hinder Ling Chen's movement, and the mountain did not appear steep and difficult to climb due to the increase in altitude.

"Gah ...... gah ......"

Normal people reached such a height, even if you can resist the cold, but also by too low air pressure and thin air quickly eat up physical and mental, almost difficult to stay awake, and may even coma at any time. But, Ling Chen is who? His chest was heavy and his breathing was ragged, but his eyes were still as clear and cold as ice crystals, without any trace of chaos. Little gray in front of him to guide him to the most correct path, so that his way forward remains smooth.

Eight thousand meters ......-

50, -50, -50 ......

The loss of life appeared on Ling Chen and Little Grey's bodies at the same time, and the raging cold wind was like a sharp pointed knife, cutting Ling Chen's face, and his whole body.

Under the feet is still thick snow, snow is under, is thicker ice, this distance, to Ling dust's balance, there are two close to slip.

Little gray limbs completely sunk into the snow, but still lightly running ahead, leaving a long straight trail in the back.

"By the time we get here, two-thirds of the Divine Son Peak has been ascended." Mournful Moon slowly said, "Among humans, there are many who can reach this height, and the difficulty for them to reach here is far more difficult than the young master."

Ling Chen nodded and said, "Indeed ...... when my physical strength is too much, or when I can't support myself, I can go offline, or I can use the Empty Illusion Stone to leave and come back, still in the same place. The people of the Forgotten Continent, on the other hand, only have one chance. Or up, or back, and once back, it is a failure, and even if it stops, you can't make it to rest. The severe cold and low pressure here will quickly take away the physical strength."

Laughing wind dust mouth that a breath of ascending 11,000 meters of the super shield guard ...... is simply a monster!

Continuing on for some time, the rate of life loss had increased to 200 points per second when reaching an altitude of 8500 meters, four times the rate at 8000 altitude! Ling Chen had to constantly consume the highest level of recovery medicine that can be bought - cyan potion to restore life for himself and the little gray, and was able to curb the rate of life loss.

The road ahead was also getting harder and harder to walk, the feeling of chest tightness kept increasing, Ling Chen took a look at the time and took out a return scroll and crushed it. With that, Ling Chen disappeared in a flash of white light and appeared in the nearest town to the Lang Huan Mountain Range.

After two hours, Ling Chen, who had recovered his spirit and condition, stretched his lazy back, took out an empty illusion pearl and smiled: "Failed ancestors, be envious and jealous! Brother has a cheating device!"

Putting on his fox fur coat, he crushed the empty illusion pearl, and in the next second, the cold and bone-chilling air surrounded Ling Chen.

When the challengers from the Forgotten Continent arrived here, a large part of them had been tortured by the previous 8,000 meters height and lost half of their lives, even if they were super experts, they were bound to lose a lot of physical strength. And Ling Chen returned after rest, equivalent to this is just his starting point, he shouted low, called out the little gray, broken shadow open, stepping on the snow and ice, like a gale rushing forward, with the snow roaming the sky.

When the life loss reached 300 per second, Ling Chen had to use the Green Sky Scale handed to him by Laughing Wind Dust, because at such a rate of loss, unless he used the precious Dew of Morning, there was no other potion on him that could keep up with the recovery.

"Ding ...... you have used the Green Dragon Scale, within the next three days, you will be completely immune to the life loss caused by the icy climate."

Ling Chen helplessly put the little gray away, the effect of the Green Dragon Scale only works on him, but not on the little gray. At this time, has reached the altitude of eight thousand seven hundred meters, the rest of the road, he can only be alone, the shape of a single person to walk through ...... if he can walk through.

Nine thousand meters ......

By the time they get here, ninety-nine percent of the challengers will be desperate.

Here, the heavier clothing can not suppress the bone-chilling cold, the whistling cold wind has not only stimulated the human body surface, but began to relentlessly erode the body's internal ...... cold feeling is no longer from the outside to the inside, the kind of organs due to the cruel cold and painful twisted feeling ruthlessly impacted every nerve in the body.

The mind, too, will be confused under the incomparably thin air, vision, will become blurred.

Can reach here, is already a remarkable feat, if there is still some slight strength, if there is still a trace of lucidity, use all means to leave here, is the wisest, is also the only choice. Otherwise, after the physical and mental strength is completely devoured, the body will be buried here forever, and there is no possibility of leaving again.

Obviously, Ling Chen is that one percent.

The loss of physical strength was restrained by the Green Dragon Scale, and the piercing ice cold, Ling Chen could afford it. This little pain compared to those mental torture he had endured, it was not even a hair on the cow. As for the spirit, it is like a rock that cannot be shaken, always maintaining absolute clarity. In such a temperature, the limbs of ordinary people will be numb under the cold, the body almost no longer obeys its own command, it is difficult to move, this point, Ling Chen also has a different physical fitness. His footsteps remained smooth, stepping higher step by step.

Of course, the most crucial thing was the Empty Illusion Pearl.

10,000 meters ......

When he arrived here, it was the fourth day of Ling Chen's challenge to the Divine Son Peak.

Having climbed five sixths of the way up, with only the last two thousand meters left, victory, it seemed, was in sight.

But in reality, this last two thousand meters, will be the real road to purgatory.

Step by step, step by step to heaven! (To be continued)