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Chapter 501 - The Last Battle One

Chen Taiyi did not dream that Yan Yuan Yi's boxing skill is exquisite to such an extent, with the hand as a knife, knife knife sky, no traces, and with a dragging jagged strength, often a hand knife slash over, before it touches the body, Chen Taiyi's pores felt the pain of hot as a chainsaw blade cutting.

This hand instead of knife fist art, can be said to be completely the spring and autumn sword method, the blue dragon laying down the moon knife cold and saw the kind of ancient battlefield killing method completely showed.

Rigid and heavy, but sawing and cutting, any defense against blocking, are not effective, the only only dodge.

Chen taiyi at first still do not believe, to taijiquan serial cannon hard received Yan yuan Yi three knives, the result of the sleeve all ruptured, as if scissors cut open general, fortunately is the hand to remove the force removed quickly, otherwise even the skin and blood vessels to be pulled through.

Chen Taiyi then knew that Yan Yuan Yi's hand kung fu, has reached the highest state of the Bagua Palm, bull tongue rolled grass without injury.

He had no choice but to try his best to use his ghostly shadow-like body technique, shaking left and right, swaying forward and swiping back, so that Yan Yuanyi's sword fell short, dodging between brewing a counterattack.

But Yan Yuanyi does not seem to give him this opportunity, but a drum, front slash, back chop, left rush, right twist, front hook, back hitch, a series of chopping, a knife faster than a knife, body techniques gradually drive open, step by step, to hundreds of hands, actually and Chen Taiyi neck and neck, the two fleeing and chasing, Yan Yuanyi knife knife are narrowly swept past him, look at all the people are thrilled and dangerous! "How can this woman's strength be so long, attacking for so long, and not stopping even after a breath?"

Chen Taiyi dodged hundreds of steps in a row, flying to move his body, breath can not care to breathe, his heart is already suffering.

He already felt that the breath in his body after the violent movement. It was as if a balloon was blowing up to explode. It was so suffocating that it needed a breath to recover.

But he can't take a breath now, because as soon as he takes a breath to change his breath, his body will stagnate for a while, and that will end up, needless to say, directly being severely injured or even killed by Yan Yuanyi's one-handed slash.

If it was a battle with others, he could still rely on his body technique to catch his breath, but now Yan Yuan Yi is chasing too closely. Behind only hear the sound of hand knives cracking through the air chase, eyes are not in a hurry to see, this situation, the time to turn the head is not, let alone catching his breath.

Chen Taiyi knew. If this continues. He was defeated just a matter of time.

Suddenly. He put his heart into a cross. Turned around and fiercely hit a move "iron circle hand". Right hand like a rattan steel rope. A fierce shake. A circle was drawn. Tighten to the middle. Turned into a twisting momentum. Winning on Yan Yuan Yi's hand.


Blood splashed in the middle. Blood vessel rupture!

Yan Yuan Yi's hand knife is not trivial. Knife knife like jagged drag. Is a steel plate on a knife brush out. Also to drag out a long furrow to. Not to mention the human arm.

But Chen Taiyi is to sacrifice their own arm. In exchange for time to breathe!

Sure enough, although the blood vessels ruptured, but blocked Yan Yuan Yi's knife, Chen Taiyi instant. A long breath out. Inhale again, for a breath of fresh air. The whole body spirit shock, as if the drowning is about to suffocate people surfaced to breathe. The whole body became full of strength.

Chen Taiyi this sacrifice arm, in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, of course, refused to let go, the left hand retracted inward, like a snake into a hole, after building up momentum, a fierce fist blast out, people like planting trees, downward pressure hanging, hit the whole body power, it is the most common Taijiquan, but the most ferocious power "Progress Planting Punch".

This pounding out, can be said to be a breakthrough, success or failure in this move.

A pounding out, the wind violent, the people present only felt a rumble in the field, as if an air bomb had exploded, Yan Yuan Yi's clothes flying backwards, the whole person seems to be blown up.

The power of Chen Taiyi's pounding was to fight for his life, and the fierceness of the power was evident.

Yan Yuanyi in this pounding planted, the body rapidly backward, as if it was attached to the fist floating, hard so that Chen Taiyi's fist bombing not on the body, the two always separated by a line that the naked eye does not understand.

A punch and a retreat, three seconds later, Chen Taiyi sharp gas slightly dipped.

Yan Yuanyi stopped his body, a palm down, it is the eight trigrams palm of the "cover grinding plate".

This cover, hand like a millstone, directly on top of Chen Taichi planted hammer. The pressure made Chen Taiyi's whole body lose balance, and his steps forward were unstable.

Yan Yuanyi seized this opportunity and turned his hand over again, grabbing the opponent's ground hammer and shaking it from side to side, once again destroying Chen Taichi's center of gravity and bringing him to a sudden shake when his footsteps were skewed.


Chen Taiyi was shaken in the air, flipped several times, and fell to the ground. It took him three minutes to get up, cover his injured arm, and let out a long, harsh whine as he swept out of the field and disappeared without a trace from the exit.

Obviously, he had lost badly this time.

Seeing Chen Taiyi walking away with a long whistle after being injured, Wu Kongxuan who was in the grandstand seat let out a long sigh. While Yue Peng was staring at Yan Yuanyi, his eyes were stern, as if he wanted to pounce on him and meet Yan Yuanyi.

But now it was not his turn, and he was naturally not good enough to go down. Last time in the Southern Tang Clan, Yue Peng and Yan Yuanyi exchanged two hands, felt that the other party's point was solid, so retreated far away, but suffered a big loss at the hands of Wang Chao. That time was definitely not a glorious experience, but now that Yue Peng's bitter Zen kung fu has become a success, deep down, he naturally has the idea of getting back to the field.

At this time, there was one less candidate for the Martial Arts Conference, with only seventeen remaining, and only six Dan Dao masters remained.

The Martial Arts Conference continued to proceed.

The name of the person appeared on the big screen of the computer.

Zhao Xinglong.

Shamanduji. Shamanduji was a patriarch of the Muay Thai world, the same as the one who died at the hands of Qiu Weiming, Nai Peng. Baoshi Bell is the same. The skin of the whole body is brownish-black, but it is lustrous like butter, and there is not a single gully to be seen, and the eyes are shining and full of energy.

And Zhao Xinglong, is also the whole body of the essence of the force, before the field, take off on the drop clothes. Luck row hit two times. The surrounding body is black and blue like iron, such as iron clothes covering the body.

These two people, words do not understand each other, on the field also do not talk, each luck to adjust the body.

Waiting for the bell to ring, Zhao Xinglong did not say a word, a move of cloak and dagger long fist, straight past, pulled long and big. The distance of four or five steps apart was directly thrown to the face of the old man Shamanduji, simply put completely beyond the effective distance of the normal bout of striking.

This is the split hanging long fist in the ground through the sleeve fist, with the footwork, specializing in far-reaching, long hit.

The old man seems to have prepared for this, after an elbow blocked, slide step forward, Thai boxing, "God monkey offer treasure". The knee crossed up and thrust towards Zhao Xinglong's crotch.

Zhao Xinglong's reaction is agile, rich in experience, but also will not be so hit by the counterattack, the next step "crotch hand" to seal the knee, turn the waist to strike. Hand like a steel whip, a cut in the middle.

The splitting fist, throwing the whip to break the flow!

"Zhao Xinglong's boxing technique has really changed." Wang Chao took a look at Zhao Xinglong's move of throwing a whip to break the stream, which really had the aura of cutting off a river, and knew that he was ten times more powerful than before.

Faced with this move, Shamanduji seemed to be a bit old and weak, and did not dare to ground the taste, and immediately retreated.

But Zhao Xinglong did not pursue. Instead, he nailed it in place like a nail. He waited for Shamanduji to retreat and settle down before he blasted his fist over.

"Good guy. Xinglong dodged a booby-trapped move."

Huo Ling'er said.

Just now, when Shamanduji retreated, it was indeed a booby trap move. But Zhao Xinglong was clear-eyed and didn't fall for the trick, acting as if he was fighting steadily.

This is determined that the opponent is really old and frail, can not sustain the battle.

As expected, the battle was not very suspenseful.

Zhao Xinglong has been a steady and stable fight, three rounds, Shamandu division suddenly strong attack, two arms, arms, knees and calves eight limbs flying up and down, the iron bar general hit.

But Zhao Xinglong is not moved, and not to violence to violence, would rather give up the upper wind, in the downwind defense, but also to stand undefeated.

After more than thirty rounds, Shamanduji's physical weakness became apparent, and Zhao Xinglong immediately attacked. After a series of more than ten strikes, he threw a "Yellow Dog Pissing" kick.

Bang! Master Shaman was directly kicked away and landed on the ground, spitting blood.

The Chinese boxer, with another win, eliminated one more hope.

There were only sixteen people left in the martial arts tournament, the number of people was getting smaller and smaller, but the number of people watching from the periphery, was coming more and more.

After Zhao Xinglong, the computer ranking was Zhu Hongzhi versus Leier of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Zhu Hongzhi and Leier, two old men, are both martial arts masters, but at this point in time, the two have run out of forfeit opportunities, there is no way back, now either fight on, or withdraw and lose all qualifications.

But at this point in time, no one does not fight. Especially when the difference in strength is not great.

So the two old men stood up in unison, walked to the field, and fought to the death.

Both old men seem to know to conserve energy, to their point, read the vicissitudes of life, language fighting mouth is also useless, is to two people in the look at each other, are quietly recuperate.

Once the bell rang, the two did not rush to make a move, but very carefully and cautiously circled each other, looking for a breakthrough.

After a few circles, Zhu Hongzhi eyes, progress bought a breakthrough, Leier immediately grabbed body in, on grabbing clothes, feet a rush, anti-folding leg bone jiu-jitsu strangulation techniques.

Zhu Hongzhi seems to have expected this move, the body shifted, with a clothesline fall, to drop Leier out.

But Leier jiu-jitsu for many years, the lower plate is extremely stable, grabbing clothes, like sticking in Zhu Hongzhi body seems to be, how to shake can not be shaken off.


Zhu Hongzhi's clothes came off for no reason at once, like a snake shedding its skin, cicada shedding its shell. Leier grabbed the clothes at once and slid away to go out.

Dip clothes fall, unclothe off. This is two moves against the jiu-jitsu boxing masterpiece.

Leier this time can lose the center of gravity, Zhu Hongzhi no longer let go, suddenly thirteen consecutive abduction horse kick out.

Bang Bang Bang Bang! All the kicks hit Leier's body.

When the thirteen kicks finished, Leier completely fell to the ground, no breathing, has been cut off.