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Chapter 199: The Story that Mourns the Tiger

In fact, several cultivators in the place where the monument was erected could likewise prove that the heavenly tribulation killing robbery was real. At this moment, they grew their mouths and their foreheads were filled with cold sweat.

The astral wind, the sinking rain and the burial flame, although they had not personally experienced them, but even from a distance, they could still feel the terrifying aura they contained, that was enough power to wipe out all of them, completely.

But what did they see? Oh my God! A cultivator, facing the heaven and earth killing robbery, actually did not step back, but stepped up to the sky step closer, and finally actually scared back the heaven and earth robbery.

That's right, in their view, the heaven and earth killing tribulation, which was bound by the rules and had to disperse, was scared back by Qin Yu, which made their inner awe, directly break through the sky.

Previously, there were people who were dissatisfied with the stone monument, thinking that although the sword intent was terrifying, but vain and rootless should be barely, the person who made the move had little strength and was just trying to scare them off. Now this thought, of course, was thrown away to the clouds, such a fierce man is not scary, what people scary?

Do not say anything, hurry up and go, do not come here in the future, and also tell friends, teachers and supervisors, do not provoke the owner of this place.

It's really too scary!

A group of people regained their freedom and turned to retreat in haste, their eyes occasionally sweeping over the blood-soaked figure in the sky, revealing a deep sense of fear. Through their spread, the news that there are hidden powers living in the Broken Spirit Mountain spread, but it saved Qin Yu a lot of trouble in the future.

The latter is not mentioned, Qin Yu is not in a good mood now, even if surviving the heaven and earth killing tribulation, itself is an extremely glorious thing. But he really, no mood, to gloat or proud.

So what if the heaven and earth robbery is forced back? The little blue light is still extinguished.

Alas, what in the world to do!

Qin Yu fell into the valley, this is the closest to the heaven and earth robbery descend, suffered the most serious damage, the size of the medicinal garden was destroyed, is about to bear fruit of the red shining wood, was also smashed branches broken leaves are very miserable.

But now, Qin Yu has not cared about these, he sat down in front of the collapsed wooden house, frowning face gloomy, as if to drip water.

Suddenly, a trace of strange fluctuations appeared, the ground trembled, a tiny grain of sand rolling, fell into the next crack, it disappeared.

Like a rewind in time, all the destruction suffered in the heaven and earth killing robbery, are disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye, which is also part of the rules.

Heaven and earth killing robbery only target one person, the rest can be repaired afterwards, by the power of the rules. So, the valley herbal garden regained its lushness, the broken branches of the red shining wood were reborn, and the smashed wooden house was automatically assembled as before.

This scene is simply a miracle.

Qin Yu dumbfounded, then sighed, this is indeed shocking, but the little blue light does not light up, he really did not pay attention to the mind. At that moment, a spiritual light flashed in his mind, but it was like a light that disappeared without a trace, even Qin Yu himself, was not able to grasp.

What is it? What is it?

Intuition tells Qin Yu, this sudden flash of spiritual light, for him is incredibly important, he took a deep breath to relax the thoughts, to maintain the natural and calm, think back carefully and then the thought, finally, little by little, from the fog rose.

Heaven and earth killing robbery ...... does not seem quite right.

Wind, rain and fire, the three extreme forces, although extremely frightening, but the most powerful means of heaven and earth slaughter robbery, should be thunder.

Qin Yu's eyes became incomparably bright, he felt that he had, grasped certain, extremely critical things.

Think of the little blue lamp on the sky robbery devouring, and today the heaven and earth robbery kill, biased no half thunder power, could it be that this heaven and earth, worried about the power of the robbery thunder will be absorbed by the little blue lamp ...... robbery thunder, perhaps is the key!

The mind quickly turn up, a moment later Qin Yu fiercely up, he was not willing to delay a moment, turned back to the room to recover injuries.

A few days later, the startling rainbow rushed up, Qin Yu went straight to Drifting Snow City.

That's right, it's where Yun Xueqing is, the Drifting Snow City.

Her father, Yun Fan, is the most likely person Qin Yu knows to break through to the first generation of infants, he was holding ice spiritual objects, and now he may be ready.

Wang Daoist is also an option, but he has left Zhao Xian Valley for a long time, and with his heritage, he may have already completed his breakthrough, so Drifting Snow City is still the first choice. As for how to persuade Yun Fan to cross the robbery ...... this kind of thing can not be envisaged, can only take one step and see, but if there is no way, we can only force him to cross the robbery!

That's right, Qin Yu is going to try, let the little blue lamp absorb the heavenly tribulation to see if it can recover.

Hopefully, it would really work!

Qin Yu hurried with all his might, his speed was naturally extremely fast, and within a few days he entered the territory of the Northern Dynasty, but shortly after he first entered the country, his figure suddenly stopped and looked at the vast mountains in the distance. There, there is a strong breath, should be a certain demon beast, giving him the feeling, like a large lake filled with water, may overflow at any time.

Golden Dan is complete, one step further is the first infant, if it can cross the tribulation, the thunder will have.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Now, Qin Yu seems to have a better choice.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Eyes faintly flash, Qin Yu locked on that breath, the figure burst out.


The four-foot-long white tiger, in the mountains and forests between the rapid passage, his body is robust and strong, each leap is a pleasing to the eye, the deep black "king" between the eyebrows, more people feel the majesty of the word.

But at this time, all the fist and footprints, in the snow-white satin-like fur so striking that the majesty of the destruction of all. The white tiger occasionally turned around, revealing a pair of eyes full of vicissitudes, filled with anger and shame, more helplessness and gnashing of teeth.

This is a story that makes the tiger mourn.

That day, the white tiger king just happy, his new female tiger, after the pleasure of his lying on the soft grass, comfortable in the sun, and then the sadness came. A human being who came out of nowhere, opened his mouth and let him go through the tribulation, saying what I will help you absolutely no problem.

Shit, when the tiger master really tiger ah, the heavenly calamity is good for it? If it is not clear that the chances of dying in the tribulation, he would have been suppressing his cultivation?

What an idiot human, trying to trick him into crossing the tribulation, and then reap the benefits, simply think too well!

The white tiger king was immediately angry, decided to tear him to add a meal, just to make up for the loss of power just now. But who would have thought that this human idiot, is actually a very powerful idiot, the White Tiger King was beaten severely, if not gifted with divine ability, he was afraid that he could not even escape.

Originally, as a demon king, in front of his concubine was beaten up, is already a matter of great shame, but let the white tiger king grief and anger is inexplicable, this human idiot actually still unrelenting, always behind the chase!

Sometimes, he really can't wait to turn back and this human fierce - dry, but every time I think about it, the other side of the iron-cast fist will emerge from the bottom of my heart.

It hurts too damn much!

Then, the White Tiger King's body shivered, while continuing to grieve, while continuing to run away!

There is no way, the idiot is too strong, can only bear the humiliation.

But this bastard, why has not been able to get rid of, running a little slower, to be caught up with him.

Talented Avatar has been cast three times in recent days, even if he is gifted with a strong bloodline, he gradually felt unsustainable, if he continues like this, sooner or later he will be caught. The thought of being caught, the possibility of suffering a terrible end, and then look at their own, good to do the coat of fur, the White Tiger King a chilling shiver, secretly said a don't blame me ah, dead friends do not die of poverty, the king is also forced to wow!

A longitudinal, the white tiger king looked up to identify the direction, strong hind legs fierce several times, the body "whoosh" "whoosh", running to the first target.

So Qin Yu found himself some trouble on the road, first a fire bird with bright feathers, suddenly popped up to block the way, very imposing to his fire, of course, the result is very clear, his storage bag has a lot of bright as fire crystal plume, this thing is considered a good material for talisman refining.

Then shortly after, is an extremely strong boar, covered with spikes I do not know how many gum stones, after long years, condensed into a solid layer of armor, plus the two slightly curved tusks that break the lip, is really fierce. To mark the occasion, Qin Yu chose a pig hind leg, ready to make a barbecue when you have time, charcoal grilled wild boar hind leg ...... previously in the Dongyue School, when the wolf burst once made, taste very good.

Next, Qin Yu encountered, the most powerful three swamp crocodiles, they look like dead wood lying in the mud, actually a little breath did not leak, Qin Yu was caught off guard, almost by their bite up dragged into the swamp. Three swamp crocodiles together, the strength is extremely strong, Qin Yu took some effort to kill them one by one. But the harvest is also satisfactory, because the teeth of the three swamp predators, all meet the conditions for refining [Tyranny Stream], perhaps because of their close bloodline, the teeth of these three swamp predators, can actually be put together to refine.

This is an unexpected pleasure.

The more pieces there are, the more terrifying the power is. The fangs of these three swamp crocodiles are enough for Qin Yu to refine a set of terrifyingly powerful [Tyranny Stream] magic treasures.

Thanks to the white tiger, how else could Qin Yu, find such a lovely three swamp predators, thinking about this Qin Yu mouth corner reveals a smile.

The distance between the white tiger and the powerful demon beasts, Qin Yu will eventually have to delay some time, and inevitably expand.

With the familiarity of this mountain range, the white tiger ran for another day in one breath, before panting and stopping, turning his head tiger face to reveal a human smile.

At last, the damn human lost!

And take this opportunity to take advantage of the knife to get rid of the mountain range, a few of the guys who have always, not very obedient to him, hey, critical moments can also make a good plan to kill two birds with one stone, this king is really smart. Secretly smug for a while, the white tiger frowned and thought about it, I think we still can not be careless, the human race is too evil, the farther away the better.

A short break, the white tiger king ran another day, feel safe this time, jumped into a pool of water to wash clean all the mud and dust, shake shake shake shake spirit, to a mountain peak not far away.

There is a beautiful female leopard, the white tiger king has long been moved, this time casually borrow some, the fire bird, wild boar, crocodile they dry over the thing, certainly dazed it, then not at the king's disposal to taste!

A few strange laugh, is the body fatigue, are dissipated a lot, the White Tiger King ran more vigorously.

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