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Chapter 198: Heaven and Earth Killing Tribulation

Calm down, don't panic!

Qin Yu forced himself to calm down, but no matter how hard he tried, nothing worked, so he could not help but let out a bitter smile. Sure enough, the usual self-confidence and so on, are built on the bottom, the little blue lamp appeared problems, he then really numb claw panic.

He thought of the Ministry of the Moon, the magical sacred flower, could it be that the little blue lamp encountered, similar to the problem? But the Ministry of the Moon can find him, and who is he going to find? Well, even if there was someone who knew what was going on, could he go?

About the secret of the little blue lamp, once exposed, what consequences will cause, Qin Yu simply can not imagine!

But no matter how panicked, there is always a time to calm down, when the moon is on the middle of the sky, Qin Yu can finally sit down and calmly think. He looked at the small blue lamp in his hand, its appearance has not changed in the slightest, trying to inject magic power into it, or probe into the divine mind, all in vain. It was as if it was a real palace lamp that had now run out of oil and was inevitably extinguished.

And this is the biggest hidden fear in Qin Yu's heart.

Sitting all night without a clue, Qin Yu was physically and mentally exhausted when the wind suddenly rose above the broken spirit mountain. Terrifying invisible will, descending into this mountain range, enveloping all living beings, countless living beasts in this area, whimpering and lying on the ground, body trembling.

Qin Yu before the beheading of the mountain where the monument, several cultivators are a gloomy face, from time to time whispering something, now the face changed greatly, fiercely looked up to the sky. There seems to be an ink stone overturned, rich ink quickly spread, a few blinks of an eye, the sky will become a night, deep heart trembling. Incredibly terrifying breath, descending from this black, seems to carry the wrath of heaven and earth, to exterminate all living creatures in the world.

"This ...... is what ......" a female cultivator lost her voice and exclaimed.

No one answered her, even the men who usually curry favor with her, are now pale and full of fear. They want to escape, but their feet are like roots, simply can not move half, can only stiffen and wait. Invisible fear, like a big hand clutching their hearts, is to breathe, have become difficult.

In the valley, Qin Yu looked up, his gaze through the formation, see the dark sky. This atmosphere he is not unfamiliar, when helping Yun Xueqing to cross the Golden Dan heavenly tribulation, felt the heaven and earth killing intent, is this feeling. Only today, compared to then, it is much more intense and terrifying.

Qin Yu instantly understood that this was the heaven and earth, sensing that there was a problem with the little blue lamp, so he wanted to destroy it at this point in time.


The palm of the hand instantly clenched, the small blue lamp into the storage ring, Qin Yu deep breath, the heart of panic, hidden fear, at this moment all turned into anger. In his opinion, the little blue lamp suddenly extinguished, and this heaven and earth can not be unrelated. After all, he clearly sensed the urgency of the heaven and earth to destroy it.


If you move the Little Blue Lamp, you are destroying his foundation and cutting off his path to the Great Dao, even the heaven and earth cannot be forgiven!


The wooden house was shattered by the violent force, Qin Yu rushed up and flew out of the valley in the blink of an eye, looking up at the sky.

Seems to feel, from his anger and disgust, the sky darkness like a tidal wave rolled.

The sky and earth, the wind suddenly rise!

This wind, not an invisible thing, showing a faint black.



Like life in the cry, the terrible black wind, roaring across the sky and earth, like a long invisible knife, can cut flesh and blood body, can strangle the soul. This is the heaven and earth wind, the legendary existence of the nine heavens above, separating the two sides of the sky and the sky, with the soul of the soul to kill the terrifying power!

Qin Yu does not know this, and he does not want to know, only clear heaven and earth want to destroy the small blue lamp, want to destroy his cultivation path, this is enough. With a roar of rage, Qin Yu rose to the sky, allowing the wind to come from all directions, instantly cut his body robes, countless slits.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The forest and trees cover the wind.

This is known to the world, Qin Yu has a wood attribute golden pellet, and then the five elements of magic power according to the principle of phasing, all transformed into wood attributes. Now he is no different from a YuanYing everyone who specializes in a wood-attribute avenue, by virtue of offsetting the power of the astral wind, in order to be safe and sound.

"Mister Qin is right here, if you want to kill me, then come on!"

The roar is like thunder, exploding between heaven and earth, rolling sound waves sweeping in all directions.

The place where the monument was erected, stiffened in this several cultivators, the face once again changed greatly.

Someone ......

This voice ......

Could it be that the sudden vision of heaven and earth is actually aimed at a cultivator?

This is unbelievable!


This sound, unlike the roar of the astral wind, was more like a giant, blasting madly in a cage, that is, the air was trembling.

Several cultivators almost cried out, what kind of person is this, actually terrifying to such an extent, facing the will of heaven and earth to erase, are so fierce! Can you negotiate, you wait before you start fighting, first let us roll away, okay? Now the feeling, really too frightening, feel like a small ant, at any time will be crushed into pieces!

The wind roared like a tidal wave, but this obviously did not kill Qin Yu, so the deep darkness in the sky, once again rolled up. Accompanied by the slightly black wind, there was a greenish rain falling from the sky, each drop was so heavy that it seemed like a whole river was concentrated. What's even more amazing is the cold aura it contains, like a sharp needle, piercing into the depths of the bone marrow, causing people to freeze from the soul outward.

It is the name of the sinking rain, it is rumored that there is a big river in heaven and earth, the water in the river is heavy like stone, not to the sea does not inject the ocean, self-formed cycle flowing endlessly. Every thousand years, the water in the river boils once on its own, rising into the nine heavens above the condensation, is the sinking rain.

This rain is as powerful as its name, from the sky down, each drop is as heavy as a boulder, and because of the absorption of the nine days of cold, touching the flesh and blood can reach the soul, it will freeze and break.

The sinking rain is like a curtain, drowning Qin Yu's figure, only to hear the "bang" "bang" low muffled sound, like a blacksmith store, the sound of the fire next to the hammering iron ingots.

"Is this enough? Do you think this is enough?" In a low roar, Qin Yu steps forward, his footsteps seem to be incomparably heavy, each time he landed a low rumble. Just like that, bathed in the sinking rain, and kept walking towards the pale black clouds.

The corners of Qin Yu's mouth spilled blood, apparently the wind, sinking rain, has suffered some injuries, but his surrounding aura not weakened, but became more terrifying, invisible Qi sweep, those rolled in the wind, the sinking rain, then also a few more stagnant.

Like a god or devil!

The will of heaven and earth, obviously enraged, so there is a flame out of thin air, it is a miserable white, cold and no half temperature, but only after contact, will understand that all its burning power, are condensed in the depths of the flame.

The flame of burial, after staining immortality, until all the target, including but not limited to the physical body and soul, all turned into ashes before extinguished.

Black wind, green sinking rain, white burial flame. The three colors intertwine to form a stunning picture of the killing of heaven and earth. With the power of the three forces, the YuanYing realm cultivators, at most a moment to resist, will be completely wiped out.

Qin Yu has not yet entered the YuanYing, but he is stronger than ordinary YuanYing, the Dantian sea has five, with five elements of spiritual objects as the basis, condensed five elements of the golden pellet.

The five elements of the spirit, itself belongs to the five elements of power, the highest level of existence, they condensed into a golden pellet, so that Qin Yu's magic power, also has this higher quality.

The astral wind is terrifying, the sinking rain is terrifying, the flame of burial is even more terrifying, but the power of the five elements in Qin Yu's body is also not a vegetarian grown. Pure power comparison, he is at an absolute disadvantage, but the comparison between the quality, even if there is a gap is extremely small.

Because of this, so the firstborn will die in the heaven and earth killing disaster, he can survive, even if it is difficult to live. The three colors are entangled, Qin Yu's face is pale, and blood is seeping out of every pore on the surface of his body. The soul is like being burned in the flame, and like freezing in the extreme cold, each time the transition between the pain, become more terrible.

But he still stood, straightened his back, his feet did not stop, only walked much more slowly, his eyes were filled with anger and reckless madness.

"Is this ...... ahem ...... your power ...... but trying to kill me... ...still not enough ah ......" spitting out blood with force, breathing a few minutes smoother, Qin Yu paused slightly on his feet, rested a little and took the next step, "I'm curious to know... ...What exactly can you ...... do ...... the killing of heaven and earth ...... then there is no limit... ..."

Heaven and Earth has its limitations.

This is the conclusion that Qin Yu has been thinking about and then coming out with since he determined that his own destiny is completely inseparable from the little blue lamp. If not, why did it compel Qin Yu's will to sacrifice the little blue lamp, directly descending great power to erase it, is not more simple and direct?

Since there are restrictions, then a little diffusion of thinking, it wants to kill, perhaps also to comply with some unknown rules.

In fact, Qin Yu's guess was right, heaven and earth have their limits, heaven and earth have their extremes.

It is high above, has the power to transcend everything, but this power itself, is also its greatest confinement. Only within the rules, its power is allowed, more precisely, the invisible will of the underworld, even if how much more want to kill Qin Yu, can only use the power that can be used.

For example, beyond a realm.

This would have been enough to kill any heaven and earth want to destroy the cultivator, after all, a realm of difference, and kill the terrible power in the robbery, superimposed together simply difficult to resist.

But there is such an alternative existence, he not only has the five elements of the golden pills, but also has a strong and matchless demon body, the golden pills realm can rival the YuanYing, so the heaven and earth killing robbery will be dragged into such an embarrassing situation.

It can't kill Qin Yu, of course, if the wind, sinking rain, burial flame can last a few hours, a little bit can also wear him down. But not coincidentally, there is also a time limit, when the time limit is reached, even if the person who should die, it can only retreat to continue to wait for the opportunity.

This is the rule.

So, when Qin Yu really, close to the dome of the black cloud, feel within reach, it began to dissipate without warning, the wind, sinking rain, burial flame all dissipated. As if, just now experienced a scene, just an illusion, but a hundred miles around the earth is a wreck, is the best proof!

Heaven and earth killing disaster, had raging down, and helplessly retreat.

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