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Chapter 3 Preparing for the Aftermath

Wandering to Huaqiang City, it was already two o'clock at noon.

When he arrived at the Second People's Hospital, Chen Hao did not rush in, but first bought a box of silver needles in the pharmacy opposite the hospital.

"...... brother!"

Seeing the ward, unconscious father, thirty-something Tao Guoqiang, anxious, his mouth raised several fire blisters, he found the office of Dr. Li Ming, "Just tell the truth, is my father still saved?"

Li Ming looked at him, pulled him, out of the office, to the corner, said in a low voice: "Guoqiang, we grew up playing together, I can not hide this matter from you! Uncle is cerebral hemorrhage, this disease must do craniotomy, the inside of the blood, completely clean, but you know, this craniotomy is very high risk, our hospital doctors, none of them are sure, so can only take the infusion of anti-inflammatory such conservative means ...... honestly, the situation is not good ah! "

"Then what to do?"

Tao Guoqiang face immediately turned white, holding his head with both hands, along the corner of the wall, slowly sliding to sit on the ground, tearing hair: "Brother, my father is only fifty years old! How did he get this disease?"

Li Ming hesitated, sighed and said, "Guoqiang, how to say, it has something to do with uncle's usual diet, eating too much fish and meat, plus people are old, the blood vessels themselves have become brittle, uncle also has high blood pressure, usually do not pay much attention to ......" he later The next words, did not say out.

Tao Guoqiang painful: "My father he usually love to eat meat and drink, these years, I earned some money, thinking that my father was not easy, so I want him to enjoy the blessings, give him meat every day, but I did not expect, but still harm him!


Li Ming saw his look, his heart is not a taste, gently patted his shoulder, said softly: "Guoqiang, uncle this kind of, can not last long, sent to the provincial capital city to send, we drive to, also need more than a day ...... This is also the reason I do not let you send, uncle he simply can not stand The road bumps, it is likely to have not arrived, the people on the road is gone."

After a pause, Li Ming said, "Guoqiang, we are brothers, I do not hide from you ...... you, or make preparations early, it is estimated that uncle in quite a dozen hours, or this time tomorrow, it is ...... almost. "

Tao Guoqiang tears instantly gushed out.

Li Ming is also very difficult, as the second hospital doctor, he is very clear, in recent years sent to the cerebral hemorrhage patients, almost no one can get off the operating table, instead, there was once a young patient, relying on infusion, hard to save back, but this also belongs to the miracle, and that young man, cerebral hemorrhage area is not large, not much bruising.

"Uncle Tao!"

A young voice, sounded, the pain of Tao Guoqiang did not hear, but Li Ming is heard, turned his head, saw a high school student fast walking over, he raised an eyebrow, asked: "You look for him?" Li Ming pointed to Tao Guoqiang.

Chen Hao nodded, "That's right, I heard that Uncle Tao's father is sick, so I plan to come over to help and cure Grandpa Tao."

"What did you say?"

Both Li Ming and Tao Guoqiang froze.

Tao Guoqiang wiped his tears, raised his head and looked at Chen Ming carefully, he vaguely felt some familiarity, after all, there were not many residents in the town, so many people in the town were raising their heads and not seeing each other.

"You ...... your father is Chen Nan?"

Tao Guoqiang remembered.

Chen Hao nodded and repeated, "Uncle Tao, I heard that Grandpa Tao was sick, so I came over to help him with his illness."

"You kid, go to the side to get together."

Looking back, Li Ming's face, immediately sank down, "This is where you get together?"

Tao Guoqiang face is also extremely embarrassing, his father is lying in a hospital bed, to put it bluntly, is just hanging on a breath, may pass away at any time, his heart is now in trouble, but at this juncture, the town's children also came to make trouble!

Chen Hao does not know Li Ming, but saw him wearing a white coat, you know he must be a hospital doctor, "this doctor, I am serious, the hospital is a place to save lives, not a place to get together, I still know this."

"You know this is a hospital, and still come to make trouble?" Li Ming frowned, waved his hand impatiently and said, "Go go go, hurry as far away as possible!"

Chen Hao frowned and ignored him.

Seeing this, Li Ming became more and more dissatisfied, his face sank and said, "Hurry up and go aside!"

Chen Hao's heart jumped up with anger, coldly said to Li Ming: "Who are you? I talk to the patient's family, what is it to you? Don't you think you, the doctor, are a little too broad?"