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Chapter 2 speculation land bar

Looking for the calendar, Chen Hao counted the days, yes.

In 1998, the big state-owned enterprise Shenhua Group was exploring the possibility of joint venture cooperation with the steel plant in the town - that is, using the land of the steel plant to build their plant, while borrowing the railroad of the steel plant to send goods to the railway station eighteen kilometers away.

In later times, this is called a strong alliance, resource sharing, for both sides, is a win-win situation.

However, the director of the steel plant, who was short-sighted, not only did not see the benefits of cooperation with Shenhua Group, but also thought that the entry of Shenhua Group would divide the town's residents' intention to choose a job, making it difficult for the steel plant to recruit workers in the future!

The most important thing is that once Shenhua Group builds a factory here, it will also occupy the land belonging to the steel plant!

Therefore, the factory manager directly rejected Shenhua Group's request for cooperation.

After the failure of negotiation and cooperation, Shenhua Group retreated to the second best and purchased a large amount of land not far from the railway station, 18 kilometers away, to build a factory.

After ten years, around the industrial park where Shenhua Group was located, nearly 50,000 people gathered to live there and developed into a new town.

The reason why Chen Hao thought of speculation land, because he remembered then heard people say this thing, in the Shenhua Group to choose the address to build a factory, the acquisition of land, someone thus made a fortune, earned more than a million!

More than a million at this time, that is a huge sum of money without compromise!

"All I have to do is to get a head start on the place later chosen by the Divine Chemical Group, purchase a piece of land, and just sit back and wait for the Divine Chemical Group to acquire it!"

Chen Hao's eyes lit up, "As long as there is this first bucket of gold, the next is much better. But, the money to buy the land, where should I get it?"

Home is certainly not, parents are ordinary workers, the two together, the current salary, only barely reached two thousand dollars.

Even if prices are cheap now, to buy a ninety-square-meter building in Huaqiang City, only fifty to sixty thousand yuan, but if you buy a dozen acres of land, it will take more than one hundred to two hundred thousand to be enough, right?

Even if the family has so much money, parents will never believe his words. After all, Chen Hao is only a junior high school student, still a kid in the eyes of his parents.

Chen Hao meditated on this, put out his cigarette by hand, at this time, a few cold pills on the coffee table, let his heart moved, remembered something.

The richest family in town, named Tao Guoqiang, the town's only three-storey inn, which he opened!

Tao Guoqiang's father passed away in 1998, because of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

The reason why Chen Hao remembered this matter, because this Tao Guoqiang, all along, is the richest person in town!

Later, this Tao Guoqiang became one of the rich people in Huaqiang City, worth more than a billion!

"It seems that this bucket of gold, have to get from Tao Guoqiang!"

Chen Hao had an idea in his heart. The cultivation technique he obtained came from the Dan Fu Sect.

Dan Fu Sect, with medicine into the path, which also contains feng shui geomancy, divination to see equal insights, it can be said that the disciples in Dan Fu Sect, each one is the existence of top healers.

As for Tao Guoqiang's father's cerebral hemorrhage, for Chen Hao, it was just a piece of cake.

The town is not big, so many things can be known with a little inquiring.

Chen Hao in Tao Guoqiang inn opposite the kiosk, bought a bag of instant noodles, casually asked a question, the kiosk owner smiled, "Xiao Hao, you even know this matter? Yes, Tao Guoqiang's father had a cerebral hemorrhage last night, was sent to the city people's hospital to rescue, and I do not know how it is, but the old man is old after all, the fate is more than lucky ah ......"


Chen Hao smiled, did not say anything, turned around and walked out, he knew that Tao Guoqiang's father was not at all lucky, but nine deaths!

Thirty kilometers away from the town of Huaqiang City, at this time is still very backward, even the city's best second hospital, there are not many doctors with high medical skills, a variety of medical equipment are also extremely lacking, in this era of cerebral hemorrhage people, unless they live in the capital city of the province 900 kilometers away, may still be able to salvage it is not certain.

And Tao Guoqiang's father, Tao Qingsheng, passed away in his last life.

On the bus to Huaqiang City, wandering out a few kilometers away, Chen Hao remembered that he had to attend classes in the afternoon.

Give up school, that is impossible, because the last life of Chen Hao, only a junior high school education, so in the latter days of the Internet era, suffered a great loss.

He worked after always thinking that it would have been better if he had gone to school properly, now it is easy to have a chance to start over, Chen Hao will definitely not give up learning.

Knowledge, at any time, is extremely important.

If Chen Hao in the last life, is a programmer or something, then he can now also get a personal website, such as hao123 and so on, he can also make a fortune.

As for what copied songs, and so on.

Chen Hao also thought, but the facts do not match the actual situation.

For example, copying songs, where to send?

Those what Huayi Brothers, Rolling Stone Records and so on, where the company address, Chen Hao do not know.

In addition, he does not know the five-line score, will hum the melody, the melody to let who write? Find a music teacher?

Copying one or two songs is okay, but if more, how to explain? A genius music composer who doesn't even know how to write music in five lines?

Don't be ridiculous, how could anyone believe such a thing!

The bus passed a bridge hole, which is above the railroad, in the north of the highway, looking at it, a desolate, no people, Chen Hao squinted his eyes and looked at this place, he knew that two months later, the industrial park of Shenhua Group, is chosen here.