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Chapter 475 - One man crushes the sea! (Fourth shift)

"How is that possible?"

Seeing Lin Bajun being pierced through the chest by Xue Dai Sha's sword, not only the people of Zhonghai, but also Hua Yunfeng's face changed slightly.

The sword was so brilliant that it looked like a master figure who had been immersed in the sword for decades. Even Lin Bajun, who is a true heir of the Lin family, is not even his opponent.

This is a young girl under 20?

This is a martial artist who has only been practicing martial arts for more than a year and three months?

It's like a joke.

"This Chen Bei Xuan is the best in the world, I didn't expect that even his maid is so powerful. How can an internal martial artist defeat a sect master? It's weird, it's weird." Hua Yunfeng shook his head repeatedly.

And Yang Zhengfeng and the other Lingnan youngsters even let out a cry of alarm and hurriedly tried to help up Lin Bajun, who was forced back with a twist of Xue Die Sha's sword. But the anxious expression on their faces could not be concealed, especially the sword-holding maid of Lin Bajun, who wanted to fight for his life with Xue Dai Sha.

"I've actually lost..."

Lin Bajun is a martial arts master, a sword through the chest is not a fatal injury, but at this time his face is white, a mouthful of blood spurted out, a soul unattached look.

As the Lin family's unicorn son, the prince of the southeast.

He was even ranked by many of the older generation as the most outstanding person of the young generation in China, together with the Ye family girl.

As a result, he had actually lost to Chen Fan's maid, how could Lin Bajun accept this, his mind was clouded for a moment, and all thoughts were lost.


Xue Dai Sha could not care about him, she never failed to complete Chen Fan's orders. Since Chen Fan wanted her to kill Lin Bajun, Xuedaisha would pursue him to the end, even if he had to go to the bottom of the earth.

A zhang-long sword mane cut out from Xue Dai Sha's hand and chopped at Lin Xiaojun in the air.

This sword was so powerful that even a martial arts master could not bear it.


Hua Yunfeng's expression changed and he wanted to stop it, but unfortunately it was already too late. How fast Xue Dai Sha's sword qi was, almost in an instant, it split on Lin Bajun.

Many girls hurriedly closed their eyes, not daring to look at the sight of this body and head.

But at that moment, an explosive cry, fiercely resounded in everyone's mind.

"Who dares to hurt my Lin family's children!"

Countless people opened their eyes and saw a dazzling scene. Only to see a jade token whoosh up at Lin Bajun's chest, which had a small sword engraved on it. Then from the jade token, a translucent figure emerged.

This figure is three feet high, the external golden light, like a god.

As soon as it appeared, the entire hall was immediately silent. Countless people only feel a let people, worship, kneeling on the ground of the might, from the golden figure body emerged.

The golden figure shielded the head of Lin Xiaojun. Snow Day Sha cyan-colored sword maneuver to cut, by it gently flicked a finger, out of thin air to shatter, and even shocked Snow Day Sha back several steps.

"Divine immortal? Demon?"

I don't know how many people, sucked back a breath of cold air, many rich princesses, but was scared paralyzed past.

"This is not a demon god, it's the distraction of a God realm powerhouse. Look at this appearance, it is clearly Lord Suming."

Hua Yunfeng's body shook and his hands trembled.

Cheng Danqing also eyes shooting strange light, closely looking at the golden figure. God realm powerhouse, rare in the world, for decades only Chen Fan a person out of the world, I did not expect to see another one today, although only a distraction.

The figure is shrouded in a layer of golden light, hazy, can not see the face, only vaguely see the E crown and belt, like an ancient scholar, and the waist with a long sword.

"Suming Gong back then, first to study, but unfortunately repeatedly failed to enter the examination, so in a fit of rage, abandoned literature and martial arts, such as mountain monasticism, before finally proved the sword immortal Avenue, this must be Suming Gong himself."

Hua Yunfeng said with certainty.

Lin break the army is incomparable surprise, excited body trembling, kneeling on the ground said.

"My unfilial son, Lin Bajun, pays respects to my ancestor. My son's defeat at the hands of the enemy has discredited the Lin family and lost the Lin family's reputation for a hundred years, so I beg the ancestor to step in and clear the Lin family's shame."

When the others saw this, they all looked blue.

This Lin family ancestor, the real body has not arrived, but the soul appeared out of thin air. And look at the power, could it be that he has become a god? Thinking of this, many people trembled and wanted to run away. Especially the Xia family, the Gao family, the Tang family and other people, before betraying the Lin family, at this time to see this scene, scared out of their souls.

Xue Dai Sha also looked grave, secretly lifting according to the true energy, wanting to strike with full force.

"You back off."

Chen Fan waved his sleeve and stopped the young maid.

With the "Qing Hua Sword Sutra" cultivated by Xue Dai Sha, although she could defeat Lin Bajun with her inner strength, she was still a bit short of fire if she wanted to fight against a God Realm Demiurge.

"I didn't expect that you thought so highly of this person that you even made a divine talisman token for him to wear with him. However, a mere God realm, not to mention just a wisp of a distant spirit, even if your real body is here, I can still kill it."

Chen Fan snorted coldly and grabbed the air.

Only to see countless bright silver divine aura, from Chen Fan's pupils gathered out, in the air into a three-inch three-minute long silver knife. Once this knife appeared, the wind in the sky and the ground stopped, the crowd only felt their souls, it seems to be split by that knife.

The knife of divine thought!

This invisible divine blade, which Chen Fan used to have to do his best to condense, finally began to show its true power as Chen Fan stepped into the divine sea.

Once this blade is released, it will cut down the nine ghosts and cut up the heavenly gods!

All things of the divine soul cannot be cut down!

"Fellow Daoist, please listen to my words ...."

The figure was about to say something.

But Chen Fan would not pay attention to him, and waved his hand casually.


With a whoosh sound, the blade of divine thought was as fast as lightning, pulling out a silvery blade mane in the void and instantly chopping at the figure. The golden figure only had time to pull out the long sword, a block in the air, but instantly with the sword, the person was split in half by the silver knife, and then stirred in the air, all turned into points of light scattered.

The crowd saw this, all dumbfounded.

For a time, this mountain villa, silent, even Hua Yunfeng is also shocked.

"This is dead?"

Only after a long time did Cheng Danqing say in a loud voice.

The ancestor of the Lin family's spirit came out, how imposing, like a god. But only under Chen Fan's casual strike, was easily cleaved to death, without the slightest room for resistance.

"The myth of the world, worthy of the myth of the world ah! No wonder even the CIA has reopened the God List for him."

Hua Yunfeng let out a long breath and said, secretly sighing, "This Chen Bei Xuan, even a hundred years ago, I'm afraid he could be among the top five of the God List."

The Xia family, Chu family, Gao family and other family heads, on the other hand, were surprised to the point of frenzy. That what Lin Family God Realm, even Chen Fan couldn't block a single slash, didn't it mean that the Lin Family God Realm was not enough to be feared at all, they just needed to cling to Chen Fan's thigh?

Thinking of this, countless Zhonghai family heads bowed and worshiped, becoming more and more respectful to Chen Fan.

On the other hand, Lin Bajun looked lost in thought, his mouth crying out, "How is it possible? The ancestor was invincible. How could he be defeated? It's impossible."

"You say that, go underground and ask again."

Xue Die Sha coldly snorted and brought his sword to slash, not holding back.

"You are just a mere servant girl, how dare you kill me, my Lin family will never let you go." Lin Bajun let out a wild roar, and fiercely raised his true strength, his body was overflowing with astral energy, and his hands closed, trying to clamp down on Xue Dai Sha's ancient sword.

Unfortunately, Xue Dai Sha was practicing the "Qing Hua Sword Sutra", although it was only a technique of an unknown school that Chen Fan had found at hand, it was an immortal cultivation technique after all.

Under the radiant green sword flash.

Although Lin Bajun, with both hands, clamped the ancient sword. But the vast sword qi had already broken through his protective astral energy, strangling his chest and internal organs to shreds, even if the Great Luo Immortal came, there was nothing he could do.

"You... How dare... How dare..."

Lin Bajun's eyes were rounded, his eyes were full of reluctance, as if he did not believe that he was going to reach the top of China, lead the Lin family to rise, defeat the Ye family, and become the number one family in China again, how could he die here, under a servant girl?

Unfortunately, he was not a god after all, at most, he could only support for half a minute, and then he swallowed his breath.

"Alas, Lin Bajun has finally been too smooth in his life and does not know the times, so it is inevitable that he will end up in this difficulty."

Hua Yunfeng let out a long sigh, his heart sinking.

Chen Fan killed Lin Brejun, beheaded Lin Shuming's distraction, that great expert of the Lin family, will be good with Chen Fan to rest? Only this is a matter between the God Realm, although Hua Yunfeng is only half a step away from the God Realm, but this half step is not enough to step out, will never be qualified to participate in the God Realm battle.

"Below the God Realm, all are ants, I didn't understand originally, but today I finally understand."

Cheng Danqing let out a bitter smile.

At this moment, many Zhonghai family heads, such as the Gao family, Chu family, Xia family, etc., all seemed like a tidal wave, converging on Chen Fan's side, posing with smiling faces, words of flattery came overwhelmingly, desperately coming up to pull relations.

Ai Jingqi watched.

Many of the huge wealthy tycoons in Zhonghai, who were usually so high and mighty that their own fathers had to be respectful when they saw them. Now it looks like a student to see the teacher's respectful appearance.

There are even people, holding her hand, called big niece, a close as if the closest friends like. But before Ai Jingqi had actually only met him once.

"This is the God realm, ah, one person and block the world, one person and press the sea!"

Ai Jingqi's gaze was complicated as she looked at Chen Fan.

The many second-rate and third-rate gentry around them were huddled outside, and could only look at Chen Fan in awe and envy. Many people secretly thought, "I'm afraid the Lord of Zhonghai is about to change. More people thought that the Fairview Group would be soaring to the sky, and no one would be able to stop it, and the Ji family would disappear after today.

"Immortal Master Chen, please enter the main table, let us treat Immortal Master well."

Hua Yunfeng stepped forward and bowed his hand, his attitude becoming more and more respectful.


Chen Fan nodded his head.

Yi Cheng and the others, kneeling on the ground, just watched as Chen Fan, surrounded by many Zhonghai family masters, stepped into the hall like a party emperor. As for Lin Jun, the Lin family and the Lingnan crowd, who would think about them anymore? (Unfinished business to be continued.)