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Chapter 9 things to do

In his previous life, Hu Yang had heard of this matter. That savings office in Sixth Avenue Bay, located in the coal mine area, is very remote. In the nineties, there has basically out of the city. At the time of the sale of the lottery table, the six-way bay savings office is fifteen one.

Other people were crowded, but there was no one lined up there at all. The day the subscription lottery table was sold, it is said that it was not sold out until the end of the afternoon.

This era, not only communication is not developed, information is also not developed. This kind of thing if set aside in the twenty-first century is impossible to happen, a circle of friends will be able to turn crazy.

In fact, Hu Yang two days ago also thought about whether to go directly to the line of the six road Bay, but he still chose the Dongfeng Road side. Because of the six-way bay is too remote, a large group of people can not solve the problem of eating in the first place.

Moreover, he did not dare to wait until the day of the sale to go, in case things have changed is not blind?

So his idea is to work a little harder, queue for two days can also buy the lottery table. Now since there is still money left over, go to the six-way bay side to take a look, just think of it as picking up a leak.

Li Hao smiled and nodded his head, he found that his nephew's brain really works well. Moreover, through these two days, he also found that Hu Yang's organizational management ability is extremely strong, more than seventy people's team he can also manage in a well organized.

Now, Li Hao is more and more confident about Hu Yang. So he drove his worn-out mini van and went straight to the Sixth Avenue Bay Savings Office.

"Hey, Yang Yang, you're really god. There's really not much here."

Really, the Sixth Avenue Savings Office was cold and clear, and several tellers were sitting there dozing off. In order to protect the task of the issue, they are early in the morning to work, who knows no one asked.

Li Hao, Hu Yang and Liu Donglai one went to a window.

"Miss, I want to buy more lottery tables, okay? You see, we have no one here anyway."

The young girl at window number one was not too old, looking not older than Hu Yang by a couple of years. After buying twenty lottery tables, Hu Yang smilingly discussed with her.

The young girl looks quite decent, but her face is a bit thin. Hearing Hu Yang's name, she actually blushed a little. But she still shook her head firmly and said, "Sorry, it is stipulated above that there is a limit of twenty lottery tables per person per time."

On the other hand, Li Hao was also grinding with people at the window, and he wanted to exchange all the money in his hand for the lottery tables. However, the reply there was the same.

The three people reluctantly walked out of the savings office, and Li Hao took out a pack of red plum cigarettes and gave both Hu Yang and Liu Donglai a loose one.

"Smoke it, no need to hide it, I know you two kids are smoking."

Green smoke curled up, three people ruthlessly smoking cigarettes, eyes looking at the savings.

Hu Yang smoked a few puffs, then put out the cigarette. "Brother, it is not possible to stand here to pull people to help us buy. The big deal is that one person gives a benefit fee of ten or twenty dollars. You two finish your cigarettes first, and then I'll go into the bank to see."

This kind of thing, the night is long, get it done early are at ease. Hu Yang did not die, and went into the savings office.

"Huh? Why are you here again? Not to you said it, each person is limited to buy twenty ......"

The little girl at the counter rolled her eyes, always feeling that the rather handsome looking boy in front of her was not in good faith.

"Yeah, I didn't go out and line up again before I came in. The rules only say that each person is limited to twenty tickets, but it does not say that people are not allowed to repeat the queue."

Although Hu Yang is a little strong words, but there is still some truth in this statement. The number of people is too much, a person in line once to buy on is lucky. Repeated queues? That is you think too much ...... But the problem is, no one expected the sales on this side of the Sixth Avenue Savings Center to be so cold.

"This ...... Then I'll go ask the leader."

The young girl was a new employee, hadn't been on the job long, and really didn't know how to handle this kind of thing. She stood up and ran to the back office to ask for instructions.

After five or six minutes, she reappeared, followed by the head of the savings office behind her.

At this time, Li Hao and Liu Donglai finished smoking cigarettes also walked in. Seeing the situation on Hu Yang's side, they came together around the front.

The head of the savings center smiled and said at the counter: "Forget it, let's not beat around the bush. Say, how much are you going to buy? If it's not a lot, I'll make the decision to sell it to you, so that we don't all get tired."

"We only have ten thousand dollars in hand, so let's buy one thousand lottery tables."

Hu Yang took the money from Li Hao's hand and handed it directly into the counter. People's leader's words have come to this point, still do not hurry ah?

"A thousand sheets can be quite a lot of oh, this if people know I may also have to be criticized."

It turned out to be one thousand, the director of the savings office secretly sighed with relief. Their share of the sale was 30,000 lottery sheets, so one thousand sheets was really not a big deal.

However, these people are not related to each other, really want to open this mouth? The director of the savings office was a little hesitant.

People do not take, Hu Yang is not good to just throw the money on the counter. He thought about it and said: "What is the name of the leader? How about you come out and let's discuss?"

The young girl at the counter was quick on the uptake and said, "This is our director Xu."

Director Xu nodded with a smile and said, "Good, I'd like to see how much more you have to say. Little horse, you order money first, the rest of the matter later."

Hu Yang heart of a stone finally fell to the ground, he handed 10,000 yuan to the girl, let Liu Donglai here to guard, and walked out of the bank with Li Hao.

Director Xu soon came out, Li Hao met up and shook hands with people.

"Director Xu, once you get acquainted, we may even become friends in the future. I am Li Hao from the pharmacy of the Chinese hospital, and this is my nephew Hu Yang."

Director Xu, who was a little younger than Li Hao, didn't have much of a presence, and then smiled and politely said. "You guys are really good at finding places, you actually found me here all the way here. All right, just think of it as two new friends, I'll have the counter sell it to you later. But I'm a little curious, what if I don't agree, what will you guys do?"

Li Hao looked at Hu Yang, who said with a smile, "Director Xu, I was just talking to my brother-in-law, and if I can't, I'll pull people in the street to help. Help us to buy twenty lottery tables, give ten dollars of benefit fee. Now that you have helped us, this 500 yuan benefit fee is yours."

Director Xu said: the other party is five hundred money, really generous. But this money can not take, take the hot hand. He then laughed and shook his head, "This is not possible, you guys, don't hurt me oh."

Li Hao patted Hu Yang's shoulder and said, "Come on, Yang Yang, let's not force people. This way, Director Xu, let's leave a contact information, when the weekend is free to come out together for dinner."

Saying that, Li Hao and Director Xu left each other a pager number.

"Okay, brother Li, Xiao Hu, I'm still busy inside, so I won't talk to you guys first. Let's get together when there's time."

Director Xu felt that Li Hao and Hu Yang were quite interesting and it would be good to get to know them. Afterwards, he let the counter collect the money and gave them one thousand subscription lottery forms.