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Chapter 8: Picking Up the Pieces

As we were talking, the sound of arguing came from the middle of the long line.

Li Hao didn't need to look to know that it was still those few small gangsters who cut in line who were stirring things up, saying that they were being pushed out from inside the line.

"Platoon leader, those bastards just showed up at noon. They came and jumped the queue everywhere. You can ask, the people around saw it."

Li Hao found that many people were afraid of retaliation and did not dare to tell the truth. He did not care, anyway, it was far away, even if they heard it, they were not afraid.

The platoon leader frowned and walked over with big strides. It didn't take long to understand the situation clearly. Seven or eight small gangsters still wanted to argue, they were hit out with rubber sticks in the hands of soldiers.

Now the whole line is quiet, everyone is looking forward to the early start of sales. Seriously, queuing for dozens of hours in the open air is really fucking exhausting!

At 6 p.m., fifteen sales began to issue number plates one after another. By 2:30 a.m. on April 18th, all the valid number plates had been issued.

"Come on, come on, give me all the number plates you have. Well, I will also keep your ID cards for you. Tomorrow morning, we will have a good breakfast and the bank will be open. After two days of hard work, there should be a result, I will give you the money when I get the subscription lottery, please rest assured."

Li Hao said these words, in fact, Hu Yang reminded him. The bosses who hired people to buy subscription lottery forms back then, many of them were busy for nothing. The problem is that the organization is not well organized, there are clearing the field was scattered, there is the night took the number plate and left, there are also bought on the subscription lottery table on their own disappeared.

Hu Yang and Li Hao to find these people, three ways out of the Bay of basic can be assured. Those folk are not familiar with it, or first the little man after the gentleman.

Soon, Li Hao took away everyone's number plates and ID cards. When he was busy, Hu Yang explained in advance to Liu Donglai them in a whisper, so that they also cooperate with the handing over of ID cards and number plates.

Otherwise, just for the fifty civilian workers, people's mouths do not say that the heart is certainly not painful.

When the day is almost dawn, Li Hao returned to the car to sort out the cash in his hands.

Now he has his own outside borrowed thirty thousand yuan, Hu Yang's four thousand two hundred yuan, adding up to a total of thirty-four thousand two hundred yuan.

For this reason, Li Hao also carried a large black bag, in which the money and number plates as well as the identity cards of the group.

Early in the morning, Hu Yang had breakfast delivered. Steaming meat buns and soy milk, so that everyone ate very happy.

Nearly 9:30 in the morning, the platoon leader came to Li Hao: "The first batch of 50 people will be put in first, you guys get ready."

In the latter half of the night, the platoon leader and Li Hao chatted quite a lot, but Hu Yang was not so energetic, he leaned against the wall and slept for a short time.

Li Hao smiled and nodded, then said, "Platoon leader, there are only seventy-six of us. Why don't we all go in? You see, the money is in my hand, later go in and let them give the number plate to the counter, I buy it out at once, is not all save your mind."

The platoon leader shook his head and said, "It's okay to put you all in at once, but I'm afraid you still need to buy each one. One person is limited to twenty, no substitution."

Sometimes the rules are so dead, knowing that it is pants down and farting more than necessary, but still have to go through the process.

Li Hao helplessly shook his head, hurriedly and Hu Yang discussed a few words, and took more than seventy people into the savings office.

Today, the Dongfeng Road Savings Office opened a total of six windows to sell the lottery table. Li Hao, Hu Yang did not rush to the window, they have to give these people to distribute the number plate and work capital fee.

Each person two hundred yuan, can buy twenty lottery tables.

Li Hao was busy at the counter, and Hu Yang was waiting at the exit. When a person from his side came over, he collected twenty subscription lottery forms, then returned the ID card to the person and paid one hundred yuan.

When the two of them finally bought twenty lottery forms each and walked out of the savings office, only Liu Donglai was left waiting at the door, and the rest of the people who took the money were anxious to go home and sleep.

Two days and two nights in the open air queue, sleepy can only take a nap, truly not easy.

"Little uncle let's get in the car first, a simple reconciliation."

Hu Yang just counted, there are a total of fifteen hundred and twenty subscription lottery table in hand, the cost of work spent fifteen thousand two hundred yuan.

Just pay people in line, spent 7,300 yuan, of which Liu Donglai's did not give, Hu Yang had another plan.

The two days of meals, buy water and other odds and ends expenses about seventeen hundred yuan. Now Hu Yang and Li Hao's money should be left with ten thousand yuan.

In the mini-van, Li Hao and Hu Yang reconciled the accounts, and the remaining cash in hand was no difference.

"Ah, it's been a tiring two days. Yang Yang, three monkeys, I'll send you back to sleep. Let's go out for a good meal at noon."

Li Hao is also tired enough to follow down these two days, but the good thing is that he is strong and young, can still carry.

Liu Donglai wanted to go back to sleep, but Hu Yang had explained before let him wait. By this time all the people who came to get the hard-earned money, he himself is still empty-handed.

"Brother-in-law, you wait for a while." Hu Yang smiled and said to Li Hao, then glanced at Liu Donglai: "Three monkeys, either I give you two hundred dollars, or give you twenty lottery tables. You choose yourself."

Li Hao knew that these two boys have the most iron relationship, and did not bother to care about them, in the car hand on the steering wheel closed eyes to rest.

Liu Donglai mouth "uh-uh" two sounds, eyes rolled around, half a day did not make up his mind.

Two hundred dollars in cash is certainly attractive enough, he can go to buy a pair of early fancy sneakers, can also eat some delicious food outside. The problem is, he saw the craziness of these people lining up to buy the lottery table, and had a little something else in mind.

"Old Hu ...... No, Brother Hu. If you're willing, just give me twenty lottery forms. Anyway, I don't know anything, just follow you and sell them when you say."

Liu Donglai finally made up his mind, licking his face and hurrying to say good things.

"Hey, look at your sweet little mouth. Stay away from me, twenty lottery tables from now on will be your three monkeys."

Hu Yang disgustedly dodged back, to be honest these people did not even brush their teeth, who's breath is not fresh.

After a while, one person chewed a piece of gum, Hu Yang only serious up. "Brother-in-law, we still have to work hard. I found the fifteen distribution of the sales lottery table this time very interesting. Other than that, one of them is out of the way, the CCB Sixth Avenue Bay Savings Office. I think there must not be many people buying this thing over there, why don't we go and take a look? Maybe we can even pick up a leak."