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Chapter 7 Clearance

A night down really tired, lying down to sleep certainly do not even think about it, but also to be able to sit at the root of the wall to doze.

"Yang Yang, you go back to sleep for a while during the day, here I am."

Li Hao heart Hu Yang, the seventeenth early in the morning before dawn he rushed over, let Hu Yang go home to rest, and then come back at night.

Hu Yang shook his head, pulled Li Hao aside and whispered: "Uncle, today the official announcement will be issued, when the queue will be a lot of people. We are here today, do not go back to boil water, all of us drink mineral water. In addition, from noon onwards, each can have armed police to maintain order, and I'm afraid that people who leave will not want to come back in."

Li Hao will believe, but he did not argue with Hu Yang.

In the morning of the 17th, the Xijiang Daily published the announcement of the public share issue of the Xijiang Hong Yuan Trust Co. and the announcement of the "limited share subscription lottery".

When it was almost noon, the number of people lining up to follow the trend suddenly increased. Dongfeng Road Savings Office side, at least five or six hundred people gathered in line.

When there are many people, the order of the scene is inevitably a little chaotic. Hu Yang frowned and said, "Uncle, hurry up and let our people eat, after eating everyone go to the convenience, it is best not to move around after lunch."

Li Hao thought deeply, nodded and said, "Yang Yang, you and three monkeys watch our people, I'll ask them to send over the box lunch."

After eating, Hu Yang let everyone organize the team, and then ten people in a group, rotating to WC. when their side all settled down, the time also came to 3:30 p.m..

Liu Donglai sat at the front of the queue, he and the twenty-three people from the three ways to find the first to come over the line. Behind them are the fifty people under Li Hao's contractor friend, the whole team is connected at the beginning and end, and there are no outsiders in between.

Li Hao and Hu Yang stood at the end of their own line, but they were not in the line, but stood outside the line. This is convenient for them to manage the seventy people.

After all, it takes two days and two nights to line up, and there are still quite a lot of various trivial things.

"Hey, what are you doing, you are not allowed to cut in line!"

Hu Yang was gossiping with his brother-in-law, when he suddenly heard Liu Donglai in front of the line shouting. Raised his eyes to see, the front of the line came seven or eight flowing young men, crooked eyebrows and slanted eyes must cut the line.

"What? We drew a circle here the night before to occupy a seat, you say we cut in line? Kid, don't be uncomfortable, believe it or not, I'll beat you out of X to ......"

Needless to say, here comes a group of social gangsters. These guys in their twenties are obviously playing rough and trying to cut in line.

"Yang Yang, you guard here, I'll go see."

Young uncle said he was ready to go over, from the three ways out of the Bay of people never timid to fight.

"Brother-in-law, you listen to me ......" Hu Yang turned his head toward the surrounding look, and indeed found a Toyota van parked at the roadside. "Here, the person behind the curtain is probably in that car. I heard that this afternoon to clear the scene, armed police or public security will come to maintain order. So you do not clash with them, really fight who does not fall well."

Li Hao has now trusted his nephew's sources, and hearing this, he had a plan in mind.

"Hey, I said you guys, want to find something?"

Li Hao unhurriedly walked to the front, "pop" lit a cigarette, smiling at the group.

Three monkeys Liu Donglai saw Li Hao, the heart settled down.

"Who are you, want to meddle in what?"

The little gangsters saw Li Hao, but also a little scared. These guys have the most poisonous eyes, who can and can't mess with, a glance can see a seven or eight points.

But things have come to a head, can not allow them to retreat, can only be tough to the end.

Li Hao smiled, a mouthful of smoke all sprayed in the face of the opening this person. "Three monkeys, Yang Yang, let all our people stand up."

"Quickly, all stand up and line up, small matzah take the hand ......"

This situation Hu Yang is psychologically prepared, back when the queue, all kinds of chaos have seen. He came all the way from the end of his own team, shouting as he went, the ignorant civilian workers are very obedient to do so.

The two dozen people brought by Liu Donglai didn't need to shout, they stood up on their own initiative and started drumming with their ponytails.

Seventy to eighty people suddenly stood up, or very intimidating. The small gangsters who were pretending to be calm before, now immediately conceded.

Seven or eight people against seven or eighty people, as long as they are not drugged up, they really do not dare to continue to provoke.

"Come on, let's give you the seats in front, we'll go to the back of the line, okay?"

These guys did not dare to talk tough and slink backwards. When they passed the line of more than seventy people, they started to squeeze into the line of others.

"What's wrong with you guys? No cutting in line!"

"What are you shouting for? We were already in line here. Who is not convinced?"

The back of the line began to be chaotic again, except that most of the people in line were strangers in twos and threes. Like Hu Yang, they are such an organized "large force", really can not find a few.

In the face of these few small gangsters, we dare not speak out in anger. But you can't stand in front of me. So all of them are tightly packed together, the front of the heart against the back, it is simply impervious to splashing water needles can not enter.

Li Hao shook his head, came over and Hu Yang glance at each other, are some funny.

In fact, their side looks like a lot of people, really fight, the fifty civilian workers are certainly not counted on. People are here to help line up and earn some money, of course, will not cause trouble. So look at the number of people, in fact, not so exaggerated.

But scare away the best, not to fight and give up the army well.

Chaos and commotion for a while, the guys eventually did not dare to hit people. A few of them stuck to the line, stood in a row, and the whole line came out with an extra bifurcation.

At this time, a military vehicle drove over and parked at the roadside, jumped down from the top of 30 to 40 armed police soldiers. They quickly came to the entrance of the savings center and began to maintain order.

Li Hao stood at the front of the line, Liu Donglai in the middle, and Hu Yang at the end of his own people.

At 16:00 pm on April 17, fifteen sales began to clear.

"Platoon leader, the seventy-five people behind me are all together. I can be responsible for the order of our group."

When Li Hao saw the platoon leader of these armed police fighters approaching, he took the initiative to come forward to talk. He was afraid that Hu Yang was not able to control the fifty civilian workers behind him alone, in case the group broke up, it would be a waste of hard work.

"Together? It's all the people you found, right? Okay, then you out of line, responsible for maintaining your own order. Don't go out of the cordon, if you go out, you can't come back in."

The platoon leader saw that the order of the 70 to 80 people in front was indeed very good, which reduced the workload for the soldiers. So it was promised that Li Hao did not have to stand in the line, so that it was convenient for him to manage his own people.