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Chapter 6 all-night queue

Hu Yang certainly knows Liu Donglai's mind, except that he is also helpless, the current age and identity, it is indeed very difficult to make others feel enough trust.

"Okay, three monkeys, you also do not always hang in front of me. You go out now to find more people, and we'll go to the queue first thing tomorrow morning. Well, it's fifty dollars a day, with meals."

Three Roads Bay this piece, everything is lacking, lack of water and sewage, lack of heating ...... But there is no shortage of idle people. The family situation a little better, but also outside to do some small business. The family situation in general, can only be idle at home to mix life.


Liu Donglai has the energy to turn around and go out to find someone.

Hu Yang was bored at home, flipping through the West River Evening News all afternoon. When it was time to leave work and did not wait for his brother-in-law, he rode his bike to the city's family compound.

When he returned home again, two thousand dollars more in his pocket. This two thousand dollars is Wu Maosheng's mother to the red hand to him, people said, money loss does not matter, young people should exercise more exercise.

It is also true that Wu Maosheng's parents' salary income can add up to more than a thousand dollars, in this year is not bad money master.

"Yang Yang, dinner is ready, hurry up and wash your hands."

When he got home, the family had already prepared dinner, and his father, mother and brother-in-law were waiting for him.

"Oh ......"

Hu Yang washed his hands and sat down at the table to eat with his family. Brother-in-law gave him a wink, signaling that there was something to say until later.

The dinner is soup noodles, Li Guixiang is the first to finish eating. Put down the dishes, she got up and went into the bedroom to get a stack of money wrapped in newspaper and put it in Hu Yang's hand.

"Yang Yang, I just asked your brother-in-law, he said that you and Wu Maosheng that child to do things together or very reliable. Here are two thousand dollars, you take it, be careful in the outside work ah."

Hu Yang hurriedly showed a good smile and said, "Got it, mom!"

Hu Zhiguang did not say anything, only gave Hu Yang an encouraging look and continued to eat noodles with a big mouthful.

After eating, Li Hao went into Hu Yang's room, and Hu Yang hurriedly followed.

"Close the door first." Li Hao waited for Hu Yang to close the door before he continued, "Your parents don't know anything about stock warrants, so let's not let them follow the heartbreak. I went out this afternoon to borrow 20,000 yuan, tomorrow there may be some, it is estimated that the total is not more than 30,000 bar. Now you talk to me, how do you plan to operate?"

Li Hao went down not just to borrow money, he also found someone to learn more about the issue of the subscription lottery table, and indeed there were some well-informed bosses out there who started hiring people.

I heard that this time the subscription lottery table is on sale in limited quantities, each person is limited to twenty.

Although Li Hao did not have the knowledge in this area, he still thought that his nephew's words were reliable. Therefore he decided to take a big gamble.

"Thirty thousand ...... Less is a little less, but it's not bad. I have four thousand two hundred dollars in my hand, of which one thousand will be bought on behalf of Wu Maosheng. Little uncle, although the announcement has not yet come out, but I heard that the city has a total of fifteen issued most of the CCB's business department. The official time of sale should be the morning of the eighteenth."

According to memory, Hu Yang can say out several close to the sale

CCB city branch business department is located in the most prosperous section of the West River, is undoubtedly the big hit. Most people chose to line up there back then, but Hu Yang knew that was the worst choice.

Closer to home, and not too many people a premier CCB Dongfeng Road savings office.

Li Hao thought about it and said, "The eighteenth only began to sell ah, then the morning of the seventeenth to the East Wind Road Savings Bank queue should also be in time, right?"

In Li Hao thought, there is really no need to queue up two days in advance. Hire people to line up also need to pay the cost, right?

Hu Yang shook his head and said, "Three monkeys said that the bosses outside hired people to line up from tomorrow morning, we do not mind the trouble, or tomorrow to go to the safe some. Little uncle, why don't we go and see now? Maybe there will be a queue tonight."

"It's too much to start queuing tonight, isn't it? Well, I'll go around and take a look when I get back, but you don't have to go. Then, as you said, tomorrow morning, go to the East Wind Road Savings Office door and wait. Yang Yang, brother-in-law decided to gamble this time. If it is lost, then do not say anything, if it is earned, there will certainly be a share of you. These days you also work harder, use more thought, you hear?"

Li Hao is actually a very crazy person, once he makes up his mind to do something, he will not care about the consequences.

As in the previous life, Li Hao brought out a considerable amount of money from the bank, and then took the money to buy gold in Aljinshan, and then sold it to the deep sea.

You know that the year of private gold trafficking is a serious crime, he not only did, and more and more. The final end was that Li Hao went to jail and died of a heart attack in prison.

"I know, brother-in-law. You can rest assured that this time we will be able to make a big profit."

Hu Yang knows that this time can certainly make a lot of money, but he now has a lot of words but can not say out. The good thing is that there is Wu Maosheng ah, what things involved in him will be credible greatly increased. After all, information is very underdeveloped in these days, people believe in the words of people with official background.

April 16th, morning.

People rushing to work early in the morning, found a very strange phenomenon. Especially like the CCB city branch door, people have not yet started work, the door has been a long line.

"How to make the entrance of the bank like a vegetable market? What do these people want to queue here early in the morning?"

Many people glanced hastily, both curious and puzzled.

In fact, so far, the official news has not been released yet, and most of the citizens of Xijiang City do not know the news about the subscription lottery table at all.

Only in reality there are always some well-informed people who will act ahead of time, which makes individual guys with a deft mind start to follow the trend.

By the end of the afternoon, there were already long lines at the mouths of things like the business department of the CCB City Branch and Guotai Securities. Dongfeng Road savings office door also lined up a lot of people, Hu Yang roughly estimated that there can be between two hundred and three hundred people.

Among them, there are seventy or so people are Hu Yang and his brother-in-law Li Hao to find.

Li Hao has a friend who is a small contractor, he received Li Hao's call without saying a word, he sent fifty civilian workers over.

Liu Donglai found twenty-three idle people in the three ways of the Bay, and all in place.

Because of the better preparation, the seventy or so people, hands a small horse, a water cup and a military coat. Of course, the ID card is also everyone with the.

Li Hao and Hu Yang to run back and forth, to boil water from home to bring over, for which they almost borrowed the neighbor's water bottle. Good to have a Changhe van on hand, otherwise so many people can only drink cold mineral water.

Meals on the simple, four dollars a fast-food boxed meal large amount of full.

At night, Hu Yang let brother-in-law go back to rest, he and Liu Donglai two people wrapped in grass-green army coat, responsible for greeting the seventy or so people.