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Chapter 5 brother-in-law's choice

Just a moment after his father turned around, Hu Yang found that his father's temples already had a lot of white hair, and his tall body was slightly stooped.

Hu Yang secretly squeezed his fist and resolved that he must change the current situation at home.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

In Hu Yang's memory, even a pager was a luxury in 1993. A Motorola digital pager in about a thousand dollars, a Han display pager almost three thousand dollars.

As for cell phones, thick and heavy like a brick, which is commonly known as "Big Brother". For example, Motorola 8800 are in more than ten thousand yuan, simply not the average person can afford to buy.

Hu Yang took the note and said with a smile, "I'm going to give my brother-in-law a call."

Then he ran out of the yard in a flash, out of the alleyway, to the kiosk not far from home to call a pager to brother-in-law.

Nowadays, public phones are not very easy to find. If you wait until after work in the evening, you still have to wait in line to call. However, there were not many people outside in the late afternoon, so Hu Yang bought a bottle of soda at the kiosk and sat on a bench waiting patiently.

After about twenty minutes, brother-in-law's phone call did not return, he himself drove a dilapidated Changhe mini-van parked at the roadside.

"Yang Yang ......"

Li Hao parked the car, walked down and saw Hu Yang sitting on the bench.

"Brother-in-law! I was waiting for your call ...... As a result, you are here."

Hu Yang smiled at his brother-in-law, hastily paid for the phone and soda, and ran to Li Hao's front.

Li Hao is just thirty years old this year, about one meter seventy-five years old, with a moderate figure. His looks and Li Guixiang have a few similarities, not only handsome, but also has a natural affinity.

Seeing his brother-in-law again, Hu Yang's heart was quite unsettled. Since the death of his brother-in-law, he was grief-stricken. Brother-in-law has not only been very good to Hu Yang since childhood, but also in the years after Hu Yang failed the college entrance exams, taking him to break through in society ......

Hu Yang was deeply influenced by his brother-in-law Li Hao, and it can be said that Li Hao was his half life coach.

"Hey, Yang Yang. How to good reason to freeze up? Let's go, what's the matter in the house to say."

Brother-in-law smiled and patted Hu Yang's shoulder, and dragged him back to the house.

"Brother-in-law, you didn't go out to deliver to someone today?"

Li Hao and Hu Zhiguang get along well, occasionally free two people at home will drink a few cups of wine.

"I'm leaving now, it's not Yang Yang went out to page you, so I waited for him a little longer."

Hu Zhiguang knew his son grew up closest to his brother-in-law, and did not like to care about the two of them, pulled open the door and rode on his tricycle and left.

"Brother-in-law, drink tea ......"

The iron kettle on the stove has Hu Zhigang noon burned brick tea, Hu Yang poured a cup for you Li Hao, then sat down and looked at his brother-in-law giggling.

"Hey! Don't laugh, something to say. When you smile, I know it is not good."

Li Hao is also happy, his nephew grew up with this problem. Every time something wants to beg themselves, this look ...... How many years have not changed.

"Hey, it is still the best little uncle. Little uncle, I want to borrow some money from you, I want to do business."

The first thing you need to do is to get your own personal information. At the end of the day, he also specifically instructed not to tell his mother Li Guixiang.

Li Hao nodded, about the "West River Hong Yuan" to issue shares to subscribe to the lottery table thing he also heard people talk about. But this matter so far there is no official official news out, and he does not know much about this matter, so he did not pay attention.

Now when he heard his nephew mention this matter, he was a little surprised: "Yang Yang, why are you interested in this matter ...... I'm not saying that buying that subscription form is not necessarily profitable, it might even lose money. I may have to go to Aljinshan with my friends tomorrow, and I've borrowed a car from somewhere else. If you want me to say, let's not do anything unreliable. When I come back from the field, I will hurry to finish the formalities of the pharmacy, and then you and I will open a store together."

As soon as Li Hao said so, Hu Yang knew that his brother-in-law was not willing to let himself engage in this matter. Indeed, now the vast majority of people for stocks, warrants and so on, two eyes, there is an instinctive resistance is normal.

"Brother-in-law! I am really sure about this matter. You still remember my classmate Wu Maosheng, right? He has reliable information, said that this time bought the subscription lottery table to earn money without loss. If it weren't for my good relationship with him, he wouldn't have told me yet. In addition, three monkeys also came to me this morning, he said there are big bosses hiring people to line up everywhere, just for this matter. Uncle, think about it, these big bosses are very powerful, not profitable things they can be so enthusiastic?"

There is no way, now Hu Yang is too late to give brother-in-law knowledge of securities, he had to bring out Wu Maosheng again.

Speaking of which, Wu Maosheng is simply a "universal brick" for him, where he needs to move.

Li Hao immediately put away the thought of disbelief, the lottery subscription form to pay attention to a few points. His nephew's classmate Wu Maosheng he knows, and he also knows that Wu Maosheng's father Director Wu is a very powerful figure, but also heard that recently the Director Wu may want to rise a rise.

In addition, there are big bosses around to hire people to line up this thing he heard for the first time. According to his intuition, this what subscription lottery table may really have not a small amount of oil.

"But ...... I also plan to go out early tomorrow morning. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more. Yang Yang, I'm going to tell my friend to postpone the departure for a few days. Then I'll go raise some money and discuss it carefully with you when I get back."

Li Hao looked torn, and finally he decided to believe Hu Yang ...... Oh, no, it was to believe Director Wu and those big bosses.


When his brother-in-law was out the door, Hu Yang raised his fist in excitement. He re-entered the nineties, but this point in time was rushed too inch. Just a few days, with his identity as an eighteen-year-old rash, there was no way to raise enough money even if he was beaten to death.

In the afternoon, brother-in-law had not returned, the anxious three monkeys Liu Donglai came over again to find Hu Yang.

"Old Hu, why don't we just go help people in line? I always feel that it's not appropriate for you to buy that thing by yourself, not to mention the profit and loss, can you get that much money?"

Liu Donglai easily found an opportunity to make money, afraid of being Hu Yang to get lost.

Hu Yang rolled his eyes, resisted the urge to give him a "neck", said: "Look at your point of view. Now my brother-in-law is ready to do this subscription lottery table, turn around you and I are helping him to line up. Don't worry, the money is not less than you, fifty dollars a day is enough?"

Liu Donglai was overjoyed, this time the hanging heart was finally put down.

Hu Yang's brother-in-law is also a famous person in the Sandao Bay, he works in the Chinese hospital, and has a wide range of contacts, he must be able to do things at his head.