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Chapter 47This is a problem

Hu Yang and Wu Maosheng received their course schedules and followed their classmates out of the classroom.

"Xiao Hu, Xiao Wu, which way are you going? I'll see if we can take the same line of bus."

Liu Ying, working in the tax branch inspection section, is not very old, at most twenty-two or three years old. People look pretty, mainly in good shape, a person can have about one meter seven. This time she happened to come downstairs with the two of them, and asked a question with a smile.

Before, Hu Yang gave her a score of seventy-five. But this time hearing her sweet voice, he gave an upward adjustment to eighty points.

"Sister Liu Ying, we're going in that direction of Education Street, are we going the same way as you?"

"What a coincidence? I am also going in that direction, it just so happens that we go together to take the second bus."

Hu Yang looked at Wu Maosheng, Wu Maosheng shrugged his shoulders, nothing to do.

"Let's both give you a ride. Sister Liu Ying, our car is over there."

Hu Yang smiled and casually pointed to the Santana parked not far away.

"Oh, blame my sister's clumsy eyes, I really did not see that the two of you still drive to school oh. Let's go, the two students, I also dip your light today."

Liu Ying's character is quite good, neither arrogant nor pretentious, and her words and actions all seem very relaxed and natural.

The three got into the car, Hu Yang just started, sharp-eyed class president Lin Xiangjun came over with a smile and raised his hand to gesture.

Hu Yang rolled down the window, not waiting for Lin Xiangjun to speak, took the initiative to say: "We take the direction of Education Street, class leader, where are you going?"

"Hey, by the way, by the way. I'll just get down to Education Street."

Lin Xiangjun is tall and has a very naive look. Especially his thick lips, very comical.

Wu Maosheng and Lin Xiangjun sat in the back row, Hu Yang drove, and the girls had the privilege of sitting in the passenger seat. Along the way, Liu Ying and Lin Xiangjun tacitly agreed not to pry into Hu Yang and Wu Maosheng's bottom line, we casually chatted and got along very well.

Hu Yang's mood is also pleasant, no matter what, he is back to school. Taking advantage of the short two-year period, he felt he should settle down properly.


The days, in this relaxed and comfortable, slowly but surely slipped away.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The first thing you need to do is to go to the library.

In the afternoon, he sometimes went to practice sparring with Ah Man. Sometimes he would also sit in the office on Education Street for an hour or two, but almost rarely went to the Yibaijia supermarket or Snow Wolf clothing side.

On the contrary, he often visits the new house that is being renovated. Now the interior decoration is relatively simple, and the progress of the project is fast. Hu Yang estimated that by the end of September, the entire renovation would be completed.

"Yang Yang, can you come to Jianye Building this afternoon? There are some things we may have to meet and talk about."

The call came from Li Hao, just in time for Hu Yang to have lunch.

"Okay, then I'll go there this afternoon."

Since we need to meet to talk, there must be something important, so Hu Yang quickly hung up the phone.

At this time, Hu Yang and Wu Maosheng were sitting in a small restaurant eating. The two people ordered two dishes and a soup, and ate relatively simple.

"Ah Mao, what's going on over at Yibaijia lately?"

After eating, the two got into the car and Hu Yang casually asked.

"Nothing big, right? Let's see ...... Oh, recently brother-in-law always argued with manager Fei over the issue of tax payment."

Wu Maosheng is basically working half a day in Yibaijia, occasionally busy will also skip half a day. Therefore, he basically knows all the movements in the company.

"What is there to argue about tax payment? Really. Go, let's go to Jianye Building at noon and see what's going on with the two of them."

Hu Yang asked Wu Maosheng to call Li Hao and Fei Zhijun, he drove directly to the Jianye Building.

Push the door into the office, Li Hao and Fei Zhijun are there. Fortunately, Hu Yang saw that the two of them were chatting and laughing, and could not see anything unpleasant at all.

Hu Yang was secretly relieved, if the two of them did not get along and made a mess, it would definitely affect the normal work of Yibaijia.

"Brother-in-law, Manager Fei, what are you talking about so happily?"

Hu Yang and Wu Maosheng walked in and sat down, and Fei Zhijun got up and made a cup of tea for each of them.

"We are chatting, huh. Here, this is the tax return for last month ...... This is the financial statement, Yang Yang, you can read it yourself. Do you want to call the person in charge of the company's finance?"

Li Hao didn't nag, and directly gave Hu Yang a stack of information.

"I'll look at it first ......"

Hu Yang look at the financial statements is not much effort, quickly circled a few key data.

In August, the six stores of the Yibaijia chain opened at the same time, and the total revenue from the 18th was 2.3 million yuan. Gross margin 15.5, gross profit is 356,500 yuan. Because it was just opened, the cost of expenses was a little higher, more than 30,000 less than 40,000 yuan. In other words, last month's profit before taxes was basically three hundred and twenty thousand yuan.

Look further down.

The sales tax declared for the month is $115,000 and the city construction and education surcharge is $11,500. That adds up to $126,500. The profit after tax is only $193,500.

"So much tax payable for the August declaration?"

This figure was also a bit out of Hu Yang's expectation.

He was not very clear about the tax rate of commercial retail in the nineties either. From the return, it seems that the 5 tax rate business tax is currently in force, and VAT has not been implemented for the time being.

"That means well ......" Li Hao slapped the table and stood up, continuing, "Which company is now honestly taxed? This is not water in the brain or what. But manager Fei did not agree to report less turnover, but had to pay the full amount of taxes."

In the nineties, tax collection and management was still relatively loose. Most enterprises did not have the awareness of paying taxes according to the rules. Especially in the field of commodity distribution, as long as they did not invoice, they did not declare.

So, self-employed and small businesses, such as the small supermarket like Hu Zhiguang operates, the tax authorities also do not let you declare yourself, people set your tax. Hu Yang heard his old man say that his family's small supermarket temporarily on three thousand dollars a month in taxes, and then adjusted according to the situation.

But enterprises like the Yibaijia chain, which has become quite large, of course, is to take a tax declaration.

At this point, Fei Zhijun said: "Mr. Hu, I'm not boasting how noble I am, but I certainly can't think of those crooked ways to do business. I always feel that tax evasion is not long-lasting, and secondly, in case there is a problem in tax, it must be a big problem."

Hu Yang nodded his head, his heart deeply convinced.

The early nineties, the market order is not yet standardized. But with the passage of time, the management will become more and more stringent, if planted in the tax problem will not be worth the loss.

But the monthly tax is a little too much, right? Do not say Li Hao, is Hu Yang look a little heartbroken. So he blurted out, "Hasn't VAT been implemented yet?"

Fei Zhijun shook his head blankly, obviously he didn't understand either.