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Chapter 45 Big Brother Invitation

Evening, eight o'clock.

Hu Yang came to the private room on the third floor of the Xijiang Hotel on time.

"Old Hu, I just finished ordering, come and take a look."

Liu Donglai and Han Wen arrived at seven thirty, Liu Donglai had already written the menu and was waiting for Hu Yang to confirm it.

"Everyone else hasn't come yet, huh?"

Hu Yang casually took the menu and looked at it, he found that Liu Donglai was quite good at ordering food. The meat and vegetarian dishes were reasonable, and also took into account the tastes of the people.

"Okay, add a few seafood and let the waiter give it to the back room to prepare."

Xijiang City is known as the world's farthest city from the ocean, the price of seafood has always been very expensive. Even though Hu Yang didn't like seafood much, he still ordered prawns, paste crabs, mussels and so on for everyone to taste.

After another ten minutes or so, Li Hao walked in with Han Wu as well as Wu Maosheng. Then came Ma Jian and his girlfriend, and the last to arrive was Qiao Yina.

"Yang Yang, sorry. I came a little late this afternoon to reconcile with a few dealers."

Qiao Yina was carrying a big paper bag in her hand and put it on the coat rack, then she came over and sat next to Hu Yang.

"It's not too late, it hasn't been long since they came. Ah Wen, let them serve the food. Everyone sit over, dinner will be served soon."

When Hu Yang finished, Li Hao and the few of them who were still chatting on the side, they all got on the table. In a short while, all kinds of dishes were brought up in a stream, and the speed of serving was really fast.

"Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday ......"

The first glass of wine, of course, is to bless today's birthday boy Hu Yang.

The day of celebration, are drinking white wine. Today Hu Yang specially prepared three bottles of Yili Tequ, and three bottles of 53 degrees Feitian Maotai.

"Yang Yang, how come you didn't call your parents together?"

A few glasses of wine down, the atmosphere at the table began to warm up. Li Hao happened to sit on Hu Yang's left hand side, so he saw the opportunity to ask a question.

"Why didn't I shout? The two of them refused to come, saying that they were afraid that everyone would be uncomfortable. So I purposely went to the Mountain City Restaurant with them at noon to eat a meal, and this is the second meal in the evening, haha."

Smiling, Li Hao also laughed.

And Qiao Yina, who was sitting on Hu Yang's right hand side, kept smiling and kept helping Hu Yang with the dishes.

"Nana, you also eat, don't just focus on Yang Yang alone."

Li Hao looked at it and knew that these two people had an unusual relationship.

"Well ...... Come, Yang Yang, I'll clink a glass with you alone."

Qiao Yina smiled sweetly and got up and drank a glass with Hu Yang.

"Yang Yang, I also want to clink a glass with you."

Wu Maosheng, Liu Donglai, Ma Jian and others all stood up one after another and wanted to clink glasses with Hu Yang.

Li Hao said with a smile, "You guys can't get Yang Yang drunk, he's the birthday boy today. Come on, let's all join together."

Except for the Han brothers who had to drive in the evening, everyone else raised a glass together to wish the birthday boy, Hu Yang.

By ten o'clock, everyone was a little drunk before Liu Donglai placed the cake on the dining table. In fact, by this time, everyone could not eat anything, but the ceremony is still very important.

Blowing out the candles, Hu Yang silently made a wish in his heart, then cut the cake and everyone ate a symbolic amount.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

Hu Yang took his handbag and walked out of the booth. He first went to the bar to check out, and then went to the bathroom for a while, and walked out not too far to meet Wang Qingquan.

"Brother Wang, what a coincidence."

"Yang Yang, you are also eating here today? What a coincidence. It just so happens that Mr. Pang is also here, why don't you and I go in and have a drink?"

Wang Qingquan's face was red, and he was a person who drank on his face at first glance.

"Sure, I'll go meet Mr. Pang and toast him."

Hu Yang happened to be thinking of calling Wang Qingquan in the next two days to meet Pang Qianli. He was actually curious and wondered why people wanted to meet with him.

Wang Qingquan smiled and turned around to lead Hu Yang into the box at the far end of the aisle.

There were three other people in the booth at this time, and Hu Yang recognized Pang Qianli right away. He was still very young compared to the photos he had seen back then. This kind of person, no matter where they are placed, will not be covered up by the light, the body of a unique sharp temperament, others can not learn.

"General Pang, you keep mentioning to me the three ways to the Bay of children, today I brought you oh. This is the boss behind Yibaijia Chain Co., Ltd. and the first major shareholder of Snow Wolf Clothing, Hu Yang.

Yang Yang, the one in front of you is the general manager of Xijiang Wanlong, Pang Qianli."

The other two people Wang Qingquan didn't introduce, so Hu Yang smiled at them and nodded, then said, "General Pang, I've heard of your great name for a long time, and today I finally met the real Buddha. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Hu Yang came forward, Pang Qianli smiled and got up to shake hands with him, not much of a stance, treating Hu Yang on an equal footing.

"Mr. Pang, Manager Wang, then we go back first, see you tomorrow at the company."

Those two people were Pang Qianli's men, and at this time, it was also time to break up the meeting, they had the good sense to say goodbye and leave.

"Haha, Qingquan, I didn't expect the little brother to be quite good at talking. He did not say, I did not even know I was quite famous oh ...... Come, sit down and have a drink. I never see outside this person, simply I also follow Qingquan shout you Yang Yang it."

At this time, either the West River Bandung, or its helmsman Pang Qianli, are still not much fame. So Pang Qianli thought Hu Yang was just being polite, and smiled and flirted a bit.

Which he knows, this is actually Hu Yang's heart. In a few years, under the leadership of Pang Qianli, Xijiang Wanlong will reign over the domestic capital market, leaving countless people in awe.

Wang Qingquan greeted the waiter and gave Hu Yang a new set of tableware. Hu Yang took the initiative to raise his glass and said, "Mr. Pang, Brother Wang, I'll drink to you both. Make yourselves comfortable, I'll drink up."

Wang Qingquan was a little bit incompetent to drink, but seeing Pang Qianli finish his drink in one go, he was a little bit fretful with his glass.

"Forget it, I'll also take over this glass of wine for Qingquan."

Obviously, Pang Qianli's drinking capacity was very good. He took the glass from Wang Quanqing's hand and drank it again with a raised neck.

Hu Yang had no choice but to accompany another cup, which is also a courtesy.

Pang Qianli put down his glass, casually ate two bites of food, and then said: "I heard Qingquan say that you have been at the price of six thousand dollars on the hands of the subscription warrants are empty? Not bad yell, little brother these few waves of operation, like a gazelle hanging horns without trace, very beautiful."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"Yang Yang, is there any interest in coming to Xijiang Wanlong to help me? I know you have your own business, but your pool is too small, it is difficult for you to leap the fish to the dragon's gate oh. I am different here, so to speak, how big is your heart, how big is the stage you will be given in the future!"

Pang Qianli actually opened his mouth to invite Hu Yang to join Xijiang Wanlong, which is definitely something Hu Yang never expected.

As a matter of fact, he had just turned 19 years old and only had a high school education. As an investment big shot who will call the shots in the capital market, there is no reason why he would favor himself.

However, at this time, Hu Yang's heart is not much complacent.

He admires Pang Qianli, just because this name, like Xijiang Wanlong, is a legend of the times. But it doesn't mean that Hu Yang agrees with Pang Qianli's investment philosophy.

How to say it, Pang Qianli this person is too aggressive, or too confident.

In the future, Xijiang Bandung threw out the concept of "industrial integration", a series of investment acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions play a dazzling. In fact, in the end, still can not escape in the secondary market to control the plate sitting in the old way.

Hu Yang remembered that in the previous life, Xijiang Wanlong control of the three listed companies in circulation, the highest control rate of almost 70%! Created a stock for a number of years only up and not down the myth.

But the myth is ultimately a myth, wait until the capital chain breaks, still can not escape the end of the bust.