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Chapter 38 Going to an appointment

In Hu Yang's opinion, even if he also has feelings for Liang Juanjuan, the two together, ultimately there will be no results.

The difference between our family backgrounds is too far, and Liang Juanjuan has a very strong mother, there is really no need to provoke people.

Therefore, Hu Yang never talk about this matter during this time, I did not expect Wu Maosheng mentioned again.

Then let's get together, consider it a small gathering between classmates.

"Yes, I'll call Juan Juan first. I'll let you know when we have an appointment for the two of us."

Wu Maosheng was enthusiastic, and when Hu Yang stopped the car, he got off alone and went to the office.

Hu Yang drove off the road, next he had to go to six sites to see.

After a round, he found that the "supermarket chain" project is progressing quickly, it is estimated that at most by mid to late August all can be completed.

When he met with Liu Baoxing, he got a similar answer.

"I did not dare to delay the construction period for a day, do you see how much to give me some progress payment?"

Liu Baoxing now does not dare to underestimate Hu Yang at all, he already knows all the things, in fact, is dominated by Li Hao, the nephew.

"Good talk, good talk. Tomorrow you come to the office of the education street, find Fei Zhijun Fei manager, he will give you the settlement of the progress payment."

Liu Baoxing is an honest man, before a penny did not want to enter the construction site. Now both Huijia Industry and Yibaijia chain are not short of funds, of course, there is no need to drag people's project payments.

Therefore, Hu Yang agreed to it very quickly.

"Good! Thank you for your understanding and support. You can rest assured that I will try to do my best."

Liu Baoxing was overjoyed and went forward to grab Hu Yang's hand and shook it fiercely a few times.

Hu Yang did not move his right hand back, said with a smile: "Then you busy, I'll go first."


West River Hotel, Chinese restaurant.

At noon, Qiao Yina asked Hu Yang to meet here and said she would invite him to dinner.

Hu Yang arrived as promised, and just after he sat down, Qiao Yina handed him a statement of the business situation.

"Nana, since the opening of Snow Wolf Apparel, the sales performance has been rising fiercely."

This simple image of the chart was clear at a glance, and Hu Yang found that the daily flow of "Snow Wolf Clothing" had already exceeded 30,000.

"The brand of Seven Wolves is good, and the style and quality are first-class. The manufacturer is also willing to spend money and advertise nationwide every day, can the sales be poor? Besides, I have also put some advertisements on the local provincial and city TV stations, and the effect seems to be quite good so far."

Qiao Yina looks bright and beautiful, and the clothes on her body are becoming more and more elaborate. Especially her temperament, in just a short period of time, has changed more obviously.

How to say, before, no matter how she dresses, you can see at a glance that this is a self-employed person. But now, Hu Yang has from her body initially feel a little bit of strong woman taste.

Hu Yang smiled and nodded his head, saying: "That's great! I believe that Snow Wolf will go to glory under your leadership ...... Waiter, order the food."

Qiao Yina invited the guests, so naturally Hu Yang ordered the dishes. He ordered several local dishes from Xijiang: beef chowder, sandwich balls, hoisin sheep's feet, vegetarian fried broccoli, and a pound of roasted whole sheep.

"Okay, we're just two people, these dishes are enough. I drove here, and let's not drink, let's drink the hotel's homemade yogurt."

These dishes, which can be eaten in many small stores, are nowhere near as good as the taste made by the West River Hotel. Of course, the price of the dishes at the Xijiang Hotel was also much more expensive than the small stores.

Qiao Yina nodded and signaled that the waiter could serve the dishes.

"Yang Yang, I really thank you. Snow Wolf Clothing is a business between the two of us, let's put it aside for now. I followed you to do a handful of subscription warrants, but I made a profit of 150,000 oh. So happy!"

Qiao Yina said and took out a jade pendant from the bag, "I also do not know what to send you good, here is a piece of sheep's-fat jade, you take it to play."

This piece of jade pendant, almost half the size of the palm of your hand. Its color is white, the texture is warm and smooth, luster like sheep's fat.

Hu Yang held in his hand to carefully observe, its inner lines are clear, there are obvious "seed jade" characteristics.

The so-called "seed jade" is the Hetian white jade fished from the jade river under the Kunlun Mountains, is one of the top jade.

"Nana, this gift is a bit expensive oh ......"

When Hu Yang was in Yangcheng in his previous life, there was a hometown friend who specialized in jade business. Hu Yang also like jade, one to two even he himself has become a half expert.

The jade pendant in his hand, counting raw materials alone, is worth more than five million yuan in the 21st century.

"Yang Yang, you can not cold adulterate me. This piece of jade is only a little over a thousand dollars, can't you see it?"

Qiao Yina was stunned, not knowing what Hu Yang meant by this, her face was immediately a bit upset.

"Haha, just kidding ...... I really like this piece of jade pendant."

Hu Yang then realized that the price of jade now compared to the twenty-first century, the gap may be beyond his imagination.

He made a haha, only to barely defuse the awkward atmosphere before.

At this time, the dishes were also brought up, and Hu Yang hurriedly said, "Nana, let's drink some wine. When we finish eating, I'll call Han Wen to come over and drive."

Qiao Yina then cheered up, let the waiter bring a bottle of wine to open, and Hu Yang while drinking and eating dishes.

"The beef chowder and roasted whole sheep at the Xijiang Hotel are the best, Yang Yang, you eat more."

"Well, I'm eating it. You also eat ah ......"

Hu Yang still tries to find time to practice sparring until now, and one of the benefits of regular exercise is that he eats a lot more than before.

In Qiao Yi Na's words, watching Hu Yang eat, his own appetite has also become better.

"Come on, Yang Yang, clink a glass. Thank you again ......"

Qiao Yina's face had a faint blush, she raised her cup and looked at Hu Yang with sincere eyes.

"Don't, you are always so thankful, and in the end, you have to give your body to each other ah."

Hu Yang waved his hand, when people can not be too much thanks. To put it bluntly, people buy subscription certificates is only inspired by some of their own, all the decisions are made by Qiao Yina himself, he did not deliberately help what.

"Good! I give you as a daughter-in-law do you want?"

Qiao Yina is not really timid about this, too thin-skinned people in business outside simply can not mix.

"Sister Nana, people are still a child, for the time being can not talk about marriage."

Hu Yang licked his face, are close to the ears of people Qiao Yina.

"Pfft ...... Oops, you bad guy, laugh me to death."

Qiao Yina which has seen this, almost broke off laughing.

Joking and laughing, a table of dishes eaten most, a bottle of wine well, long dry up.

"Nana, it's almost time, I'm going to go give Arvin a call, let him come over and drive."

Hu Yang said he was ready to get up, but Qiao Yina pulled him.

"No hurry, waiter, another bottle of wine."

Qiao Yina hadn't been as happy as today for a long time, and she didn't want to leave now at all.