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Chapter 34 small success

Hu Yang found Liu Baoxing, pulled out a packet of Marlboro scattered a circle, said: "Liu manager, hard hard hard. Six construction sites started at the same time, you have to keep an eye on ah. We do not seek the fastest speed, but safety and quality must be guaranteed."

Liu Baoxing heatedly smiled: "Don't worry, I understand all this. If I dare to cut corners, your brother-in-law will have to chop me up."

"That's fine, you work first. Back to the funds encountered difficulties, you and my brother-in-law said."

Hu Yang point to the end, he is not uneasy Liu Baoxing, just to say the ugly words to the front.

When Liu Baoxing went away, Hu Yang turned around and saw Wu Maosheng hiding far away. This guy, afraid to breathe in the dust, hiding while also covering his nose with his hands.

Not long, Li Hao shouted to a flatbed truck. Liu Baoxing let a few workers to help carry things up, the man gave Li Hao a handful of change, pulling the flatbed truck on the go.

"No, where are you pulling the tables and chairs?"

Liao Guoqiang looked at something wrong and went up to ask Li Hao.

"Old Liao, just these broken tables and chairs, used for ten years, right? You do not care, I sold as rags, turn around and let's buy new ah."

The tables have been emptied, do not take the opportunity to dispose of, but also left for the New Year?

Old Liao angry with a finger pointed at Li Hao, but in the end there is nothing to do, an angry look at the workers to demolish the house.

"Young uncle, you do not angry Liao uncle, hard work and simplicity to all times is a good quality. Recently, everyone go to the education street side of the office, anyway, a month or so to move back."

The central coal field side of the site is slightly larger, in addition to business premises, there are also office areas. But when the "Yibaijia" grows, we still have to go out and rent an office building.

At this time, Wu Maosheng came from a distance, or a face disgusted expression.

Li Hao skimmed his mouth, a curse words to hold back did not say.

Hu Yang said with a smile: "Ah Mao, this time you do not come to the site. I give you a task, you go to the railway station side of the wholesale market more turn, detailed understanding of the wholesale and retail prices of various goods."

Wu Maosheng lazy, and afraid of hardship, this is not a short time to change the problem.

Hu Yang simply sent Wu Maosheng to understand the market, save the eyes in front of brother-in-law.

Wu Maosheng nodded happily and turned around and ran away.

"Hey, let brother-in-law and Ah Mao slowly grind it out."

Hu Yang, of course, is not willing to stay here to eat dirt, and then shouted on the brother-in-law and Liao Guoqiang, the three went to the education street together.

The next month, Liao Guoqiang in the education street office, just can and Han Wen do a companion.

On the third day after the coal field side started construction, the branch's loan also came down.

"Brother-in-law, Ah Mao, I am going to invest for Nana and act as an agent for Seven Wolves brand men's clothing. Do you guys have any opinions?"

According to the plan, Hu Yang would give Qiao Yina a capital injection. However, since the company was owned by three people, he still had to consult the shareholders.

Wu Maosheng was not interested in the garment industry, but he believed in Hu Yang and immediately expressed his approval.

Li Hao thought about it and said, "Yang Yang, I'm not opposed to your foreign investment, so go ahead and do it when you think about it. However, I still have to remind you that friends are friends ......"

Hu Yang smiled and picked up the sentence, "Business is business! Brother-in-law, I understand."

Thus, this investment of 300,000 yuan passed smoothly within Huijia Industry.

Hu Yang and Qiao Yina signed an investment agreement, registered a company named "Snow Wolf Clothing", and then he put 300,000 yuan in the past.

For the time being, Huijia Industry still had 700,000 yuan left in its account.

In just three months, Hu Yang had built several shelves from scratch. The subscription certificate does not count, and he personally holds Huijia Industrial Company directly and Yibaijia Chain Company Limited and Snow Wolf Clothing Company Limited indirectly.

Although all of them are just starting up, Hu Yang still has some sense of achievement.

However, these projects were all Hu Yang's ideas, and he copied some advanced ideas of the future.

But specifically to management, Hu Yang is not good at. As for Li Hao and Wu Maosheng, both are still in the learning stage.

"Recruit people, without professional talent, which project will not go far."

Hu Yang was determined to recruit some useful people for "Yibaijia", but the advertisement went out for two days, the effect was not very satisfactory. Some of the grassroots positions, like accounting, cashier, store manager is okay to say. He was not able to find a suitable candidate for the vice president in charge of daily management, which he valued most.

At first he was puzzled, but then he figured it out. Now the university has not yet expanded, college students are still assigned, like his kind of private enterprises without fame, it is difficult to attract the "golden phoenix".

"How I am also reborn people, since capable people are not willing to take the initiative to come, I will think about what can be done to dig people."

Hu Yang meditated, really let him remember a person to come.

In his previous life in Yangcheng, he attended a hometown party, at the party he met a big cattleman. This person is called Fei Zhijun, formerly working in the supply and marketing system in Xijiang City.

Back then, the university graduate Fei Zhijun was not ambitious in the unit, and went to sea in the early nineties. He broke into the West River for two years, not much success, and went south to Yangcheng in 1994.

Later, this person was doing well in the south, and when Hu Yang first met him, he was already the vice president of the domestic retail giant "Vanguard Supermarket Chain".

According to the timeline, Fei Zhijun is less than twenty-seven years old this year.

The problem is that Hu Yang and Fei Zhijun were only casual acquaintances in their previous lives, and they had only met a few times. Even people's legendary experiences are heard from others, he simply does not know their specific work unit and home address.

Supply and marketing system, the institution is very large, directly under the unit of many, want to find a person truly is not easy.

Not easy also have to find a way, Li Hao's friends, Hu Yang that day in the office mentioned a word, to Li Hao to ask the supply and marketing system who knows Fei Zhijun.

As a result, Li Hao did not inquire, on the contrary, Wu Maosheng side has progress.

"Yang Yang, tell you a good news. I told my mother about this the other day, she asked someone to ask about it, and really inquired about the whereabouts of Fei Zhijun."

Wu Maosheng is not useless, at least he has a good family. Like this kind of thing, Li Hao and Hu Yang are not much good way, but Wu Di and Xiang Hong have.

After all, everyone's social connections are different and they know different people.


As usual, Fei Zhijun got up early and went jogging outside, then returned home with a bag of breakfast.

After leaving the unit, he moved out of the dormitory and currently lives with his parents.

Nearly twenty-seven years old, Fei Zhijun has not yet married, but his girlfriend has talked about a girlfriend. When he resigned from the sea in spite of his girlfriend's opposition, more than a year of time everywhere, his girlfriend broke up with him.

Now he is living on his own holding a small store, the days are very stifling.

Fei Zhijun recently had a new idea, he intends to put the small store in the year chassis out, next year he wants to go to Guangdong Province. Now popular peacock flying southeast, the opportunities in the south are far greater than the northwest, he also wants to go to find their own opportunities.

After breakfast, Fei Zhijun rode his bike to his small store.

Then, he saw Hu Yang standing next to the roll-up door.