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Chapter 33 pays tribute to the idol!

Bart has loved music since he was a child and has received a formal vocal education. He not only played the guitar well, but also sang better. This time he just wanted to go to the imperial capital to pursue his dream of music.

However, in his previous life, Hu Yang also heard the news about Bart several times. This guy "north drift" for many years, seems to have failed to mix the head, seems to have been in the bar singing.

"The day after tomorrow's train tickets, when a backpack will be able to leave." Bart smiled faintly, full of confidence. "Yang Yang, you are now great, all opened a company."

Hu Yang smiled and shook his head, not sure whether he should be modest two sentences, or pretend to be a B? Fortunately, nothing to say, pulling Bart sat down.

"Okay, let's eat."

Ma Jian and Yanzi began to serve food, a few cold dishes a few hot dishes, and a steaming pot of hand-held meat.

Everyone took their seats, and Qiao Yina sat next to Hu Yang.

Ma Jian asked Yanzi to pour everyone a full glass of white wine, and then raised his glass: "Bart will be leaving soon, let's give him a farewell today. I wish him good luck and prosperity in his career in the imperial capital! Cheers."

The first glass of wine had a different meaning, including Qiao Yi Na and Yan Zi who both drank it in a painful manner.

"Come on, everyone eat some hand-held meat first."

You can't just drink and not eat, Ma Jian greeted everyone to move chopsticks.

Hu Yang tasted today's hand-held meat, fatty but not greasy almost nothing stinky, very tasty.

Waiting for all to stomach pad some food, the second cup, the third cup of wine followed.

Drinking three glasses of white wine in a row, Qiao Yina's face flew red. She came up to Hu Yang's ear and whispered, "Yang Yang, I can't drink any more, I really have something to do this afternoon."

"Okay, then you should stop drinking. I'll explain to them later."

Drinking without persuasion, this is the culture of later generations. But not in this day and age, the guests did not drink enough, the host family will feel not entertained.

Next, did not continue to dry one cup after another.

When everyone has almost eaten, Ma Jian proposed to follow the rules. What rules? One person sings a song, your turn, you do not sing, you drink a glass of wine. If everyone sings, a round down, the table and then drink a cup ......

Hu Yang laughed lightly, this West River drinking rules he has almost forgotten. This time many people say Hu Yang calm, in fact, he has been using the mentality of a few dozen years old man in dealing with things.

Until this moment, he realized he was still a young man of less than 19 years old.

Young, so damn good!

First of all, starting with Ma Jian, he sang a folk song that is widely circulated in the West River: Xixi Naxiga.

Guitar playing up, a section of the door after the Ma Jian light up the voice: the

I love you, I love you, I really love you

Find a painter I paint you

Draw you on the guitar na

Embrace the guitar I hug you

Hey Xixi Nasigar

Sisi Nasigar


The tune is simple but very beautiful, the cycle of singing on, Yanzi looked at Ma Jian, she smiled very happy.

When the last part of the song is sung, everyone will follow the chorus, the atmosphere is immediately lively.

Yanzi's turn, she did not sing, took the initiative to drink a glass of wine.

Liu Donglai took over the guitar and sang a song called "Little Fang". This song came out in June 1993, it became popular in the north and south of the country, almost every young man will hum a few lines.

Hu Yang knows three monkeys this guy is a typical "sulky man", a good song actually sang out of the "sultry" gas.

Everyone was so happy that they applauded when he finished singing.

When it was Bart's turn, he held his guitar in silence for a while before saying, "I'll sing a song about the sea and the sky, in tribute to my idols!"

Haiku Sky is one of the most outstanding works of Beyond's musical career, released in May 1993. Some people here had heard of it, some had not.

Hu Yang didn't notice the song back then, and he was nearly 30 years old when he fell in love with it.

That was also the year, June 1993, when Beyond's lead singer Wong Ka Kui died of an accidental injury in RB, leaving countless fans brokenhearted.

The song was interpreted by Bart with a low and magnetic voice, making everyone truly appreciate the difference between "professional" and "amateur".

But Hu Yang felt that Bart was not very suitable to sing this song.

When it was his turn, Hu Yang held his guitar and fiddled with it for a while. Fortunately, the skills he had developed in his youth were not completely forgotten, and he could still play the simple chords.

In the 80s and 90s, many people were keen to practice guitar. In this area of Sandao Bay, almost every boy could play the guitar, regardless of how good it was.

What to sing?

Hu Yang could not strictly distinguish the era of the song in his mind, and thought for half a day before he began to play the guitar, and then began to sing: "The geese are on the sky.

The geese on the sky

Pair of pairs in a row

The river is long and the grass is yellow in autumn

On the grassland the piano sounds sad


This song Hong Yan, not considered a big hit in later times, but very rhythmic, Hu Yang has always liked.

As soon as he started singing this, Bart's eyes widened and he got goose bumps.

Bart felt that he had been looking for just such a song. He knew his voice condition best, and this song was simply tailor-made for him.

But why had he never heard such a good song before? Bart was wondering.

After Hu Yang sang the song, Liu Donglai and Ma Jian both shouted loudly. Although the two girls did not make a sound, but the gaze to Hu Yang is also full of admiration.

Will make money, but also very handsome, and the song is good ...... Worthy of admiration.

"Yang Yang, where did you hear this song? I really like it too much."

Bart was so excited that he pestered Hu Yang to sing it again, and he wrote down the score on the side.

Hu Yang put down his guitar, found a piece of white paper, and wrote down the lyrics right on the dining table. "Bart, the lyrics are for you. The tune is what I heard last time, said it is a circulating folk song. The lyrics are randomly filled in by me, if you like them, I'll give them to you. In addition, I sang twice, Nana this cup of wine will not drink oh."

Relying on memory to copy songs and sell them for money, Hu Yang never thought. There are not many songs that he can sing down in full, and there are many that he can only hum a few lines.

Besides, he is a man who aspires to be a "big investor", so he won't make this kind of money!

"Thanks, bro."

Bart took the piece of paper handed over by Hu Yang, folded it carefully and put it in his pocket. He thought to himself: after he went to the imperial capital, he would ask someone to look up this song. If you can't find the source, you can register it for Hu Yang by hand.

Then, everyone continued to sing, drink and chat, and played until the afternoon before dispersing.



Li Hao dragged Hu Yang up from the blanket early in the morning. "Yang Yang, hurry up, Old Liu and I talked on the phone last night, today six sites at the same time into the construction."

Liao Guoqiang finished the paperwork for the construction and handed it over to Hu Yang. Hu Yang asked Li Hao to step up to urge Liu Baoxing to start work, the result of people Liu Baoxing immediately brought people into the construction site.

Hu Yang stretched a lazy back and hurried up to wash up.

Casually dealt with a few bites of breakfast, Li Hao took Hu Yang, and went to pick up Wu Maosheng, before driving to the center of the coal field.

"Old Liao ...... You work hard for a while longer, I'll go find a car to pull things away."

The site was dusty, the dilapidated small bungalow began to be dismantled, and what little was left of the office was piled on the sidewalk ...... Just two desks and a few chairs, the company's business procedures, seals and other valuables, are in the briefcase in Li Hao's hand.