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Chapter 32 small means

For some reason, he suddenly got the idea of mischief at this moment, and sighed with a frown: "Hey ......... This thing is still a bit of trouble, my funds in place, it is estimated that it will take a few days."

With a sigh from Hu Yang, the disappointed look on Qiao Yina's face was getting thicker and thicker, so much so that it took her a while to react to the latter half of Hu Yang's turn of phrase.

"Yang Yang! You bad guy, deliberately, right? See if I don't pinch you."

The reaction of Qiao Yina, open teeth and claws pounced over. Hu Yang laughed and played with her, one hand did not idle.

I didn't expect the chick to look great and feel even better.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Where are your hands touching! Hey, you still come ......"

In the past, in the eyes of Qiao Yina as if the boy next door like Hu Yang, now full of the flavor of men. This person's temperament ah, how can change so much in a moment?

Hu Yang was sitting on a chair, Qiao Yina rushed over and almost took him as a chair again. This posture is indeed a bit indecent.

Qiaoyna wanted to get up, but Hu Yang grabbed her.

"Don't move!"

The room was quiet for a moment and only the heartbeats of two people could be heard.

"This chick sprayed perfume today ...... The scent is lighter, but it smells good."

Qiao Yina's small tactics, in the eyes of Hu Yang is also similar to the cunning of children, nothing to hide. The first time she jumped over that is definitely intentional, only her acting skills are not yet pass, more unexpected is Hu Yang will be accepted as a whole.

Of course, in Hu Yang's heart there is not the slightest intention to look down on Qiao Yina.

From the three ways out of the Bay people, will try every way to seize every opportunity. Qiao Yina is like this, Li Hao is like this, even including Hu Yang himself is also like this ...... The people who have really experienced poverty, only know the preciousness of opportunity.

Qiao Yina made a botch, and now it's really "hard to ride the tiger".

Qiao Yina did not immediately get up, suddenly dragonfly play like a peck on Hu Yang's face, only to smile and sit back in place.

"Yang Yang, please don't sell it, hurry up and tell me the answer."

Hu Yang did not speak, stood up and went to eat a few more slices of watermelon, before suppressing the evil fire in his heart. In fact, he did not mind having a zero-distance contact with Qiao Yina. He knew that Qiao Yina would not mind and would not be clingy.

Qoyna's mind was on how to make money.

But the problem was that today was not the right day. He had business to discuss with Joyner and did not want people to think that he was "taking advantage of people's needs".

"The loan I applied for should be approved soon, and it will arrive in a couple of days. Nana, you tell me all about your plan, including the amount of your real shortfall."

Hu Yang, who had eliminated the distractions from his mind, finally spoke about Qiao Yina's concern.

"I have already cleared the inventory, the store was also disposed to others, and only raised 200,000 yuan from east to west. The manufacturer will give me a part of the goods first, but even so I probably still lack about two hundred thousand dollars."

Qiao Yina took the first-level agent of "Seven Wolves" in Xijiang City, and she needed to set up a display store, expand distributors, and invest in advertising.

"I took out this loan in the name of the company, and for the time being, I am not in a good position to do it myself. Therefore, it is not appropriate to borrow money directly from the company to you. However, I can consider giving you investment ......

I first proposed a proposal ah. I contribute 250,000 yuan, you contribute 200,000 yuan, we jointly set up a new company, then you will transfer the agency to the new company. I do not participate in the day-to-day management, under normal circumstances do not interfere with the operation of the company, what do you think?"

Hu Yang contributed a little more money, Qiao Yina contributed a little more effort, this scheme Hu Yang felt very fair.

"Yang Yang ah, you people are really ruthless. When it comes to business, you have a business-like face, hum!"

Qiao Yina made a gesture, and then with a clever tongue, she insisted that Hu Yang increase his capital contribution to 300,000 yuan, with the same shareholding ratio. Still Hu Yang's Huijia industry shares 51, she herself 49 shares.

No way, a penny is hard to beat a hero, let alone a small woman like Qiao Yina? Despite some reluctance, she gave up the controlling interest of the company.

But the good thing is that there is a promise from Hu Yang that he and his Huijia Industry will not participate in the day-to-day management, which makes Qiao Yina feel a lot more at ease.

"Okay, then this is the first thing to say. I have to discuss with the other two shareholders of the company and give you a letter within three days. Nana, are you okay at noon? I'm going to go with me to Ma Jian's house for a small party."

After talking about the business, Hu Yang decided to get closer to Qiao Yina. The partners are supposed to have a good relationship, and he doesn't even mind looking for an opportunity to communicate with Qiao Yini more deeply.

Qiao Yina smiled sweetly and said, "Sure, I'll go with you. But don't let me drink more, I have things to do in the afternoon."


Hu Yang took Qiao Yina to Ma Jian's house.

The two of them rarely see each other recently.

Today is to give Ma Jian's dead party is also Hu Yang and Liu Donglai's friend Bart send off, noon Ma Jian half a day early to close the stall, invited everyone to the house to drink.

"Yang Yang ...... You're here? Oh, Nana, you're here too, come on in."

At this moment, Ma Jian was busy preparing the noon meal, heard someone call the door, open a look is Hu Yang and Qiao Yina.

Ma Jian was flabbergasted, their buddies and Qiao Yina have little interaction, I do not know when Hu Yang and she got so close?

However, Ma Jian did not ask anything, smiled and welcomed the two into the house.

The yard of Ma Jian's house is bigger than Hu Yang's, and the house is also bigger.

"Three monkeys and Bart have not yet arrived ah, am I early? Hello ......"

Hu Yang saw a small girl of eighteen or nine years old in the house, good-looking eyebrows, he did not know, so he casually asked hello.

"This is my daughter-in-law, Yanzi. Yanzi, this is my iron buddy Hu Yang, and this one is Qiao Yina."

Ma Jian's age is a few years older than Hu Yang, twenty-one this year. I did not expect this guy should have a girlfriend without saying anything.

Ma Jian briefly introduced a sentence, then turned around and went to the kitchen to continue to get dishes. Yanzi is a little shy, there is nothing to say, to the two of them each poured a cup of tea, also went into the kitchen.

Not long after, Liu Donglai and Bart walked in carrying several bottles of white wine.

"Yang Yang ...... Nana sister is also in ah."

The three monkeys took advantage of people's inattention and squeezed their eyes towards Hu Yang with a bitchy expression.

Hu Yang did not bother to pay attention to him, smiled at Bart: "I heard that you are ready to go to the empire to develop ah, there are ideas! Have you bought your tickets?"

Bart is very tall, can be one meter eighty-eight. He was only in his early twenties this year, but he had grown a big beard, and when he walked into the house, he took a guitar off his back.