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Chapter 31 two are big fools

The early nineties, credit is relatively loose, generally can find the guarantee of the company, the bank's path and then familiar with some, many can be loaned out money.

Of course, like Li Hao, Hu Yang's hands also hold thousands of subscription certificates, a certain amount of loans can be considered.

Although the subscription certificate can not be pledged, but it also represents the solvency is not?

Tonight, Li Hao accompanied Director Xu drank a lot of white wine, Hu Yang accompanied Section Chief Cai drank a bottle of dry red. But Han Wu had dinner in the hall has been waiting in the car, but not afraid of no one to drive.

After sending Director Xu and his wife to the doorstep, Han Wu drove Li Hao and Hu Yang back to Sandao Bay.

"Yang Yang, I won't leave tonight, I'll go to do the guarantee procedure in the morning."

It was almost twelve o'clock at night, and Li Guixiang and Hu Zhiguang were already resting. Li Hao is also not ready to go back, sleep in the yard hut at night.

"Brother-in-law, although we can handle the loan procedures without going through Uncle Liao, but after all, Uncle Liao is the supervisor of Yibaijia ...... It's better to give him a hello."

Hu Yang estimates that Liao Guoqiang will not obstruct, Yibaijia Chain Ltd, basically also equal to Huijia Industry's wholly owned company.

No matter what, give a greeting to Liao Guoqiang, is also to give each other a kind of respect.

"Okay, I will give a mention to the old Liao. Yang Yang, I drank a little too much today, wash up and sleep ah."

Li Hao walked a little wobbly, simply washed up a little, fell asleep.


The central coal field.

After handing over the loan application information of "Huijia Industry" and the guarantee letter of Yibai Family to the bank, Li Hao continued his ability to fool around and invited his friend who is a contractor to come.

The contractor's surname is Liu, called Liu Baoxing, is a middle-aged man of nearly 40 years old. The last time Hu Yang and Li Hao needed manpower to line up to buy subscription lottery forms, they sent fifty civilian workers to them.

"Old Liu, what is our relationship? That's why I thought of you when I had a good thing. Six plots of land, six brick buildings with large openings, with labor and materials and simple decoration, 300,000 is not a loss to you, right?"

Now build a small two-story building, not counting the land money, the cost is not more than 80,000. In Hu Yang's plan, all the small supermarket fronts are single-story, so this price is not very low.

Liu Baoxing took a look at the drawings and roughly calculated that 300,000 profit is a little less, so he said with a smile: "Haozi, who are we with? However, your project 300,000 is really a bit small, I estimate that it must be 320,000. Of course, I'll have to have someone type up a cost sheet later, but the difference should not be too big. How about, you pay 20% of the project in advance, I will start the work. I don't even want your progress payment, I'll pay it all at once after the project is accepted."

Li Hao was a little upset and said, "Just a little project, you advance the money first and that's it? Don't worry, as long as there is no quality problem after the project is completed, I will pay in full immediately."

Liu Baoxing hesitated for a moment, the project cost is not high, the advance is not pressure. Li Hao he is still at ease, the other party's strength is there, rich and a big drugstore, in today's also considered a loud boss.

"Then okay, I'll take this project. When can we start construction?"

"Wait a few days, the construction procedures will be approved immediately. When the formalities are complete, we will start construction immediately. Old Liu, you wait for my call."

Liu Baoxing left happily, and Li Hao sat there with a smug face.

"I can see, an uncle and a nephew are big fools, you simply want to empty glove white wolf ah. Hey, how did I and the workers sell the coal field to you two? Well, now it's too late to say anything, I'm going to press the matter of construction procedures."

When Li Hao, Hu Yang and Liu Baoxing met, they did not go behind Liao Guoqiang's back. Anyway, he was already involved in the loan matter, and he didn't care about one more.

Liao Guoqiang half-jokingly and half-seriously spat out a sentence, and left the office to run the construction procedures.

"Hey, Uncle Liao has also learned to be humorous haha. Little uncle, you take Ah Mao to keep a close eye on this side of the project, I have time to go to the bank more. Nothing unexpected, the loan should also come down in early August, and our project start date is definitely still before that."

Since Hu Yang was reborn, it's like someone holding a whip behind his back, making him keep racing forward.

It's not that he's so busy, he actually has quite a lot of free time for himself. It is in this aspect of doing things, he always has a sense of urgency, otherwise why would he bother to use all 18 means, in order to greatly advance the progress of the supermarket chain project.

In the end, Hu Yang is still afraid that the future trajectory of history will change, so he desperately seized every opportunity to accumulate.

In case one day, his biggest dependency is gone, he can also ensure that he and his family live well.

The paging from. Recently, Ah Wen had nothing to do but to guard the office on Education Street, he was considered the first employee of Huijia Industry.

"Ah Man, something wrong?"

Not wanting to turn back again, Hu Yang found a public phone and called.

"Nana is looking for you, she asked me to call the pager just now."

Han Wen spoke simply and directly, just like the person he is.

"Well, I know, you can put sister Nana on the phone now."

Hu Yang probably knew what Qiao Yina was looking for herself for ......

"Yang Yang, I went to the Grand Cross this morning to look at a facade, which happened to be not far from your office, so I turned around and it turned out that you were still not there."

Qiao Yina explained. The "Grand Cross" she spoke of was the earliest shopping district in Xijiang City, not far from Education Street.

"I'm near Sandao Bay, do you think I should go there or you should come over?"

Hu Yang originally intended to go home at this time, there is a small party at noon, Ma Jian to send off his best friend, also invited him and Liu Dong to come.

Qiao Yina did not hesitate and said, "Then you wait for me at home ......" And hung up in a hurry.

Back home, Hu Yang cut a large watermelon and ate five slices in one breath, only to slightly relieve some of the body's dry heat.

The month of July and August in Xijiang City is also quite hot.

When Qiao Yina arrived, she also ate a few slices of watermelon before speaking: "Yang Yang, please help me find a pair of slippers. My feet are cramping up from stepping on high heels all morning."

Only then did Hu Yang notice Qiao Yina's shoes, the heel could be seven or eight centimeters high.

"You went out on your own and wore high heels, who is to blame?" Hu Yang said, or went to find a new pair of slippers for her. "The facade looked, how do you think?"

"The front is good, there are more than a hundred square feet, a year's rent landlord wants eighty thousand."

The reason why Qiao Yina hurriedly looked for Hu Yang was to ask him if there was any way to solve some funds.

For the development after taking the agency of "Seven Wolves", Qiao Yina already had her own plan. At present, she was troubled by the shortage of funds.

"Yang Yang, I know I shouldn't rush you, but I'm really anxious now, can you help me with the funding?"

Hu Yang looked up at Qiao Yina. She was not only dressed appropriately today, but also wore light makeup, and had a little more of a woman's taste.