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Chapter 28: The first battle was successful

The next three people did not speak, sullenly finished their lunch.

The house was cleaned up, Hu Yang took out the tea brought by his sister Hu Yueto Qiao Yina, and made a pot of Tieguanyin.

"Old Hu, you open a company and I do not have money to invest in it. When your funds are generous, how about we open a restaurant together?"

Liu Donglai actually envied Hu Yang, Li Hao and Wu Maosheng for opening a company together. But he knew he had neither special talent nor money, so he could only watch as an outsider.

But he three monkeys is also a person with ideals yet, his ideal is to be able to open a restaurant.

"Good, on the basis of your craft, open a snack bar can never go wrong. But, for the time being, not yet, until the end of the year. When the end of the year my capital will be able to return part of, then we will open a."

Hu Yang nodded in agreement, Liu Donglai's heart was happy.

But then, Hu Yang's heart always has its own positioning. The success of any project depends on his own vision and the ability of his partners.

"Are we still going to practice sparring this afternoon?"

Han Wen is not so much in mind, he is now single-mindedly follow Hu Yang mix.

"Go ..... We'll take a break and go out again at 3:30 pm."

After a period of exercise, Hu Yang is obviously stronger. From the appearance, he did not put on much weight, but the muscles on his body began to have a tight line, the body is much better than before.

Late June.

Hu Yang got the long-awaited driver's license, and he and brother-in-law and Wu Maosheng initiated the establishment of the "Huijia Industry", also smoothly completed the corresponding formalities.

And the coal plant side of the negotiations, Hu Yang took his brother-in-law and Wu Maosheng to contact Liao Guoqiang a few times, the other side is now also beginning to pay attention to this matter, has held a general meeting of all employees to discuss some details of the restructuring of the enterprise.

"Yang Yang, the old Liao side now bite the bullet to close the arrears of workers' wages first. The problem is, they also want shares, which is a bit too much ah."

In the eyes of outsiders, the whole thing is dominated by Li Hao. This is the vulnerability of Hu Yang's age. But as he has more and more success stories out there, I believe that when others deal with him again in the future, they will automatically ignore the issue of age.

"How to say it, the coalfield side still does not believe in our strength. They are afraid that in case the restructuring is not successful, the employees will not get anything. So, let's talk to Uncle Liao again, if they are not sure, we can promise to set aside part of the shares and relax a bit in time. This article, can be written into the contract."

Hu Yang thought of this issue when he opened the conditions at that time. In his heart, he would eventually agree to Liao Guoqiang.

But then, even if the promise can not be too painful, lest the other side get an inch. This is also a skill of business negotiations.

A few days ago, Hu Yang went to Wu Maosheng's home once and met Director Wu. Well, now should be addressed as Secretary General Wu.

Wu Maosheng's father, Wu Di, just adjusted his post in the middle of this month.

Hu Yang still remembers when Wu Di said: "enterprise restructuring, can not cause the loss of state-owned or collective assets this is a major principle. And the mark of success, there is only one, that is, multi-win. Yang Yang, even if it is to suffer some losses, but also to appease the original enterprise workers. Some things have to be dialectical, now it seems to lose, but in the long run, you will find out how much benefit the concessions will bring you!

Mao Sheng and you open a company together, your aunt Xiang and I have no objection. But you have to abide by the law Oh, in addition I will not give you any help outside the policy. This point, you and Mao Sheng must have in mind."

As a psychological age of dozens of years, Hu Yang, of course, can understand the meaning of Wu Di. He originally did not want to rely on people's status to make money, he needed just in case of injustice, someone with weight to say a fair word for himself.

The annexation of the coalfield is not a whim of Hu Yang.

He remembered that the coalfield did not end well, Li Guixiang and Hu Zhiguang were depressed for several years. Now consider it as a wish to fulfill the year, so that parents and their former colleagues can have a good ending.

The coal field, after all, is a sheltered building that they once relied on for survival.

In addition, from a business point of view, the potential value of the coal yard is much more than what it appears to be. Take the six plots of land in the coal yard, the current valuation is not high. But even without considering future appreciation, where can you find six plots of land like this in the heart of a dense residential area?

Even if you rent a storefront, you may not be able to rent such a suitable location at once.

For the community supermarket chain project that Hu Yang wants to do, the location is critical. So, even if you pay more, it is worth it.

But at present, the brother-in-law and Wu Maosheng are somewhat resistant to the conditions offered by the coal field, he still has to patiently persuade to do so.

Turning over June, the city of Xijiang gradually into the summer.

Hu Yang on behalf of "Huijia Industry", and the coal plant's negotiations are almost at an end. He has just handed over the latest draft of the restructuring plan to Liao Guoqiang, and then returned to Sandao Bay with Ah Wen.

The company's office in Education Street, Hu Yang only once in two or three days, after all, Huijia Industry's existing business is only one, that is, the merger of coal yards.

The latest restructuring plan, Hu Yang's Huijia Industry wholly merged the coal yard, assume all the debts of the coal yard, and initiated the establishment of a new company.

In other words, the new company will get the original six plots of land, Hu Yang's "Huijia Industry" is responsible for paying off the coalfield's historical debts of 390,000 yuan.

Among the 390,000 debts, 110,000 yuan was owed to the past employees' wages. Hu Yang promised that it would be paid off by New Year's Day, 1994.

In addition, the new company will set aside eleven percent of shares for all employees. However, this is not given free of charge, but requires individual contributions from employees to purchase. This part of the shares, valued at eleven million yuan, can delay the payment date until December 31 of this year.

Of course, the purchase of these shares is entirely voluntary and not forced.

The remaining 89% of the shares of the new company are held by Hu Yang's "Huijia Industry".

The new company's legal person, director, general manager by Li Hao, the supervisor by Liao Guoqiang, Wu Maosheng hung a business manager.

This plan, whether Li Hao and Wu Maosheng, or Liao Guoqiang and coal field workers are basically acceptable. If there is no problem, the agreement can be signed within a week.

When the agreement takes effect, the coal field will cease to exist, and the ownership of the six plots of land it owns will be transferred to the new company.

The registered capital of the new company is one million yuan, of which the land is valued at 390,000 yuan and the cash investment is 610,000 yuan. The land and 500,000 yuan in cash will be invested by "Huijia Industry", and the remaining 110,000 yuan in cash will be invested by the thirty-seven employees of the coal farm.

The name is tentatively: Yi Bai Jia Chain Co.

Coal plant restructuring this matter, the first battle was successful.