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Chapter 27: The origin of family learning

Hu Yang intended to take over all the debts and liabilities of the coalfield and inject new capital. The salary owed to the workers was 110,000 yuan, which was intended to be converted into shares, to be distributed within the coalfield according to the length of service.

Other arrears will be repaid by the new company.

"My idea is to transform the central coal yard and the five business points into a community mini-supermarket, a chain operation."

Hu Yang next gave a few people the concept of community mini-markets.

In the early nineties, Xijiang City was either a shopping mall or a wholesale market, and then there were small stores scattered in the city streets and alleys. And supermarkets, this kind of business, is not well known.

"You have to get this idea! I've read about it in the book."

Wu Maosheng was interested, he had really seen the concept of chain business in books.

Li Hao nodded, but in his heart, he was thinking about his own pharmacy. If pharmacies also follow this path, will it be very gripping?

"Yang Yang, this idea of yours is quite ahead of its time. Just, where did you get the initial investment of a million or eight hundred thousand dollars?"

Li Hao didn't even need to ask, with his eyes closed, he knew that Hu Yang only had a few tens of thousands of dollars in his hand at most. The rest of the funds are pressed into the subscription warrants.

Hu Yang smiled: "Even from now on to talk formally with the coalfield, from agreeing on a contract to signing, and then to the coalfield's liquidation, the review and approval of the higher authorities, and so on. At least a few months to half a year's time, by then our subscription certificates should have been realized. If not, we can still find a way to raise funds."

Li Hao nodded secretly, thinking that he now has no serious project except the pharmacy. Or should we start a company with our nephew?

Wu Maosheng felt that what Hu Yang said in his mouth was very lofty, and immediately said, "Yang Yang, why don't I also take a stake in your company, how much do you think I need to contribute?"

How much is more appropriate? The new company's registered capital is one million yuan, of which Wu Maosheng contributed 120,000 yuan, accounting for 12. Li Hao contributed 210,000 yuan, accounting for 21. Finally, Hu Yang contributed 670,000 yuan, accounting for 67.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The cost is not high, why don't I look for him?"

The formalities for starting a company were not complicated, and things like business licenses were given to Li Hao.

"Ah Mao, ask Uncle Wu later, is there any policy obstacle to the restructuring of collective enterprises?"

In fact, throughout the nineties, whether it was the restructuring of collective enterprises or the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the implementation of the situation was not the same everywhere. It was only in 2003 that the state issued the first programmatic document on enterprise restructuring, which was an end to the previous more confusing situation.

"Okay, I'll ask first. Or, Yang Yang, you better take the time to come home, I'm afraid I can not say clearly."

Wu Maosheng had little courage to talk business with his old man, so he encouraged Hu Yang to ask on his own.

"You guy ......"

Hu Yang shook his head, but in his heart, he mused that one day he'd better go to Ah Mao's house.

Li Hao grabbed the phone on the desk and called and asked, and asked Hu Yang and Wu Maosheng for copies of their ID cards as requested by the people. Back to the shareholders between the investment agreement and so on, on behalf of the formalities party will provide, the three of them only need to sign and affix.

"Xiaowu, let's go."

Li Hao stood up and called on Han Wu to leave the door together.

"Brother-in-law, wait for me, I'll take your ride home."

After a few seconds of delay, Wu Maosheng chased him out the door.

Hu Yang simply convinced this guy, from this house to Wu Maosheng home is just one stop, walking ten minutes he is too lazy to walk.

Han Wu left, Liu Donglai and the three of them naturally ended the card game.

Liu Donglai came to Hu Yang and said, "Old Hu, it's almost noon. Let's go back and eat."

"Going back is still no food? I'm at home by myself at noon. Forget it, just deal with two bites outside later."

At home, Li Guixiang and Hu Zhiguang are busy with their own affairs. Hu Yang's lunch at all no one cares.

Liu Donglai grimaced and said, "What's so good about fast food outside, we can't eat a big meal every day, right? Go, old Hu, go to your home cooking, let you try buddy's hand."

Hu Yang looked at Liu Donglai, then remembered one thing, Liu's family is a family learning origin.

Liu Donglai his father is a chef, has been in a restaurant as a chef. Liu Donglai's elder brother and second brother are also cooks, only this guy is still jobless one.

"Haha, your father did not let you learn the line of chef, when did you learn to cook? Then let's go, Ah Wen, close the doors and windows."

Hu Yang said also got up and went outside, Han Wen checked inside and outside and locked the door.

Liu Donglai followed behind Hu Yang and said, "He won't let me work as a chef, so I won't learn it myself, right? Today at noon I will make you bashful noodles and meat sandwich bun, absolutely better than the outside."

When the three of them returned to Hu Yang's house, Liu Donglai washed his hands and started to make noodles. The ingredients needed were bought on the way, and now they just need to wait for Liu Donglai to show his skills.

"Old Hu, you have a pressure cooker, right? The meat sandwich bun marinade takes a long time to stew, so let's do a lazy approach."

The hand-rolled noodles were cut, and Liu Donglai began to make the marinated meat. The time is limited, there is no time to slowly stew meat on the fire, he asked Hu Yang to bring out the pressure cooker.

When the meat was stewed, Liu Donglai began to cook the pancakes. The cakes were cooked, and then the bashful noodles were made ...... When all the work is done, the brisket is also ready.

Hu Yang watched Liu Donglai a series of dazzling operation, but also very surprised. In his memory, simply do not remember this guy is also so good at cooking.

It is worthy of the family are chefs yell, family learning.

"Old Hu, Ah Wen, dinner is ready."

Han Wen helped put the fragrant bashful noodles on the table, Liu Donglai used a knife to cut the cake from the middle, and then the chopped marinated meat was sandwiched in the cake, and the meat sandwich bun was ready.

Hu Yang took a bite of the meat bun and felt that it was a pity that the three monkeys were not chefs. Today's meat sandwich bun soft and mellow, fatty meat is not greasy lean meat is not woody, melt in the mouth ...... It smells so good!

The bashful noodles, hand-rolled noodles are soft and smooth, the taste is sour and spicy, fresh and thick.

"Hey, three monkeys, your craft is really not bragging. It's delicious! I say, with this skill, you can definitely open a snack store."

Hu Yang is happy to eat, praise words do not want money to pop out.

Han Wen also thought deeply, stretched out the thumb.

"You guys also think I'm doing a good job, right? Hey, my father he does not want the family to do chef, he said to ask for connections to get me to work in the factory."

Liu Donglai actually likes to do this line of catering, it's a pity that the old man at home won't let him.

Hu Yang smiled and shook his head, but did not say anything. But he understands in his heart, nowadays there are not many factories with good efficiency. Especially the current 1993, can be described as an eventful autumn.

1993, is the year of China's rapid economic development, is also a year of macro-control heavy-handed rectification. This is a year of inheritance and transformation pain.

This year, inherited the 1992 economic development trend at the same time, triggered the economic development of overheating, the central government urgently issued the "State 16" macro-control. This year, the land market is unusually hot, the southeast coast of the tide of land speculation. This year, Hainan real estate bubble into the final frenzy. This year, many of the world's leading companies stride into China ......

This era, if you can't get into a good business to work, it's really better to do individual or start your own business.