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Chapter 23 small body has to be practiced

"Dawu, what do you say?"

Han Wu smiled and said, "I have no problem with it, you can arrange it any way you want."

Li Hao laughed, "Then it's settled. Yang Yang, first send you home, I still have to rush to the drugstore side. The decoration will be completed in two days, and we will find a good day to open."

In front of the kiosk to put down Hu Yang and Han Wen, Li Hao drove Han Wu long away.

"Old Hu, what are we doing now? You're not going to tell me to go home and wait again, are you?"

Han Wen felt that the whole day to do nothing to take people Hu Yang three hundred dollars a month, a little loss of heart. After holding it for a few days, he finally couldn't help but ask a question at this moment.

"Let you call my name on the line, you do not learn with three monkeys. A Wen, there is really not much going on these days. But then, I quite like the sparring, have time to teach me?"

The first time I saw him, I thought he was a little weak. In his previous life, he had suffered from physical collapse, so he had to strengthen his exercise.

As for why he chose to play sparring, probably every boy in Sandao Bay is a good fighter since he was a child.

"You want to learn sparring? Old Hu, it's very hard to learn sparring, and you might get hurt. Besides, we don't have a venue or protective gear, how can I teach you?"

Han Wen shook his head in disbelief, he really didn't think Hu Yang had the need to practice sparring.

"So. How about going to a gymnasium? You used to practice sparring at the gymnasium, you should be familiar with it up and down ......"

Hu Yang has several small goals: get a driver's license, practice sparring, and get his mother to end the vegetable selling business over at the big vegetable market as soon as possible.

Han Wen is a little difficult, he does not feel that he has that much face can take people to practice at the gymnasium at any time. But ...... He suddenly remembered that his former coach seems to have run a sparring class outside.

For Hu Yang, the problems that can be solved with money are small problems. He gave Han Wen a blank look and said, "You didn't say so earlier? This afternoon, you go to help me enroll in a registration. After I finish the theory of traffic regulations on the eighth, I will learn to drive on the third and fifth, and practice sparring on the fourth and sixth."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "Old Hu, I say something you do not like to hear. If you want to learn sparring, I'm afraid you need to do some physical exercise first."

"Ah Wen, can we still have a pleasant chat? Don't talk nonsense, do as I say. As soon as you get to work this afternoon, ask around and come back with the money to help me sign up. As for you, don't be idle, just give me as a companion."

Hitting people without hitting them in the face, scolding them without revealing their shortcomings ...... Hu Yang was angry with Han Wen.

May 8, Hu Yang successfully passed the theory test. Then he also really driving school, sparring training classes run both ends.

Practice, for Hu Yang is a very easy thing. As soon as he got into the car, the coach found that this is a "veteran". To him to correct a few small irregularities, the coach sat next to let Hu Yang drive straight to the road, running almost half an hour before returning.

"Hu Yang ...... You should have a car at home, right? Otherwise you shouldn't be so familiar with the car." The coach looked at Hu Yang's profile and asked.

"My brother-in-law has a Santana, sometimes he lets me drive it in the open space."

Hu Yang replied with a smile.

"Well, your current level is almost enough to pass the exam directly. This way, there is a test at the end of the month, when I will give you registration. As for the practice well, you can arrange the time at will. But you must come three days before the test, let's strengthen the test points."

The coach felt that Hu Yang really do not need to waste time, but this he could not say, after all, people also paid the money. So he gave the choice to Hu Yang himself.

Hu Yang is of course very happy, he also do not want to spend all day in the driving school. A group of people sitting here and there, an hour does not see a turn to get on a car, very boring, right?

So next, he will occasionally go to the driving school, the rest of the time he took Han Wen to the "sparring training class" run.

This is a class that is run by Han Wen's former coach together with others. Each three months, the charge is nine hundred yuan.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

"Hu Yang, lower the center of gravity. Pay attention to your feet, don't mess up your pace, throw a punch! Wen, what are you doing? Why are you raising your legs so high? Why are you dancing?"

No one expected that Hu Yang had a talent for sparring. Han Wen's coach said that Hu Yang was much more enlightened than the two Han brothers.

The coach was happy to save a manual, and he also gave Han a few pointers to him.

After another ten minutes of sparring, the coach shouted: "Okay, that's it for today. Hu Yang, go down to your own practice more physical fitness, running, pushing the barbell, free to play sandbags."

The coach knows that Hu Yang is only a hobby, otherwise he really wants to train him out and take him out to play.

Hu Yang and Han Wen took off their protective gear, smiled and said hello to the coach, and went to take a shower before walking downstairs.

The class is located in a building not far from the gymnasium. Hu Yang went home and had to make four bus stops.

"Ah Wen, from tomorrow I will not come to training for the time being. In a few days I'm going to take the test and wait until I get my license."

In the blink of an eye, it's almost the end of the month, and Hu Yang feels that it's been a very fulfilling time. In his last life, he had almost no personal hobbies and not much time for himself. All day long, busy with work, but also to deal with the pressure from the family, really did not live a few days of comfort ......

This time, he also did not go to the trading market, but Liu Donglai daily run there, will often bring him back some news.

At present, the price of the subscription certificate has been fluctuating between three hundred yuan and eight hundred yuan. Whenever the price is close to three hundred yuan, there will be a large number of people eating into. And when it comes to eight hundred yuan each, there will be people dumping in large amounts.

Very interesting.

But Hu Yang does not intend to participate in this short-term speculation, he feels that he should forget about this matter for a few months.


After Hu Yang and Han Wen separated and returned home, it was not yet 6:00 p.m., I did not expect Li Guixiang had actually returned.

"Yang Yang, you say you go to practice what the hell sparring, every day either this green or that swelling, asking for suffering and addicted to ah?"

Li Guixiang looked at her son's frequent bruises and swellings and was very distressed, I really don't know what this kid is trying to do.

"It's okay, mom. We always wear protective gear when we spar. By the way, why are you back so early today?"

Hu Yang smiled and hurriedly relieved a few words.

"Hmph, too lazy to care about you. I did half a day's business today, the coalfield side of the afternoon meeting, your father and I went."

Hu Yang knew that since the coal field was yellow, these old workers have been claiming the arrears of wages. These people regularly meet together to discuss solutions to the problem. It was only this matter that would make Li Guixiang do half a day less business.