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Chapter 2: Opportunity is at hand, but I have no money

Right! How could one forget such an important thing?

"Three monkeys, is today the 15th of April?"

Hu Yang, excited, reached out and grabbed Liu Donglai's shoulder.

Three monkeys Liu Donglai was not prepared for a moment, almost choked to death by the dry naan cake. He hastily picked up the cup on the table, and regardless of who had used it, he poured half a cup of water from the cup.

"Cough cough, you want to kill me ah! Today is not the 15th of April ...... The old man subscribes to the Xijiang Evening News every year and delivers it on time every morning, so there is a date on it. You're acting strange today, Hu. Is your mother scolding you again?"

Liu Donglai didn't think much of it, just assumed that Hu Yang had been repaired by his mother again. Hu Yang's mother, famous for being spirited, is really not used to this guy Hu Yang.

The one who is accustomed to Hu Yang is his father.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

He then remembered a big event in 1993.

The first thing is that there are opportunities everywhere in the early nineties, depending on whether you can grasp it. However, located in the western frontier of Xijiang City, up and down the decades the only opportunity to get rich overnight, just in these two days.

If Hu Yang is not mistaken, the West River Hong Yuan Trust Co., Ltd. will openly issue public shares to the community, and on April 18, 1993 public sales "West Hong letter" stock subscription lottery form.

Great opportunity!

But the problem is that there is a cost to purchase the subscription lottery form ...... The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the subscription lottery form, and each person is limited to twenty copies.

The actual fact is that the actual person is not only the actual person, but also the actual person. He pulled out all the corners and minutes and put them on the table, a total of less than five dollars.


Hu Yang's excitement instantly fell, could not help but burst a foul mouth.

"Old Hu, what's wrong? I asked you and you did not react, to go or not to give a word ah."

The three monkeys do not know where they offended Hu Yang, the words have a little weak. The two grew up playing together, primary and secondary schools in the same school, he did not suffer a lot of Hu Yang's "bullying".

"Lost in thought, it's not your business ...... The actual fact is that you'll be able to get some money to buy the subscription lottery form by yourself."

Back then Hu Yang was pulled by Liu Donglai to help others in line, thirty dollars a day and also meals. The two of them froze two days and two nights, each earning seventy dollars. Well, the extra ten dollars is the boss conscience, give the bonus.

Liu Donglai heard this, a little anxious eyes: "Brother, I call you brother still can not? I heard that the thing is similar to gambling, one accidentally accompany in. When you buy back a few scrap of paper to put at home, see your mother does not kill you only strange! Besides, we don't have any money. ......"

Nowadays, the ordinary citizens of Xijiang, for the stock subscription lottery form or something, no concept. Twenty pieces of paper cost two hundred dollars, that is many people's monthly salary.

The bosses who hire people, mostly from outside the river dragon, local ideas and insightful people can not say no, but very little.

People, the tendency to avoid harm is an instinct, who will be afraid of their unfamiliar, unfamiliar things, thus stumbling.

Hu Yang nodded and said, "I am also confused, with the three monkeys now see and conservative character, he is not able to understand this thing.

Both people were quiet, and the atmosphere was suddenly a little cold.

Liu Donglai thought Hu Yang was unhappy, thought about touching out a small bottle and a stack of cut old newspapers from his body and handed it to Hu Yang, said, "Have a cigarette."

"This is ...... Mo Hop Smoke?"

Mo Hop tobacco is directly cut up tobacco leaves and sticks, and then smoked by themselves with a long thin strip of paper rolled into a cigarette roll. Pure natural without any additives, smoking up very punchy and spicy. The only advantage of this cigarette is that it is cheap.

It's been a long time coming.

Hu Yang did not reach out to receive, smiled and said: "Go, the courtyard to smoke a."

"There is no one at home to drink the northwest wind in the courtyard ah? I said, you are not eating the wrong medicine today?"

Liu Donglai is typical of the character of the good scars forgetting the pain, the words just out of the mouth to know to suffer. As expected, Hu Yang reached out is a "neck", pulled open the door and walked into the yard.

So, two 18-year-old young people squatting on the ground, one rolled a Mohe cigarette light. The spicy smoke just inhaled into the lungs, Hu Yang coughed violently.

"Grass, really strong!"

Hu Yang's face was red, and the memories that welled up inside him could not be described as good. He remembered that he never smoked at home after he got married in his previous life, and smoking was driven to the balcony.

After a few puffs, Hu Yang is in the elimination can not stand, and simply extinguished the cigarette. Then said: "Three monkeys, you go home and wait for the letter, I went out. Don't worry, thirty dollars a day can't run you. If you are delayed in making money, I compensate you."

Liu Donglai on this point is good, obedient. When he was a child, he listened to Hu Yang, even his parents could not speak as well as Hu Yang.

Pushing the family bicycle out of the yard, Hu Yang locked the gate, and then and Liu Donglai parted ways.

Liu Donglai's home is just a hundred meters ahead, through two small alleyways to get there. So Hu Yang didn't care about him, he rode his bike on the main road and went straight to the big vegetable market.

The market is three stops away from Hu Yang's house, ten minutes by bicycle to get there. His mother, Li Guixiang, sells vegetables at the market.

In fact, Hu Yang is very reluctant to come to his mother to ask for money. It's a pity that his father is not in charge of the family, so he can only look for her on this money matter.

Parked his bike outside the market and locked it up, Hu Yang walked in on foot. His family's vegetable stall has two counters, and his mother can usually be busy alone. His father would ride his tricycle early every morning to get in the vegetables and bring them back before he would go to help others to make some money carrying goods.

There are seven or eight meters away, Hu Yang saw his mother Li Guixiang is there to others weighing vegetables. Li Guixiang is forty-two years old, looking slightly older, but the youthful look is still vaguely visible.

Hu Yang looks just like her.

After several decades, and saw his mother, Hu Yang's eyes were a little red. Li Guixiang almost never had a good life in this life, and so Hu Yang left Xijiang to go to the south just to make a name for himself, she died.

"Mom ......"

Hu Yang waited for the customers to go away before taking three steps to the counter, this one "Mom" but full of untold heartache.

"Yang Yang? What's wrong with you? Did that brain-slasher bully you?"

Li Guixiang is quick to speak, and her voice is particularly loud. Many of the customers and other stall owners in the market looked over.

This voice makes Hu Yang's brewing emotions suddenly dissipate. He subconsciously a shrink neck, back half a step, said: "Mom. No one is bullying me, just riding a bike fast, sand into the eyes."