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Chapter 19 stampede

In everyone's perception, if the state takes action to deal with this violation, then the issuance of "Xijiang Hongyuan" shares will certainly be terminated. And the stock is not issued, what is the point of the subscription card? It is just a scrap of paper.

"No, brother-in-law. I think there will be a good ending to this matter in the end. Now while the price is plummeting, it's a good time for us to take a shot."

Hu Yang did not know what he should say, anyway, he himself is definitely to plunge.

Li Hao brightened up and came over and asked in a whisper, "You have inside information?"

Hu Yang rolled his eyes, "This is a matter of national level, where do I get the inside information? I call this intuition."


Li Hao felt he was also drunk.

"Grass, can't spare the child to set the wolf. I earned all this money, and now even if I lose all this 150,000, I'm still a winner. Bet on it! However, Yang Yang, you also take it easy ah. A hard work, you always have to give yourself some left, right?"

Li Hao is, in a way, a gambler. He felt that he had already made 600,000, now throwing out 150,000, could afford to lose.

Hu Yang nodded and stopped paying attention to the side and sat there patiently waiting for the time.

At six thirty, Wu Maosheng gave Hu Yang a pager. Hu Yang called him back at the kiosk, and not long after, Wu Maosheng ran over panting.

"Haven't started the operation yet, right? I turned around for a long time but couldn't find you, why did you run across the road?"

Wu Maosheng gave Li Hao a greeting, and nodded at Liu Donglai and others with a smile, before sitting on his butt next to Hu Yang.

"Do not rush, first wait to see the news today."

Hu Yang nuzzled, the kiosk put a small fourteen-inch TV, which happens to play a set of TV programs.

Now, television programs are not very rich. Every night at seven o'clock, the ratings of a set of news programs is definitely proud of the world.

At seven o'clock, with the familiar music playing, the news program officially started.

As expected, around ten minutes past seven, the news named and criticized the issuance of Xijang Hongyuan shares and subscription warrants for serious irregularities.

In no time, the trading market exploded. The price of each subscription certificate instantly fell below five hundred yuan, and a number of people sold them for three hundred yuan.

"Let's go, it's our turn to make a move. A mao, three monkeys, you follow to do it is okay, take your own idea ah."

Hu Yang Teng stood up, pulling Li Hao and got into the car.

The other people, each with their own thoughts, directly across the road.

Li Hao drove the Santana on the road, turned around in front, and then stopped at the side of the road. At this time, the crowd on the sidewalk had been completely agitated, and countless people wanted to get a head start on selling the broken pieces of paper in their hands.

So that the crowd gathered together, emotions are contagious to each other. When the price is flying straight down, "stampede" will definitely happen.

This is the "momentum", once the downward trend is formed, people will scramble to take the road to escape. The chase is not just talk, he will sway people's trading emotions.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with chasing the upside and killing the downside. No matter what the market, once the downtrend or upward trend is formed, it will produce a huge inertia. So in many cases, making investments is about going with the flow, not the other way around.

Reverse thinking is not always available, with bad really will die oh.

Hu Yang if not have the memory of his previous life, he may not dare to operate in reverse at this time.

Li Hao moved from the driver's seat to the passenger seat, Hu Yang sat in the back row. Both of them rolled down half of the car window, and the two brothers Han Wen and Han Wu were guarding the car door to maintain order.

"Three monkeys, you go shout a voice. Three hundred yuan a subscription card collection, starting from ten, collect the full two hundred do not want."

The reason why Hu Yang arranged this is also to save time. A person a transaction, the efficiency is too low, rather than face some hands have a dozen dozens of people.

As for receiving only two hundred, in fact, is Hu Yang put out a smoke bomb. At this time, one must not say how many to how many.

Liu Donglai according to Hu Yang's instructions, after shouting a few times, hula ran over a bunch of people.

"All take it easy, one by one."

The Han brothers began to make everyone line up, and anyone who didn't have a few subscription cards in hand was invited out by them.

"Forty subscription cards, give him 12,000 yuan ......"

The subscription cards were handed in from the front car window, and after Li Hao finished checking, the man received the cash handed out by Hu Yang from the back window.

This process is fast, less than half an hour to collect almost five hundred. And the cash in Hu Yang's satchel was also reduced by 150,000 synchronously.

The crowd around the Santana dispersed and temporarily cooled down. It is also, the hands have a large number of subscription certificates is after all a minority, and a two Hu Yang and do not receive, just to a window of opportunity.

"Yang Yang ......

Hu Yang put the satchel of cash in order, a look up and saw Qiao Yina standing not far away.

Qiao Yina is Hu Yang's sister Hu Yue's good friend, so she also followed the call Li Hao "brother-in-law". She often closes the afternoon stall these days in this spontaneous trading market around, but hesitated for a long time has not dared to take the plunge, mainly or do not understand.

Li Hao is also finishing the subscription card, saw Qiao Yina a slight smile, nodded. Hu Yang beckoned and said, "Sister Nana, come up and sit for a while."

Qiao Yina came closer and asked through half a car window, "You still dare to buy into it now? Now everywhere is said, in a few days this subscription certificate will become a waste of paper."

Hu Yang laughed, and did not explain. "Or else it will always be a few people who make money."

Qiao Yina stared at Hu Yang for half a day, so that Hu Yang is a bit do not mean. He knows he is handsome, but you a girl is also a little too bold, right?

This is not the latter days, people's concept of conservative much. Therefore, Hu Yang only dared to make a joke in his heart, and did not dare to say it.

"Got it! I'll buy a few for home too."

Qiao Yina was sure that Hu Yang was not talking nonsense, and with a bite of her teeth, she turned around and left.

"No, what did I say and you got it?"

Hu Yang's face is bewildered, reverse thinking, the law of two or eight, are not used in this scene, right?

The young uncle turned his head to look at Hu Yang straight happy, he did not know when his nephew and Qiao Yina relationship so good.

"Brother-in-law, rest for a while. In ten minutes, you drive the car a little further, and we'll start again."

This spontaneous formation of the open-air trading market, occupying a long section of Xinhua Road sidewalk. Hu Yang estimated that almost eight hundred meters to a kilometer so long.

So, hit a shot to change the place, and can trade another wave.

At this time, Liu Donglai and Wu Maosheng both came over. Hu Yang took a look, these two guys are holding some subscription certificates in their hands.