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Chapter 18 - The news is all over the place

"Yang Yang, you take your time to eat. I still have some business at noon, I need to go out, so I won't accompany you. Well, recently the matter of Xijiang Hong Yuan, there may be a little trouble, many rumors outside are basically true."

More than half an hour into the meal, Director Wu received a phone call. He hurriedly filled his stomach, changed his clothes and prepared to go out. But before leaving the door, he also made a point to mention.

"Okay, I got it, thank you Uncle Wu."

Hu Yang hurriedly stood up, thanked, and then watched Director Wu out of the house.

"Sit ah, stand up for what ......"

Wu Maosheng's recent changes, to the red are in the eyes. Son actually quietly in reading some securities, finance books, is really unprecedented.

All this change, in the end, is brought by Hu Yang. At the very least, Wu Maosheng began to have some motivation, which is what made Xiang Hong the happiest.

"Auntie, I'm full, I really can't eat anymore."

Hu Yang rubbed his round belly and laughed in embarrassment.

Xiang Hong himself was also happy, and then also put down his chopsticks. "Yang Yang, I know you are a good boy. But you are not yet nineteen years old, have you thought about your future life plan? Well, you and Mao Sheng are like brothers, there are some things I will say straight away ah ......

I think, you should still study more at this stage. And the best way to learn is definitely in school. This year, there is an adult commissioning program in our college of finance, finance professional college class. I plan to let Mao Sheng go.

This class, two years of study, issued by the state recognized college diploma, belongs to the sequence of adult education. Of course, after graduation, there is no package assignment, because most of this class are working people. Tuition fees, a little higher than ordinary college, after all, most people's tuition unit to reimburse. But for you now, it is completely affordable. So, are you interested? If you are interested, I will help you with the admission procedures."

In 1993, the university had not yet implemented the expansion of enrollment, and college students were still assigned after graduation. So, college students in these years are still very valuable.

There are a lot of people who have joined the workforce and have not received higher education themselves, but they also have a need for this, so in addition to the ordinary college entrance examination and adult college entrance examination, many institutions have engaged in adult education.

In comparison, the commissioning class that Xiang Hong mentioned is a bit more formal.

To go?

Hu Yang went south to Yangcheng in his previous life, is also trying to find a way to mix a follow-up degree. The fact that he did not go to college properly has always been a regret in his heart. Other than that, only to say that in the outside looking for a job, the hands of the unimpressive diploma will be subjected to a lot of eyes.

The good thing is that Hu Yang is still relatively smart, but also hardworking, by coincidence to become a "professional investor".

The new life, do not leave regrets, Hu Yang consider themselves is not angry to repeat a year, to go to a "Qingbei University" or something.

Between thoughts, Hu Yang dumbfounded laugh.

Sometimes people have such and such "obsessions" in their hearts, but with the current Hu Yang, there is really no need to "cross the bridge with thousands of horses".

Besides, Hu Yang also forgot almost all of the knowledge from his high school days, even if he is willing to work hard for a year, there is a 90% chance that he will still not get into a good school.

"Auntie, thank you. I'm happy to be in the same class with Ah Mao again ...... But this is something I have to go back and discuss with my parents, and then I'll get back to you, is that okay?"

The thoughts in Hu Yang's mind were all over the place, and in fact it took just a minute for him to make a decision. This college class first on it, adult education is relatively free. When you have money and leisure in the future, you do not have to go back to the "Cheung Kong Business School" some years to mix?

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "You should first discuss with your parents. When you have a decision, call Yang Yang and tell her, then wait for the school to start in September."


"Yang Yang, my dad is right, right? Today's warrants have all dropped to a price of seventeen hundred yuan each."

The actual price of the subscription certificates is not only a good deal of money, but also a great deal of money. The two arrived at the place, into the pile of people to ask, the price of warrants has fallen below a single two thousand dollars.

At this point, the market is on edge.

There are unbelievers who scoff at the rumors. "Everyone, this is a public offering, the full text of the West River Daily published a series of announcements. Now say that the violation is a violation? Everyone take it in hand without fear, when the time comes, you can definitely buy the original shares."

But there were still many people who, on a hunch, rushed to sell.

"Let's go, Ah Mao. The price hasn't fallen through yet, wait until tomorrow and check again. Anyway, what about it, I am going to re-eat some more warrants at the low price, so you can decide for yourself."

For the time being, Hu Yang dragged Wu Maosheng out of the trading market.

"Are you really not afraid of losing all your money? I still have to think about whether to do it or not. However, Yang Yang, when you decide to buy in, you can be sure to tell me in advance."

Wu Maosheng began to have his own judgment on this matter, rather than what Hu Yang said is what.

This is certainly a good sign, and Hu Yang is happy to see it.

Back home, Hu Zhiguang was sitting at the table tinkering with a small radio. Today he didn't go out much, sitting in the house watching the family.

On April 30th, from the morning, the price of the warrants fell all the way below 1,500, 1,300 and 1,100, stopping near the $1,000 mark.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Hu Yang, Li Hao, Liu Donglai and two sturdy men in their early twenties arrived at the trading market of the warrants.

The two brothers who came along with Liu Donglai today, one is called Han Wen and the other is called Han Wu. The two of them are not tall, both in about one meter seventy-three. Look not fat, but all over the body are strong muscles.

Han Wen and Han Wu two brothers, also followed Liu Donglai in the Dongfeng Road Savings Office before the queue, this time Hu Yang deliberately let Liu Donglai shouted on them both.

The two guys, no other strengths, sixteen years old in the city gymnasium began to practice sparring. Although not achieved any outstanding results, but five or six years of practice down, each against a few ordinary people or not a problem.

In order to be safe, Hu Yang temporarily recruited the Han brothers.

"Three monkeys, what's the price?"

A group of people parked across the road from the trading market, Li Hao found a kiosk to invite everyone to drink. Liu Donglai naturally acted as a scout, constantly running back and forth on both sides of the road.

"Eight hundred up ....... The price is falling really fast." Liu Donglai looked lean, ran back and forth a few times not tired at all. And he also has a benefit, what gossip can pry to. "I heard that the matter of the West River Hong Park subscription certificate, on the CCTV news tonight. Of course, not what good news is."

"Really? If this is really on CCTV news, then does it mean that the state will deal with this matter seriously?"

Li Hao opened his mouth wide, his heart had a sense of foreboding. "Yang Yang, things please not too good ah! How about we wait and see?"