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Chapter 17: The storm clouds change suddenly

"Ahem, there are more activities these days, I didn't rest well." Li Hao entered the room and saw that his nephew had been staring at himself and was a bit vain. Hastily digress, "You shouted me over in a hurry, something good?"

"Good things and bad things are still unclear, but since this morning the price of subscription certificates has begun to fall slightly. Little uncle, I want to take some more cash in hand in the next two days, if the price is right I also intend to eat into some more warrants."

The mouth said so, but Hu Yang heart understand, "West River Hong Yuan" stock subscription warrants of speculation, in fact, has just begun. As the first listed company in Xijiang Province, its road to listing is full of bumps and drama, even the after-market said not to dare to write so.

This time, Li Hao did not immediately nod, but frowned in secret thought.

"How much more money do you estimate you have to invest? About how long will it take to realize?"

Hu Yang smiled gently. Said: "How can I say this? But I plan to take out at least two hundred and fifty thousand. As for the time, this time may be longer, maybe the end of the year, maybe early next year. April 18, the West River Daily published a prospectus notice did not say? Strive to go public within a year."

Li Hao pondered for a long time before making up his mind: "I'll do it with you again, but I can only take out 150,000."

Perhaps fearing that his nephew would think too much, Li Hao then made a point of explaining a few words.

He bought a Santana car, all down to almost 170,000. The procedures of the pharmacy are basically done, after May 1 should also be open for business. He has already settled on a storefront, in a couple of days can begin to decorate.

Of course, these days he himself did not spend less money.

For Hu Yang, of course, it does not matter. He just needs to change that miserable ending of Li Hao's previous life. He is not anyone's godfather, each person's path still has to rely on themselves.

"That's fine, let's pick up the money first thing tomorrow morning. By the way, I haven't congratulated you yet, congratulate brother-in-law on his happy Santana."

Hu Yang amused himself and laughed heartily.

Li Hao shook his head, not knowing where Hu Yang's laughing point was. "Then I'll leave, there are people waiting outside, I'll come over first thing tomorrow morning. Well, the cash taken out will be put here for you first, you have to be careful."

Li Hao hurried to come, hurried to go, there is a nurse sister waiting for him in the car.


"How about it, brother-in-law's car is good, right? Hey, I always dreamed of having a car before, I didn't expect the dream to come true."

Before withdrawing the money at the bank, the two also made a special trip around the warrant trading market on Xinhua Road. The price of the warrants has also fallen a bit, maintaining at three thousand two hundred yuan each.

Hu Yang sat in the car, holding a large black bag in his arms, which contained 400,000 cash. The smell of perfume in the car was relatively strong, and he couldn't help but sneeze several times.

"Brother-in-law, I also like your car, is very good. A few days ago, I enrolled in the Transport Driving School, maybe soon I'll have a license too."

"Huh? You didn't tell me earlier. I have acquaintances at the driving school and the DMV, and if you told me earlier, you could get a discount on the tuition fee more or less. When you are ready to take the test, tell me, I will go to say hello, to ensure that you can pass."

Li Hao knows a lot of people, he said he can help must be no problem. But Hu Yang is also considered an old driver, a little adapted to the model and the essentials of the test, the test a driver's license is not a handful?

Of course, the mouth must also thank the brother-in-law. "I know brother-in-law has the best solution, when the time comes you must help me oh."

"Haha, that is. However, Yang Yang, you have to be careful when you put the money at home, don't hide it well ah. May 1st night, I have a dinner appointment with the director of the Sixth Road Bay Savings Xu, then you also go together."

Li Hao sent Hu Yang home with a thousand words of advice before leaving.

Hu Yang still put the money in the iron box, followed by hiding it under the bed. Thinking about uneasy, he gave Hu Zhiguang said, let him stay at home more recently nothing, try to go out less.

Hu Zhiguang knew that Hu Yang had stored important items at home again, and did not ask questions, so he agreed to do so.

In the afternoon of April 27, the call warrant trading market suddenly changed.

The numerous rumors began to circulate, saying that the state issued a document, naming the "West River Hongyuan" public shares and their subscription warrants in the issuance process of irregularities.

Hu Yang knew in his heart that the rumors were true.

In that year, "West River Hong Yuan Trust Co., Ltd." public offering of public shares, and in April 21 published the announcement of the winning lottery subscription form. However, such a sensational event has not been approved by the state, but belongs to the local government's unauthorized action.

Interesting, isn't it? Unbelievable, isn't it?

In fact, many years later, Hu Yang did not understand what was going on.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand, but there is one thing he still knows, this warrant ah, it will start to fall.

The next day.

Hu Yang came to Wu Maosheng's house at one o'clock at noon.

"Good day Uncle Wu, good day Auntie."

Hu Yang carried some fruits in his hand, and bought a bottle of "Flaming Mountain" brand original juice wine in the store.

"Yang Yang is here? Come in. Mao Sheng, your classmate is here."

Today, Director Wu was also at home, so they specially called Hu Yang to come home for a meal.

Xiang Hong was busy in the kitchen and came out when he heard the movement of opening the door. "Yang Yang, call you to come to have a casual meal, what else to bring? Really. You sit down first, the meal will be ready in a moment."

Hu Yang put down the things in his hand before Wu Maosheng came out of his room. "Yang Yang, why are you so late? Just in time, while the meal is not ready, play games with me for a while."

In Wu Maosheng's room, there is a 14-inch TV, connected to a game console, which can play "Contra" and "Tank Battle".

"Yeah, I'll try it too."

Hu Yang is a little itchy, this thing how many years have not played. So the two played doubles.

"Forget it, I don't want to play. Yang Yang, your level really stinks!"

For Wu Maosheng, Hu Yang is a pig teammate, always dragging him down.

Hu Yang can not be faulted, he just want to relive the memories of the past, just play for a while and not much interest.

"Mao Sheng, Yang Yang, come and eat."

Two people turned off the TV and sat there chatting for a while, Xiang Hong shouted outside to start the meal.

"Yang Yang, you eat a chicken leg ......"

"Yang Yang, you eat a piece of sweet and sour fish ......"

Xiang Hong's enthusiasm made Hu Yang a little flattered. His bowl of dishes clipped over had risen to the tip.

Director Wu laughed and said, "Don't you open up, let Yang Yang come by himself. It's not an outsider, it's better to be casual."

Xiang Hong gave Director Wu a blank look, but put down the chopsticks in his hand.