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Chapter 16: A Legend of an Era


Hu Yang quietly sat down at the table to read the information, from the traffic regulations to the principles of automobile and maintenance, all carefully read through. He suddenly found that after his rebirth, his memory has been very significantly enhanced. For example, the information in hand, dare not say that is not forgettable, but almost three or four times in a row to see a complete memorization.

This is certainly a good thing, a superb memory will be very useful. In this way, he can take the theory test in early May, and then get his license as soon as possible.

Li Hao has not shown up these days, and I do not know what he is busy with.

On the afternoon of April 26, Hu Yang gave him a pager at the kiosk near his home. Then, there was a long wait.

A quarter of an hour passed, Hu Yang finished a bottle of soda, a few more people came to call the pager, Li Hao's phone still did not return.

"Come on, I'm afraid the call won't come back. Uncle, give you money, I'm not waiting."

Hu Yang paid for the phone bill and soda, and turned around to go home.

Not far out, the kiosk's pay phone rang. The boss grabbed the phone and answered it, and the people waiting for the pager to call back on the side all looked up.

"Yang Yang ...... Hu Yang ...... Looking for you."

It turned out to be a call back from Li Hao, and the boss shouted at the top of his lungs in the store.

Hu Yang turned back around and picked up the microphone. Next to a man who was waiting for the phone, for some reason, deliberately and carefully looked at Hu Yang a few more times.

"Brother-in-law, do you have time today? Come over in the evening, I have some things I want to discuss with you."

The public telephone, it is not suitable to say anything else. He agreed to meet with his brother-in-law in the evening, so Hu Yang hung up the phone.

"You are Hu Yang? It's better to be known than to meet, what a handsome young man."

The man who kept sizing up Hu Yang, seeing him walk away, went around to the front and then shouted at him.

Hu Yang looked up and saw a man of about thirty smiling at himself. This person has a medium build, wears a pair of glasses, and seems to look a bit familiar.

"Excuse me, may I ask who you are?"

Hu Yang scratched his head and showed a harmless smile. In fact, his heart had already raised its guard.

"Haha, I haven't seen you for a few years, you've become a big boy. You don't remember me? I am Wang Qingquan, live not far from your home. Well, I have a good relationship with your brother-in-law Li Hao."

The glasses man introduced himself, Hu Yang only vaguely have a little impression. But we have a large age difference, and have not dealt with each other much before.

"Brother Wang, hello!"

Shouting uncle is hated, Hu Yang is very good to shout the big brother. Anyway, each on their own, is the brother-in-law in front of him also shouted so.

"Hey, Yang Yang is quite polite." The two walked a little further forward, avoiding the kiosk. "I've heard that you and your brother-in-law speculated on the subscription lottery table and made a fortune. Yang Yang, it was your idea to line up to buy the subscription lottery form, right? It's really remarkable that you have such insight at such a young age."

The meaning of Wang Qingquan's words was unclear, and Hu Yang made a harrumph: "No, I just followed my brother-in-law to run some errands."

Wang Qingquan suddenly stopped and said seriously, "You don't need to be modest, I naturally have my sources of information. However, please rest assured that I have no malicious intent. Yesterday, Mr. Pang even talked to me about you, and he said he would like to meet you, a young hero, sometime. Well, I won't bother you today. Let's leave a contact information for each other."

Saying that, Wang Qingquan took out a business card and handed it to Hu Yang.

Hu Yang took a look at it, it read: West River Wanlong Industrial Corporation Investment Department Manager, Wang Qingquan.

"Woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo!"

The important thing to say three times. Hu Yang looked at this business card, his heart surging waves of shock. West Jiang Wanlong ah, the future capital market domination. And its owner, is the previous Wang Qingquan mouth Pang General, Pang Qianli.

In 1993 or the year of the start-up of the West Jiang Wanlong, not to mention in the country, is not many people in the entire West Jiang province also know its existence.

But Hu Yang is clear, in fact, Pang Qianli's Xijiang Wanlong has already completed the original accumulation, is moving towards a higher level.

In his previous life, Hu Yang read a piece of information. From 1992 to March 1993, Pang Qianli and his team in the ancient capital of Chang'an, took over the corporate shares of several proposed listed companies. And then sold out in the form of the whole package, only the difference in the middle earned 70 million yuan.

And this time "Xijiang Hong Yuan" subscription lottery table issue, Pang Qianli and his Xijiang Wanlong also did not miss. People just hired the queue of people reached as many as fifteen hundred people, as for the subsequent acquisition in the trading market, it is an alarming number.

Since then, Xijiang Bandung under the leadership of Pang Qianli has been riding high, creating a series of legends in the history of Chinese capital.

Until 2004, Pang Qianli's "Wanlong" system had a broken capital chain, and the 120 billion yuan financial empire collapsed.

"Yang Yang, Yang Yang ......"

Wang Qingquan saw that after Hu Yang took the business card, he fell into a very strange state. Admiration, regret, excitement and even a little bit of inexplicable hostility ...... He had never seen such a complex and diverse expression on a person's face, and if so, it must be neurotic.

"Ahem, sorry Brother Wang. So what, just now I suddenly had a bit of a brain fart, please don't mind. I don't have a business card, leave a pager number for you."

Hu Yang secretly sighed and walked back to the kiosk to write a note to Wang Qingquan, which only wrote a name and pager number?

"Brain pump? What kind of disease is brain pumping? Never heard of it."

Wang Qingquan felt that Hu Yang was a very strange person, but that person Pang was sometimes a little nervous. Maybe geniuses are all alike, well, they all like to "brainstorm" occasionally.

Back home, Hu Yang's mood was still not calm.

The merits and demerits of Xijiang Wanlong and its creator, Pang Qianli, Hu Yang felt that even if he was a reborn person, he was not qualified to evaluate.

But the former is not forgotten, there are many experiences can still be learned, whether success or failure, are very valuable.

It was only at this moment that he remembered who Wang Qingquan was ...... Back then, there were eight generals under Pang Qianli, and Wang Qingquan was one of them.

"Hey, can't afford to mess with, can't afford to mess with. But there is a chance to really want to meet that legendary figure, Pang Qianli Pang."

Xijiang Wanlong is the current Hu Yang, the existence of the need to look up to, he felt that he and others also have little to cross paths. However, for this person Pang Qianli, he has always respected. If you have the opportunity to meet, it is also considered to satisfy your own hunting psychology.

In the evening, Li Hao walked into the house with a pair of black eyes.

Hu Yang stared at his brother-in-law for half a day, the heart is also very helpless. Now that you have some money, how do you trash your body like this?