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Chapter 13 Apparel Market


In the evening, Hu Yang gave Li Guixiang twelve thousand yuan. Among them, two thousand yuan is to pay back the loan, the remaining ten thousand yuan is of course filial piety to the old man and mother.

It's not that Hu Yang can't afford to part with the money in his hand, he still has a whole 300,000 in his bankbook. He took out 18,800 yuan this time, the rest of the money in a few days he has a big use.

"Yang Yang, keep the money you earn for yourself, your mother and I are not short of money."

Hu Zhiguang looked at his son and couldn't keep his mouth shut with joy.

"Hey, you old Hu still pretentious on ah? Take it, you don't want me to. I'll give him the money to save up for his daughter-in-law in a few years."

The money came from no problem, holding and not hot hands, Li Guixiang unceremoniously accepted it.

"Dad, Mom ...... I earned more than that this time, you just take it and spend it. In a few days I may have to do a business deal, and then I will definitely still be able to earn some money."

Li Hao and Hu Yang did not reveal to Hu Zhiguang and Li Guixiang how much money they had earned, for no other reason than that they were afraid they would not be able to accept it at once.

The next few days Hu Zhiguang and Li Guixiang often closed the door quietly praise Hu Yang, the whole three way Bay so many people, have not heard of others rely on the subscription certificate to earn money.

The first thing you need to do is to get the first bucket of gold, but there is nothing to be proud of.

The next day.

Hu Yang ate breakfast, carrying two thousand dollars, out of the house.

There is nothing to do, he intends to buy a pager, and then buy a few pieces of clothing for the season. The pager is definitely with digital, Han display pager is not cost-effective, later with a cell phone will have to be eliminated.

For the time being, Hu Yang does not intend to buy the dead weight of the "big brother", on the one hand, do not like, on the other hand, it is not necessary.

Buy a digital pager, spent eight hundred eighty, or to catch up with the activities. Then Hu Yang took the bus and went to the Xiao Ximen wholesale clothing market.

Now there are not only "bus division" buses, there are private buses. The bus started at 10 cents, the bus 50 cents to sit in the end. Can not say which is good which is bad, the bus may be more crowded some, the bus beckons to stop, more convenient to get on and off some.

But Hu Yang remember, the future of the bus due to safety and pressure stations, passenger grabbing and other reasons, will be gradually abolished by the domestic cities.

Garment market, located in the prosperous part of Xijiang City. This place started to rise in the eighties, and slowly grew bigger, and now has become the main channel for people to buy clothes.

In the market, there are many people, the sound of bargaining is incessant.

Hu Yang suddenly found himself not very adaptable to this shopping environment, each merchant mouth almost no real price, if you will not bargain it, will certainly lose money.

"Yang Yang ...... Yang Yang ......"

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the situation, and suddenly you hear someone shouting at you. Turn your head to look, a few stores away from the entrance to the stall, there is a very stylishly dressed young woman standing there waving.

The girl is about twenty years old, her head can be one meter seven. She was wearing a beige sweater jacket, a pair of tight jeans, and long black hair coiled on top of her head, looking both competent and full of energy.

"Sister Nana, hello."

Soon, Hu Yang recognized the beautiful young lady in front of him. Qiao Yina, who also lived in Sandao Bay, his sister Hu Yue's childhood friend.

"I almost didn't even recognize it. Hey, Yang Yang, I haven't seen you for a while, but you've changed quite a bit. What's the matter, you're here to buy clothes?"

Qiao Yina was a little surprised at the change in Hu Yang, she hadn't seen this brother of Hu Yue for about half a year. How to say, obviously still a little childish face, but a lot more mature than before, at a young age actually have a few temperament male taste.

In addition, Hu Yang was already very handsome, it is inevitable that people will have a bright feeling.

Hu Yang smiled and nodded, said: "Look at the change of season, I want to plunder for a few pieces of clothing."

"Want to buy new clothes ah, good to do." Qiao Yina also did not see outside, reached out and dragged Hu Yang into his store. "You see, I specialize in men's clothing, clothes and pants are available. Well, this is the latest arrival of casual suits, do you want to try?"

Hu Yang took a look, the light under the casual suit looks okay, but then, the clothes can not stand a close look, are small factories in the south out of the road goods, quality well can only be huh.

Suits are about workmanship and shape, can not be worn indiscriminately. Hu Yang turned his head and looked at the jackets hanging on the side.

"Do not like the style of the suit ah, it does not matter. These jackets are also quite good, come, you try."

Qiao Yina looked at Hu Yang's figure and took off a light green jacket and let Hu Yang change into it.

Hu Yang stood in front of the dressing mirror and looked at it, and thought it was not bad. "I'll take this jacket ...... Sister Nana, you can help me pick another pair of jeans."

Qiao Yina only took two years to get a foothold in the clothing market. The reason is that she is able to speak well and has a good eye, but it is not just as simple as being good-looking. For example, she simply glanced up, your height and size can do a number.

Take a pair of jeans, Qiao Yina let Hu Yang go to the corner to try on. Her store is small and does not have a special dressing room, only in the corner of the room hung a cloth curtain. When changing clothes, pull up the curtain on it.

Hu Yang quickly changed the pants, out of a few steps, feeling the size are appropriate. At this time he was still wearing the jacket, in front of the mirror looked at themselves also satisfied.

Qiao Yina just sent away a customer, and then look at Hu Yang, can not help but sigh a: really people rely on clothing.

"Yang Yang, this outfit suits you very well, you can just wear it and go. Well, there is still a shirt missing, I will take you to buy it now."

With Qiao Yina leading the way, at the very least, you won't be pitted. Hu Yang smiled and said, "Thank you, Sister Nana. How much do you pay for these clothes and pants? I'll get the money for you."

"I'll give you the purchase price, just add a shipping fee. The clothes and pants add up to two hundred and six."

Qiao Yina store business is good, she is not guilty of ripping off familiar, this price is really not a penny earned.

Hu Yang is a little embarrassed, after paying the money said: "give you trouble oh, when you are free one day, I invite you to eat a meal."

Qiao Yina smiled sweetly and said, "Good, Sister Na is waiting to rub you a good meal. I heard that you and your brother-in-law have made a lot of money this time with that subscription warrant. Tsk, so young and so brainy, really enviable."

The corners of Hu Yang's mouth twitched, not knowing how to answer this conversation.

The best thing is that Qiao Yi Na also did not continue to tease Hu Yang, her store also employs a salesman, after two explanations and then take Hu Yang to buy shirts.

As a result, a circle down, Hu Yang not only bought two shirts, but also bought a pair of leather shoes, a few pairs of socks and some underwear.

These things together cost Hu Yang almost eight hundred dollars. After thanking Qiao Yina again, he went to buy two more bottles of face cream and hand cream before taking the car back home.