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Chapter 12 Overnight Riches

Hu Yang pointed to Li Hao's big black bag on his chest and said, "We have two hundred and forty-two subscription certificates, you can take them all if you want. However, we have to go to the bank across the street to trade."

Qi Bin skimmed his lips and said, "You are still afraid that I will give you fake money? Little brother is really careful. Let's go, let's go to the bank now."

After saying that, Qi Bin led the two people towards the opposite side of the road. Hu Yang and Li Hao followed, and soon came to the bank inside.

Finding a quiet corner, Li Hao opened the bag and showed the other party two hundred and forty-two subscription certificates.

"Mr. Qi, they have the right stuff."

The handlers checked the number and authenticity of the subscription certificates, and two people accompanied Li Hao and waited on the side. Hu Yang took out his ID card and opened a demand passbook, and Qi Bin deposited in nearly one million in cash. The exact number is, nine hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars.

The two walked back, Qi Bin handed the passbook to Hu Yang, and asked his men to recount the side of the subscription certificate, before putting it away. At this point, the transaction was completed.

"Then the money and goods are clear, ah, brothers, goodbye."

Li Hao pulled Hu Yang, smiled and greeted Qi Bin, and walked out of the bank. Back in the car, Li Hao hurriedly drove and drove around the road a few times before returning to Three Ways Bay.

"Hahahaha, Yang Yang, brother-in-law really admires you now. If it were up to me, I might have sold it a few days earlier. One million ah, it's like a dream."

In 1993, what is the concept of one million? Definitely comparable to Hu Yang's 10 million before he was reborn. For example, now, the price of a liter of gasoline is about 90 cents, a catty of rice is about 40 cents to 50 cents. But now industrial goods are expensive, like televisions, refrigerators and even clothing, shoes and hats are more expensive.

Why did Li Hao stop working and go to sea? Not want to make money. He was in the Chinese hospital a month all the income added up to only three hundred yuan, a few times down the restaurant to drink a few meals of wine will be gone. It's really not enough money to spend ah!

Suddenly have so much money, can be said to be overnight riches, Li Hao simply can not calm down.

Hu Yang is also very happy, at least he feels that the original historical trajectory so far has not occurred a major deviation.

"Brother-in-law, let's do the math first, I'll take out your money and deposit it in your account this afternoon."

Nine hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars, of which eight thousand dollars is to be given to Liu Donglai, Hu Yang himself is thirty subscription certificates, that is, one hundred and twenty thousand.

After deducting the fee of one thousand two hundred and eighty yuan, what belongs to Hu Yang is one hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred yuan, and what belongs to Liu Donglai is seven thousand nine hundred and twenty yuan. The remaining eighty-four thousand two hundred and eighty yuan belonged to Li Hao.

When Hu Yang finished the accounting, Li Hao shook his head. "Yang Yang, if it wasn't for you this time, I wouldn't have earned a single penny. I can also see that your classmate just gave you such a message, the rest is all your own judgment. The rest is your own judgment. Haha, our young man is a great success. I said, if you earn money my side has your share. This, and then from my side to give you 200,000, you do not mind less. I mainly want to buy a car first, and then open up the pharmacy."

Hu Yang still wanted to push back, Li Hao waved his hand, and the matter was settled.

"Then thank you, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, let's go out to eat at noon, call my parents together. By the way, my classmates should share the cost of four hundred dollars here, I take it to you."

Hu Yang gave the four hundred yuan given by Wu Maosheng to Li Hao, Li Hao took it, thinking, noon can just be used for dinner. Otherwise, he would have to go to the bank to withdraw money. At this point, he had little cash on him.

At noon, Li Guixiang and Hu Zhiguang easily pulled up to the outside restaurant to eat a meal, rice fried vegetables, six dishes and a soup, spent more than 60 yuan.

Hu Zhiguang and Li Guixiang have not been to a restaurant for many years, eat very comfortable. They both guessed that Li Hao and Hu Yang must have earned money, otherwise they would not be so extravagant.

These days about the matter of subscription certificates, the city is full of knowledge. Countless people were sighing that they had missed an opportunity to get rich overnight.

Li Guixiang and Hu Zhiguang more or less heard some news, heart also feel happy for Li Hao and Yang Yang.

After eating, Hu Yang called Wu Maosheng and told him that he had sold the warrants. Then he and Li Hao went to the bank, returned their respective money to the account, and then withdrew a portion of the money out separately.

Li Hao, in addition to expenses, also had to pay back the borrower's 30,000 yuan and interest. Hu Yang also had to pay back the loan, including the old mother's two thousand and Wu Maosheng's one thousand.

"Yang Yang, the matter of the subscription certificate is even the end, right? In a few days I plan to go to Aljinshan. Hey, I promised my friend, and now I can't go back on my promise. I actually do not want to go, I have to open up the pharmacy as soon as possible is the right thing to do."

Li Hao in the outside world, a wide range of friends inevitably mixed good and bad. Hu Yang remembered that it was the brother-in-law and a friend went to Aljinshan to get involved in the business of gold.

"Brother-in-law, you'd better not go to Aljinshan. I heard that many people go there to buy gold in the hands of gold miners, but have you thought about it? If you get caught, you will be sentenced to jail. You are not short of money now, why go with others to go through this mess? Besides, I reckon there are still warrants to be made. The current price speculation is a bit outrageous, should fall down a lot, when the time comes, we can also buy some appropriate."

Move with emotion, reason. If Li Hao still does not listen, Hu Yang is ready to move out the old mother this big killer.

After listening, Li Hao did not refute Hu Yang's words, he really went to Aljinshan this time for the gold.

He always wanted to open his own pharmacy, but always not enough money. To borrow money outside is also a way, but the pharmacy business belongs to the business of long flow, the cycle of borrowing money may be very long. Just a friend found Li Hao, talking about selling gold to make money fast, he had a plan to go to Aljinshan.

But now, he Li Hao overnight riches, but also really like the nephew said, there is no need to go wading in the muddy waters with others.

"Well, I'll turn around and return the car to the people and say I'm not going to Aljinshan. Yang Yang, you really think this warrant can still continue to do?"

Hu Yang smiled and said, "Well, it should still be doable, but still need to see a few more days. When there's a chance, I'll call you in advance and we'll discuss it then."

Li Hao nodded and told Hu Yang to take time to buy a pager, and he drove away from Sandao Bay.

In the afternoon, Hu Yang handed seven thousand nine hundred and twenty yuan to Liu Donglai, who was stunned to see so much money. "My brother, this is too much. I can't, I can't, I'll take it back and my dad will beat me to death."

"Let you take it, take it, don't nag. I told you to choose your own, since you chose 20 lottery tables, this money is your rightful share. Three monkeys, this time really thank you for helping me outside to arrange for people to line up."

Hu Yang put the money into Liu Donglai's hand and said that if his father did not believe, he could testify. Liu Donglai hugged the money, squatting on the ground and cried a lot, for a long time before being dragged up by Hu Yang.