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Chapter 10 Happiness Comes Too Soon


"Haha, Yang Yang, how come you've suddenly become so good? Good job."

On the way back, Li Hao looked like he knew his nephew for the first time. In the past, he always thought that Hu Yang was still a child, from now on he really has to be impressed.

Back to the three ways Bay, Liu Donglai refused to take away the twenty lottery tables belonging to himself, saying that he wanted to put them here in Hu Yang. When Hu Yang decides to sell it, he will help sell it together.

Li Hao and Hu Yang both went into the house, no one was home.

"Brother-in-law, our lottery table must be well hidden. This thing is not registered and not lost, lost can not find a place to go ......"

The east wing used to be sister Hu Yue's room, and only returned to Hu Yang after she went away to college. There is also a small additional single room in the courtyard, which is now vacant.

This is not a good place for security. This bungalow anti-theft measures themselves are very rudimentary, anti-burglary that is really defensible.

As for Li Hao's side of the dormitory is even more unreliable, might as well put this side.

"Right ......"

Hu Yang slapped his head, and then got under the bed. He gouged for half a day, gouged out a few red bricks, and pulled out a small wooden board, and finally took out an iron box.

"Hey, brother-in-law. This is the place where my sister used to hide her diary and important things, quite secret, right? Let's just hide the lottery table here ......"

Li Hao also squatted down at this time, he wanted to see if there were still tunnels or something under the bed.

Now the two of them have a total of two thousand five hundred and twenty lottery sheets, of which twenty are Liu Donglai's and one hundred are Wu Maosheng's. Hu Yang himself only three hundred, the remaining two thousand one hundred are Li Hao's.

"Yang Yang, we have hired people this time for exactly nine thousand dollars. Back to invite Director Xu to a meal, another few hundred. A simple calculation, each subscription lottery table to spread the cost of forty dollars. You remember to tell your classmates and the three monkeys about this later. It's not that we're stingy, in business outside, brothers have to settle accounts! This way, friends can get along for a long time, understand?"

Put away the lottery table, under the bed to restore the original state, Li Hao very seriously to Hu Yang said these words.

"Okay, brother-in-law."

Hu Yang nodded his head, feeling that Li Hao was right. In front of the interests, first the villain then the gentleman, so as not to make any conflict.

"Yang Yang, you are really grown up! We are our own family, so don't make such a clear distinction. Back to wait for the sale of subscription certificates, after deducting the cost of fees, the money earned I will give you a share."

Li Hao now more or less bottom in his heart, which if he himself may have missed an opportunity to make money. Thanks to Hu Yang to pull himself involved, now think, sometimes the vision of making money is more important than anything else.

"Brother-in-law, I don't want your money. I have three hundred of my own, it's enough."

If it was someone else, Hu Yang would definitely not be polite. This time, in fact, is to seize the first opportunity. With this awareness, only then can you earn money.

"Hey, and your brother-in-law I still polite what? No excuses, it's settled. In addition, I borrowed money outside this time but promised people in accordance with the monthly interest rate of ten percent to give interest Oh, the interest rate is really not low ......"

Li Hao then opened his mouth to say the source of his funds.

Hu Yang listened secretly smacking his lips! Ten percent of the monthly interest brother-in-law dare to borrow, but also really bold. This is the amount is small, the amount is large, but it does not become a high interest rate to solicit savings, illegal fund-raising?

He felt that he had to talk to his brother-in-law, this era, there are many ways to make money, there is no need to fish for bias.

As for now, it must be to sleep first.

Hu Yang in his room, brother-in-law went to the small house in the courtyard. Two people fell asleep and woke up at five o'clock in the afternoon.

"Woke up from a nap? What did you and your brother-in-law do, it's like staying up for a few nights. Go see if your brother-in-law is awake. I'll heat up some food for you."

Pushing the door out, Hu Zhiguang was sitting in the hall reading the newspaper. He made a good meal at noon, but could not wake up the two, so he had no choice but to leave them a good meal.

He deliberately came back earlier in the afternoon because he was afraid that they would not have any food to eat.

"Dad, hot rice I can do it myself, you rest."

Hu Yang did not know how to cook when he was young, and his cooking skills were still practiced when he was in the south.

At this time, Li Hao also rubbed his eyes and walked in. "Brother-in-law, you're back? I'm starving, what's there to eat? Hurry up to get a few bites to eat."

Li Hao also can not cook, he is in the unit are eating canteen, occasionally restaurant. For this, his sister Li Guixiang complained, saying that he would not live a life.

"All right, you sit with your brother-in-law for a while. The food is ready to eat, it will be ready in a moment."

Hu Zhiguang felt that his son suddenly understood a lot, which was a good thing. But he still did not let Hu Yang do it, himself stabbed open the stove and began to heat rice and vegetables.

In a short while, a meat and two vegetables plus a plate of steamed buns were brought up.

Li Hao and Hu Yang are hungry, open cheeks and began to eat, who can not care to talk.

After eating, Hu Yang grabbed to brush the dishes. Hu Zhiguang saw two people have nothing to do, stomping tricycle to go to the big vegetable market.

"Yang Yang, how much do you estimate the subscription lottery table can rise? A month or two can be sold, right?"

Li Hao's money is all borrowed at high interest rates, it can be said that time is the cost, if the time is too long, the interest alone is a large sum.

Hu Yang thought about it and just wanted to reply when he heard Liu Donglai calling the door outside the courtyard.

"Three monkeys, sleep well? I knew you'd come over as soon as you woke up."

Hu Yang got up to open the door, and then walked into the hall with Liu Donglai.

"Brother-in-law, you haven't gone back yet, haha, I just have good news to tell you." Liu Donglai's face was filled with a happy smile: "I slept at home for an hour and then I got up, and then I went to the CCB City Branch business department to go around. Guess what? There were a lot of people with cash there to buy lottery tables, and they offered a hundred yuan a piece."

Liu Donglai was so excited that he chose twenty lottery tables and got up after a good night's sleep and they were worth two thousand dollars! He felt that he was simply hit by the pie that fell from the sky.

Li Hao was stunned, a bit disbelieving his ears, and when he confirmed the authenticity of the news to Liu Donglai again, his eyes also lit up.

He and Hu Yang had a total of two thousand four hundred lottery tables, so wouldn't that mean that if they sold them now, they would immediately get 240,000 yuan?

Two hundred and forty thousand ah, according to Li Hao's previous annual salary income of less than four thousand dollars, do not eat and drink need to save more than sixty years.

"Yang Yang ..... Are we considering selling it?"

Li Hao stood up and began to pace around the hall, with a wonderful expression on his face.

"Young uncle, three monkeys, there is no need to rush first. In two more days the results of the lottery will be announced, by then it is estimated that the price will rise oh ......"

Hu Yang took a look at the two people who even had nowhere to put their hands, and ruthlessly despised them in his heart. The heart said, this is only where to where? On the basis of the current price is not a few times, it is never to bid on the drop ......