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Chapter 1: Returning to September 3rd

The first chapter back to September 3

Hu Yang looked at the person in the dressing mirror, the mood can be described as mixed.

This is a slightly childish face, eyes are very large, the bridge of the nose is very high. If it did not look slightly thin and weak, it could be called a small handsome man.

From the time he realized he was reborn, it only took an hour and fifty-five minutes since the initial panic and confusion, to now having to face it.

Some people say that life is like a boat that goes with the flow, you choose the direction, but not necessarily reach the other shore you aspire to.

In his previous life, Hu Yang had unleashed his ambition, and he had an unquenchable thirst for success ...... But when overtime, late nights, smoking and drinking and nightlife became a norm, life turned him into a machine that only knew how to work and make money, while also destroying his health and happiness.

That day, he invited a small famous investor to drink. At night when he returned to the entrance of the neighborhood where his home was located, he suddenly felt very tired and exhausted ...... He sat on the stone steps by the roadside with a cigarette in his mouth and fell asleep without realizing it. When he woke up again, he had already returned to his old house in Sandao Bay ......

"My last life is really a failure, living too tired! But there is no way out, we also catch a wave of fashion, reborn chant ......"

The mirror is a meter seventy-eight kid inexplicably smiled, through a with the actual age does not match the vicissitudes.

There is no doubt that Hu Yang can be sure that he is back to the year of eighteen years old.

He turned around, went to the small square table, and once again looked at the Xijiang Evening News spread on the table, the date was April 15, 1993.

At this time he was standing in the hall, the west wing was his parents' bedroom, and the east wing was his own bedroom. The ceiling was a simple roof made of a few dollars' worth of woven gold foil paper with a forty-watt incandescent bulb hanging from it. Under the feet is the red brick paved floor, stepping slightly uneven.

A large closet with a mottled surface is very old, and next to it, two large wooden boxes stacked on top of each other are dark and shiny. A sewing machine in the corner is covered with a cloth cover, and the iron stove under the fire wall is still pressed with carbon fire.

The only thing in the house that still seems to be worth some money is an old 18-inch TV, very heavy, is the 21st century long out of the tube TV.

This is Hu Yang's home, three rooms plus a small yard of dilapidated bungalow.

Hu Yang slowly sat on a chair in front of a small square table, picking up a small piece of naan cake chewed with vigor. Tears unknowingly slipped down his cheeks.

According to the principle of the paradox of time and space, he had left his loved ones in his previous life forever, his best friend.

His rebirth is not a game readout, but more like a life reset, a new birth in a parallel world.

Mixed with tears, Hu Yang ate all the food in his hand into his mouth and swallowed it. He got up and went to wipe his face, then pushed open the door of the hall and walked to the courtyard.

In April in Xijiang City, Xijiang Province, it is still a bit cold, especially early in the morning and late at night.

If it is the housing of the unit, the heating will be supplied until the 15th of April before it stops. However, Hu Yang lives in this area of the three ways Bay, there is currently no central heating, are burning fire walls in their own homes.

Three Roads Bay is a place name, this area is actually a small mountain beam. The remnants of the Little Red Mountain fall here to form a gully, and in this gully is located on the kan, all are clear-cut bungalows.

All the households here, there is no running water and no sewerage. Water has to be picked from the pressure well outside, and domestic wastewater can only be poured into the sewer wells on both sides of the road.

In short, this area is living in the lowest group of people in Xijiang City. Well. In the words of later generations, this is the "shantytown".

Hu Yang's parents used to work in the coal field, his father, Hu Zhiguang, is a tall, cheerful Guanxi man, used to pedal tricycles in the coal field to deliver coal to others.

Mother Li Guixiang ancestral Hunan Province, formerly in the coal yard ticketing over the scale, people look beautiful, temper is also explosive.

But now the coal field yellow, father Hu Zhiguang in the tricycle outside to help people pull goods, earn some hard money. Mother selling vegetables in the big market, income can be slightly better ..... Well, it is also to earn some hard money.

Hu Yang also has a sister, called Hu Yue, three years older than him, currently in the south of Yangcheng to attend university. In the words of later generations, it is a school bully.

As for Hu Yang himself, it's a little hard to tell. He failed the college entrance examination last year, but refused to repeat a year, is considered an idle person in the family, right.

In a previous life, he failed the college entrance exams at home after almost half a year of idleness. Then followed the brother-in-law, guarding a small pharmacy is officially into the community.


Little uncle is Hu Yang's heart does not want to touch the wound, he was in the past life of many years, except for the Qingming Festival, try to let themselves less recall that name.

It is said that the grassroots poor people have a natural drive to climb upward, because they desperately need to change the embarrassing life situation. Brother-in-law Li Hao is such a person.

Li Hao was smart and charismatic, daring to fight. Unfortunately, he took the wrong path and died in prison in his early thirties.

"The nineties, ah, everywhere is gold, everywhere is a trap oh. Since I have returned to this point in time again, I will never allow the tragedy of the past to repeat itself."

Standing in the courtyard, Hu Yang thought back very seriously on the decades he had experienced. He felt that when he came back from rebirth, he should let himself, as well as his loved ones, have a different life trajectory than the one he had back then.

"Bang Bang Bang ...... Hu Yang, Old Hu, is it there?"

Hu Yang was wandering in the sky when the gate of the courtyard was knocked banging and someone else was shouting his name.


Putting away his troubled thoughts, Hu Yang walked over and opened the gate.

Only to see a thin boy standing outside the gate, seventeen or eighteen years old, at most one meter seven, with a sharp mouth and a face full of youthful pimple beans.

"Three monkeys?"

Pondered for a while, Hu Yang only in the depths of memory turned up this childhood playmate, three monkeys. Three monkeys, whose real name is Liu Donglai, is his hair child. The two have been very good relationship since childhood.

This guy grew up with a sharp-tongued, monkey-cheeked look, and is the oldest in the family, so he got a nickname of three monkeys.

"Old Hu, what's wrong with you? I'm afraid I'm not awake, right?"

Three monkeys Liu Donglai is not quite adapted to Hu Yang's eyes now, a little not quite understand, he suddenly felt from his buddy's body something called "strange".

"Ah? Ah ...... I just got up and just ate a few bites of cake. Come on in."

Hu Yang can't help but inwardly slander this damn memory. Time is too long ago then, so much so that there are a lot of the past has become blurred.

The two walked into the hall, the three monkeys did not see outside the table to grab a piece of naan cake gnawed. While eating, he said vaguely: "Is there anything early tomorrow morning? The boss is hiring people to line up, said to buy what subscription lottery table, line up a day and night to give thirty dollars. You and I go with it ......"

The three monkeys heard in Hu Yang's ears, like a thunderbolt, woke up his dormant memories.